How to Use the Tarot to Decide How to Spend the Holidays

Posted on November 09, 2018

Are you ready to have some fun over the holidays, or are you dreading them? Either way, we want to show you how to use the tarot to use these last few months of the year to grow and open to a higher vibration with the use of the tarot. The tarot is a tool that can help you align your life with the highest good for you and the planet. Instead of using it to predict how your holidays are going to go, we want to show you something deeper and more valuable.

The tarot is merely a tool that taps you into your own intuition, which can provide guidance and healing to you. Even if you aren’t familiar with the deck, you can start now. This is a great time to learn because the holidays can bring up all different emotions and there are lots of learning opportunities available to us.

Let’s look at what the holidays are for a moment. They are traditions of eating food, spending money, seeing old friends and celebrating the work we’ve done throughout the year. We show our appreciation for each other and we share our love. However, holidays can also be a bit of a trap in that some people stop thinking for themselves and get caught up in lots of parties, overeating, overdrinking, and overspending.

We want you to come out ahead on January 1st, so here are some fun ways to use the tarot to decide how you should spend the holidays and find out what energies you can expect to be working with. We came up with a fun holiday spread you can sit down and journal about to find some guidance today. If you don’t have a tarot card deck, go pick one up or order ours!

A Travel Spread

If you’re trying to decide where to travel for the holidays, your heart already knows what is best for you. You can do the decisions spread, which has 3 cards. The first represents the situation. You choose what the second and third cards represent for you. It’s not about predicting how your holiday will go, but about anticipating the energy tied to each decision.

You can use the decisions spread if you can’t decide on which gift to get someone or which party to attend as well. This is not about predicting if your gift will be well-received or if a certain party will be fun, but more about tapping into your intuition to understand if a particular decision is in your highest good. The decisions spread is a great way to connect to your intuition.

Holiday Spread

First, set your intention to allow yourself to perceive the highest good in your interpretation of the cards. Have your journal handy so you can write down the impressions that arise from the cards you draw. Shuffle the deck and divide the deck into three piles. Then, intuitively choose one card from each pile. The first card you choose will represent this question: how can I best approach the holidays?

Look at the card and capture your first impressions. Anything that comes to mind, jot it down. If you don’t know the meaning of the card, look it up on our website or in the book that came with your cards. Write down what ideas came to you about how you can best approach the holidays after reading the card meaning.

From the second deck, intuitively pick one card. This card represents the question: how can I spread love during the holiday season? You may be surprised what ideas arise from this question. This is valuable because it sets us in a mode of giving instead of thinking about what we can get from the festivities. After writing down your impressions interpreting the card’s meaning, capture any new perspectives that have been revealed to you about how you will share your light during the holidays.

Finally, ask what you need to be aware of in yourself this holiday season as you pull the third card from the final stack. The tarot is a reflection of ourselves and it can help us transform and take responsibility for our own patterns and perspectives that limit us from having more happiness. This is about how our shadow or our past experiences are holding us back. Maybe we allow a pattern of overeating to knock our health out of whack every year, or maybe we are so focused on ourselves we get lonely and desperate for love. This card may be hard to face but your power lies in its truth. What does it reveal and what impressions pop into your mind? Write down any realizations about how this card can help you navigate the holidays by being aware of your own tendencies.

The Future Isn’t Written In Stone

The reason it’s important not to expect the tarot to tell you how the holidays will go is because the future is not written in stone. You have the ability to mould and co-create your experience based on the energy you bring and build. If you have lots of positive small habits now that help keep you in a high vibration and loving state of mind, you’ll find that you will have a much more positive holiday season. Listen to and say mantras, eat healthy, meditate each morning and night, set intentions, and use positive affirmations. Take responsibility for the reality you’re co-creating with the Universe.

Have some fun with the holiday months and if you’d like, practice your manifesting abilities. Just remember not to get so caught up with what you want that you don’t share love and warmth with others. The more we stay focused on being helpful to others, the easier it is to manifest because our vibration is higher and your soul can stream directly to you to connect you to your intuition.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you have any other questions specific to you, such as how you can remain positive, how to exercise self-control, or how to heal a relationship, you can use the same process and pull cards for yourself. These spreads show you how to use the tarot to empower yourself instead of for predictions of a fluctuating future. If you find yourself asking, will I find love over the holidays? or something like that, you’re asking questions that don’t lead to happiness.

Think about the higher laws of the Universe: You reap what you sow, and the law of karma. If we are truly loving, genuinely sharing light, and elevating the spirits of others this holiday season, the world will reflect that brightness back to us. If we are self-seeking, the world will reflect similar selfish people to us in our reality. Notice the themes that you observe in the people around you this holiday season and think about how it reflects your own intentions, actions and thoughts.

Will you give gifts just for the sake of giving or will they be meaningful? Will you set boundaries for yourself so you can stay healthy and happy? Will you deepen your spiritual connection and get closer to the unifying forcefield some know as God? Will you develop your intuition through reading or classes?

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” -Consciousvibrancy

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