I Pulled A Reversed Tarot Card, What Now?

Posted on August 25, 2019

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First things first – don’t panic!

If you are a Tarot reader, you’ll be well-aware that some readers avoid reversed cards like the plague. You may be one such reader yourself. There is a reason for this – much of it seems to boil down to negativity. Upright cards, in general, tend to point towards the positive and upbeat, generating hope and excitement in the sitter or reader. Reversed cards, however, give the impression of doom and gloom.

Imagine you got the World card in a reading. You’d be over the moon – success in your endeavors, expansion of your horizons, possible travel to new and exciting destinations. Who doesn’t want to see that in a reading?

But imagine you’re reading with reversals and the World falls out in the reversed position. Shock, horror – for here comes lack of success, being stuck in one place for too long, stagnation in your goals… the list of horrors is seemingly endless.

And who wants to see that in a reading?

So much of the stigma surrounding reversals boils mostly down to fear of the negative. Another reason is the daunting prospect of having to learn double the amount of interpretations – quite a lot for the mind to compute! Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Indeed, reading with reversed cards can result in Tarot readings with greater depth, generating stronger insight into a situation which can help you deal with it more effectively.

Reversed Tarot Cards Aren’t Bad

Firstly, it’s important to remember that reversal doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” Reversals can point to a whole host of things. Usually, a reversed card represents some blockage in energy. The energy of the upright card is being blocked – but why? The key is not to run from this blocked energy, but instead to face it so the issue might be resolved. An upside-down Tarot card can give you even greater insight into how to interpret Tarot cards and provide you with the knowledge you need to turn this blocked energy into free-flowing energy once more.

So, the key to getting over a fear of reversals is to remove the negative identification with bad and instead replace it with positive identifications such as helpful, deeper insight and good.

How Do I Interpret Tarot Card Reversals?

Of course, there are many ways to interpret reversals just as there are many ways to interpret upright cards; some of it is down to knowledge of the card meanings and the rest of it is down to intuition.

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If you know the meanings of the upright cards, then you will have no trouble interpreting its reversed counterpart. It is not as daunting as it seems!

Let’s say you ask a question about love:

  • What will my love life be like within the next three months?

You pull three cards to give you an idea of what your love life will be like.

The cards you pull are:

Two reversals may appear to be an unwelcome sight at first in a love reading, but let’s look at the situation a little deeper.

The Empress is a card representing a beautiful woman who likely has many admirers. This may very well represent you, the reader, or the person you are reading for. It may represent a person who is at their most bountiful and beautiful, so this could mean a number of admirers are on the way.

The Knight of Cups in its upright state often indicates an offer of romance from a very romantic individual who likes to wine and dine.

However, in its reversed state, it can mean someone who initially seems too good to be true – they may seem romantic and genuine at first, but this may simply be an act. The Knight of Cups reversed can represent a person who has issues with commitment; it could be someone who may have multiple lovers but professes to have only one; it can be someone obsessive and prone to stalking; it can be someone who has a tendency to live in their head and have trouble coming back down to reality.

The Moon upright can represent enchantment, fantasy and all magical things. In its upright position, it can show a romance that is passionate, exciting and enchanting. The full moon can represent beauty, magic and mystery.

In its reversed state, however, there may be a lot of fear and confusion; for while the full moon can represent splendid things, it also highlights the darkness that comes along with it, areas that the light of the moon can’t touch and the monsters and ghouls that may lurk in the shadows. This is what happens when the Moon becomes reversed. This would indicate a romance where things are not as they seem and the sitter/reader ought to tread carefully, lest they lose sight of the moon’s light.

It may seem frightening and negative, but look at the reading as a whole. This reading may be interpreted as having a host of admirers within the next three months and one admirer in particular standing out. This person may seem great at first, but then they may display tendencies that are not so great after all, resulting in fear and confusion. This could indicate deceit of some kind or a discovery of something unpleasant.

So, this reading with its two reversal cards is not negative – not remotely. It acts as a very valuable warning to the sitter/reader, informing them that while it may be an exciting next few months, it is important to be careful about who they become involved with. This reading can stop a potentially bad situation getting out of hand and serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour in someone who may otherwise seem consistent.

So, it is not a negative reading at all, but a highly helpful and useful one that can ensure the sitter/reader stays several steps ahead.


Reading reversals can indeed appear daunting and frightening to some readers, but if you do choose to venture into this aspect of Tarot reading, just remember the wealth of benefits it can provide too. A reversed Tarot card is merely the blocked energy of an upright card. It can help you gain deeper insight into your situation and help you find solutions to issues that bother you.

Tarot is not there to tell us what we want to hear; it is there as a guide and tool of insight and wisdom, giving us information so that we can do everything possible to make our lives the best they can be. This may at times involve information we would rather not know, but only by knowing can we take the necessary steps to tackle our issues and find a solution that brings us happiness and fulfilment. The next time you try a few Tarot spreads, see if you can give reversals a try – you may be pleasantly surprised by what the cards churn out.

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