How to Use the Tarot to Interpret Your Dreams

Posted on May 15, 2019

Can Tarot help us interpret our dreams? Yes it can!

Tarot uses the same symbolic language as our dreams, so they’re the perfect tool for interpreting those tricky dreams that leave you feeling stumped or anxious. All dreams contain healing messages from your subconscious, which come through in a parable like way where the feelings that can be resolved are generated in the stories in your dreams.

Those feelings you match with your life are ready to be healed when they show up in your dream.

The tarot is an intuition tool that helps activate your soul streaming wisdom. The soul is essentially the part of you that can unlock the subconscious and peer into how it’s affecting your life. The subconscious, where most of your dreams come from, is always playing in the back of your mind, whispering to you from your past.

Clearing those little whispers is what can help you free your mind of wacky beliefs or fears that are holding you back from feeling great and moving forward.

Whether it’s moving on after a mistake you made, opening up to love again or even letting go of a petty argument, dreams are there to help you heal. The more intense the dream feels, the bigger the healing it has for you! If you’ve been having some weird ones, you’re in luck.

We are going to show you an easy way to use tarot to free yourself of those trapped energies that are coming forward to be released. Because you may start this process new to both tarot and dream recall, we want to offer this simple interpretation method as a starting point.

The One Card Draw

Grab a journal and your tarot card deck. Write down what you remember about your dream and add one simple question, “what healing perspective is this dream helping me see?” The way we see things is often colored by our past experiences. This is where the term ‘jaded’ comes from.

Adults who never work on healing their subconscious can become crippled with fear and not see the opportunities and potential for the love, happiness, and success that is all around them. The dream is there to help you see the fear or the pain that you are holding onto and no longer need to. It will often make you think of a time that was difficult, a series of things that are creating a false perspective, or an illusion that you’re somehow powerless.

Shuffle the cards, spread them out, allowing yourself to be drawn to just one. Look at the card and see how your intuition naturally connects it to your dream just based on the picture. Read the meaning of the card as if it’s unlocking the meaning of your dream. Relax and trust that your intuition will create the bridge between the card’s meaning and your dream. This process becomes easier over time, especially when you feel the relief and lightness of the healing as it is revealed.

Because our dreams can become long when we keep a dream journal, we may want a more in-depth reading with the tarot. If you’re more familiar with using the tarot or you’ve been working with it for a little while, you may want to try this three card spread. The three card spread is one often used to see the past, present, and projection of the future. (Get your free 3 card tarot reading here!)

The Three Card Spread

In relation to our dream, we can ask how it can help us heal. This can help clue you into which area of your life this dream is coming from as well as how it’s affecting you now and offering relief for the future.

Shuffle the deck seven times and then pull the top three cards in order. Write down what comes to mind when you read the meaning of the card and think about your dream. Write down the feelings that come to mind when you think of how your dream may be creating illusions based on fear in your life - in relation to the card you pulled.

Read the meaning of the card and write down how you feel that can help you move into a more empowered perspective.

If you’re new to dream recall and worried that you don’t remember your dreams enough to interpret them, that’s a normal misconception. There are simple ways to increase dream recall. Just simply keeping a dream journal can help you start to remember much more details of your dreams over time.

  • The first card represents how the dream relates to something in the past.
  • The second card represents how this memory is affecting your life now and coloring your perception.
  • Finally, turn over the third card, which represents the healing you’re moving towards by uncovering the meaning of your dream.


It’s like exercising a muscle that begins to grow the more you work out. You can also eat a clean diet and remove any toxins from your diet to improve dream recall. Additionally, mugwort tea and a daily meditation practice are known to induce more vivid dreams as well.

You’ll start to find that this process becomes very real and extremely helpful. You can find freedom from habitual anger, self-hatred, fear of speaking your mind, fear of change, abandonment or boundary issues just from work like this. Using tarot to interpret your dreams is unlocking the happiness that is your birthright.

You can be free of negative thought forms with this process. Keep it up for a month and notice how you’re able to implement positive changes in your life much more easily. It will open your heart, free your mind and empower your will. Tarot and dream interpretation have been a part of cultures for a very long time and the value is in the experience you have when you find that emotional relief and lightness of being.

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