How to Work Rune Stones into Your Daily Routine

Posted on February 15, 2019
Updated on November 23, 2020

Are you looking for a fun way to stay in touch with your spiritual side and intuition throughout the day? One of the quick ways to draw on your spiritual truth is to use rune stones.

Rune stones are small stones that display ancient runes on them and essentially help us understand the energy behind situations by speaking to the subconscious, or intuition. Rune stones have been used since ancient times and are still used today. Using rune stones doesn’t require you to subscribe to any religious system, they are simply divination tools that help you tap into your intuition.

In the most practical sense, runes can help you decide if you need a nap, need a new job, if it’s a good idea to date a new partner, or if you should try something new. On a deeper level, if you’re going through a spiritual transformation that means unexpected change, using rune stones for guidance can be helpful. If you’re feeling emotional, trying to change a habit, recovering from loss, or feeling stuck, you can look to your rune stones to make sense of your emotional life.

Developing a daily routine involving rune stones could help you have knowledge of something that can help you when you need it most and help you in your daily decisions. Start your day with a ritual of guidance from the runes and see how your spiritual life starts to come alive.

Want to know where to start? That’s what we are here for. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Ask Your Question

First, you want to figure out what question to ask because a rune stone won’t give you much direction if you don’t have a question in mind. In that way, reading rune stones is very much like reading Tarot. You may want to know what to focus on for the day or alternatively, what you need to know about today. Notice one questions puts you in the driver seat and the other is passive. Choose the question that you feel is best to ask and write it down with the date.

Step 2: Pull Your Rune Stone

Now it’s time to let your intuition guide you as you mix the stones in your pouch and focus intently on your question. Keep it simple at first and just draw one rune stone because you’ll find there is a lot of information packed into one symbol. While you’re still learning the meaning of each rune, it will be more clear to you if you just pull one rune. This is how I still prefer to use runes actually. If you weren’t able to come up with a question, a simple “what should I focus on today?” will do the trick.

You do have intuition, even if you haven’t worked with it consciously before. You’ve always used it to read people, to make decisions and to prepare yourself for things to come. Using rune stones is just a more direct way of accessing your intuition. And don’t worry, it will get easier to connect with your intuition the more you practice!

Oh, and by the way, there are rune apps that you can download for free if you don’t have a rune set of your own yet.

Step 3: Write Down Your Impressions

As you set down the stone and look at the symbol, pay attention to all images, words, ideas, or thoughts that come to mind. This is your intuition beginning to speak. Even if some of your thoughts don’t make sense right away, write them all down. Often I’ll write down a very specific yet seemingly random thought that comes to me during a rune stone reading and I’ll encounter that very thing at some point in my day. Those are signs that remind you that your soul is connected to a greater Universal energy that is there to guide you.

Once you have captured any initial thoughts, read the rune’s meaning. Write down the insights that come to you when you compare the rune’s meaning to your question. You can revisit your journal entries later and you’ll see your insights are very useful and will continue to get more accurate over time. If you’re given guidance to do something and aren’t sure why, you’ll often understand later on, and your relationship to your intuition will be strengthened. There are many tools you can use to develop your intuition, and rune stones are simple, easy to use, and easy to carry with you.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you want to stay connected to your intuition throughout the day, set times during the day to pull a rune stone. Perhaps pull a rune just before bed, or add a quick rune reading into to your morning ritual. It’s important that you use the rune just as you would with tarot and use it to ask how to create the best possible outcome by directing your energy now. Don’t ask about how to change anyone else or about what will happen in the future; you’re always co-creating your future with the energy you are currently generating with your thoughts and intentions.

If you ask the runes to help guide your thoughts and intentions, you can begin to see how to manifest and be the master of your own destiny. Now we are talking, right? If you’re looking to become successful in your career or find a career you love, if you’re looking to manifest a home or a partner that will support your spiritual path, the runes can help you create the energy within yourself that can attract high-energy vibration situations and direct how to change your thoughts to evolve your soul. Now that’s magic in action!

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