How Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Can Show You Your Dream Career

Posted on May 03, 2019

We can learn a lot about ourselves from knowing our Chinese zodiac sign. Chinese astrology, similar to Western astrology, bestow us with a special sign according to our unique birth date. Unlike Western astrology, Chinese astrology goes by year, not month, and each sign is an animal that encompasses its own individual qualities.

Because each animal’s qualities are so unique, it stands to reason that this individuality can lead to specific jobs and careers. Finding out in more detail our own innate talents and gifts can help us find the path to our dream job.

We may think to ourselves, “Oh, I want to be an actress” or, “I want to be a chef,” but are these goals due to who we truly are as people, or have we been influenced by our surroundings and the thoughts of others?

It can be hard, no matter what stage you are at in your life, to know exactly who you want to be and where you want to go in life. Why not get some ideas from the ancient wisdom of the Chinese zodiac?

Discover Which Career is Best Suited for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign!

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Rats are incredibly astute and methodical individuals. Therefore, they best suit careers which can utilize these gifts to their fullest extent. Though they are not particularly prone to leadership positions, they make excellent second-in-commands as they are reliable and dedicated. Anything in the financial sector is a winner for them; Rats are good with money - and other people’s! They also make excellent doctors due to their methodical approach; anything on the ‘scholarly’ side such as researcher, lecturer or professor is also very good for them.


Ox people have fantastic abilities when it comes to routine and structure. This is the sign that will plod along diligently, year in, year out. They tend not to hop from one role to the other as stability is important to them. This sign is modest and persistent and suits roles where they can put these gifts to their best use. Lawyers, editors and teachers would be ideal roles for them. They also do very well in customer service roles as they have a great deal of patience. Sometimes an Ox can elevate to management and will ensure their assignments run smoothly. Social work is a good option for the kind-hearted members of this sign.


The Tiger is an adventurous sort of character and it is common for them to try their hand at many jobs in their youth. Tigers are creative and dynamic and dislike being tied to rules or routine. Therefore, this sign is best suited to working for themselves or running their own businesses. Freelance work is ideal for them; a business where they can put their creativity to good use, such as running a flower shop or starting up their own fitness industry, can also be very good for them. This sign can be a bit of a night owl so shift work is also good for them.


Rabbits are mild and gentle individuals. They dislike conflict and prefer jobs where they can have routine and structure. Rabbits have kind and caring natures; they are suited to nursing, looking after children and animals and working with the public as mediators and diplomats where they can put their diplomacy skills to best use. Rabbits like jobs that go at a slow pace and do not create too much stress, so fast-paced environments are unsuitable for them.


Dragons are powerful individuals and this is the sign most likely to be found in CEO or leadership positions. A Dragon character usually has a specific vision of how they want their life to be and this includes areas of work. Dragons are magnetic individuals and know how to run organizations. Therefore, they make good managers and leaders of all kinds. Those who do not end up in leadership positions are content to work under another, but will often voice their opinion on how things can be improved. Because they are versatile, they suit most any career.


Snakes are calm and wise individuals and though they may come across as indifferent on the outside, there is a very warm heart underneath. Snakes are the lookers of the zodiac and can often be found in roles where their beauty is put to good use, such as modelling or TV presenting. Snakes make excellent psychologists and counsellors due to their innate understanding of human nature and their sympathetic streak. They also do very well in the education sector for they are very good teachers.


The most free-spirited of all the signs, the Horse is similar to the Tiger in their pursuit of adventure and versatility. Horses are clever and agile; they make excellent athletes and fitness instructors as they tend to stay strong and healthy throughout their lives. Horses are best in jobs and careers where they can stay continually active. Mentally, they are sharp and intelligent; they make great journalists where their mental prowess and need for adventure can be satisfied. Horses also make excellent entertainers and will happily enjoy roles where they can amuse the crowd, such as children’s party performers or circus clowns.


A creative and imaginative sign, the Goat is most suited to jobs and careers that involve the arts. A Goat that is unable to express themselves through artistry can become withdrawn and depressed. Therefore, they make excellent artists, writers, philosophers and architects. They bask in the meaning of life and do not do well in mundane jobs which are robotic and where their creativity is stifled. A Goat would also enjoy teaching, particularly the creative arts. Goats also make wonderful political commentators for they are astute and can mix their perceptive abilities with idealistic ones.


Monkeys are incredibly witty and sociable. They have oodles of charisma and can charm the socks off anyone! They’re a bit of Jack-of-all-trades and are suited to any position where their charismatic characters can be put to good use. Therefore, they make excellent salespeople, diplomats, actors/actresses and air hostesses. A Monkey is the type of person that companies love employing because they present an excellent face for the company. A Monkey that is forced to stifle their wit and charisma is usually an unhappy one so they should seek roles where they can put their sociable skills to best use.


The great bird represents punctuality and independence, expressing an unwillingness to be controlled by anyone. They tend to lean towards economic matters and are concerned with both individual and global economies. Therefore, Roosters do well in economic and financial roles. Because of their flamboyant characters, they are also very suited to politics as Roosters feel a desire to make change in their communities. Some Roosters make fantastic intelligence agents, for they have the nerve and drive in such roles. They also work very well in the public service sector as they have very good social skills.


Dogs are loyal, protective and tend to have an acute sixth-sense. They are best suited to roles where they are making a difference in society, protecting the young, elderly and vulnerable and using their innate compassion to make the world a better place. They make excellent law enforcement officers, firefighters and are suited to military roles. They also suit charity work and social work where they can help people on less dangerous turf. Because Dogs want for the simple things in life, they are suited for jobs in furniture stores, home decoration and selling hardware.


Pigs are kind, simple souls who like to spread goodwill and learn and teach in equal measures. This is not a competitive sign and instead thrives best in public service roles where they can put their charitable nature to good use. This can include secretarial and receptionist work, social work and customer service. Because they are quite thirsty for knowledge, they tend to excel in academic roles and can make excellent professors and teachers. This sign enjoys food and would be happy in a food-related role such as chef, restaurateur, butcher and baker. This sign also likes taking care of animals and so make excellent vets.

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