Intense Dreams & Intuition: Welcome to Pisces Season

Posted on February 20, 2019

Happy Pisces Season, Astrology Answers family!

From February 19 to March 20, the Sun will be in the Water sign of Pisces. That means it’s a month of strong, intuitive “Spidey-senses” and likely more vivid dreams.

This article will also help you get to know the Pisces zodiac sign better. Even if you yourself aren’t a Pisces, it’s worth taking a look at your birth chart to see if you have any Piscean influences working in your subconscious. Plus, you always want to know what zodiac sign the Sun is currently in as the energy produced will affect everyone of every zodiac sign.

Pisces At-a-Glance:

  • Pisces’ dreamy, empathetic energy is largely due to being ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune directly influences our dreams, imagination, and our intuition. The Neptunian influence can certainly help us get deeper into our spiritual life this month as well as awaken our creativity.
  • The Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions represents the emotional adaptability, turbulence, and empathy imbued in Pisceans due to being the Mutable sign of the Water signs. Pisces tend to establish deep connections with the people around them quickly because they often take on the emotions of others instinctively. You may find yourself having deeper conversations and connecting to more people on an emotional level.

Here are some great ways to spend your time during the Sun’s transit of Pisces.

Be Creative

Whether it’s getting a paint set, creating some new music playlists, adding art to your room, or taking a dance class, this month is a great time to let your creative side flourish. You can explore new outlets of creativity more comfortably now because you’re not going to feel like you have to work so hard and you’re naturally drawn to things that stimulate your soul connection. You may even find that more abstract movies and tv shows appeal to you when the Sun is in Pisces. Exercising your creative muscle can help you find new business ideas and can help you find joy and inspiration. Pisces energy is also rather spontaneous, so you may get invited to things out of the blue or have plans change suddenly because people may have a harder time sticking to schedules under this influence.

Start a Dream Journal

Even if you have trouble remembering your dreams, you might notice your dreams are a bit more clear when the Sun is in Pisces. Being a Water sign, Pisces is all about emotions, and often our subconscious emotions become stronger under this influence. Most of our dreams are manifestations of the subconscious mind, which is why they can become so much more vivid during Pisces season. Keep a dream journal by your bed and then take a look at our Dream Dictionary to interpret what you see. Dream journaling can help you overcome and face your fears in your waking life so you have less anxiety and more confidence to follow your dreams.

Spend Time Meditating

When it comes to strengthening your intuition, you’ll find one of the best things you can do is meditate. Make yourself a comfortable and inspiring meditation spot to get into your oneness with the Universe this month. If you’ve been wanting to get a daily meditation practice going, Pisces season is probably the best possible time to start. As you spend time meditating, you’ll find that your intuition will naturally strengthen. Paying attention to your own energy and thoughts will help strengthen you from the inside and this type of spiritual practice can help you hear the quiet voice of the soul that knows what is best for you to do with your life regardless of what others say.

Take Out Your Tarot Deck

Being known as the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, under a Piscean Sun you may find the Tarot to be especially useful during this time. Reading Tarot is a great way to strengthen your intuition and deepen your connection with your inner self. While the Sun is in Pisces, you may find that Tarot cards speak louder to you or that you see connections between the cards and your life with more ease. It’s a great time to start pulling a daily Tarot card and learning the meaning of each card a little bit at a time.

See Live Music

You can pretty much assume you won’t want to work too hard under this transit, so do something that allows you to lose yourself in the present moment as a Pisces loves to do. Go see some music with friends! Pisces are super-sensitive to emotions, and combined with music, you’ll have yourself a surefire recipe for inspiration. You’ll find your appreciation of art is stronger during this time, so take advantage of your sensitivity to it and see where it leads you. Don’t think, just feel. Music is a great tool to use to practice this Piscean skill for yourself.

Other Planetary Influences

You’ll never get the full picture of the energy you’re dealing with on the planet without looking at the other major planetary influences. Here are the other cosmic events going on at this time.

  • Mercury will be retrograde from March 5th to 28th, which means we may not find luck in love under this Pisces transit. We can, however, allow ourselves space to reflect and deal with our emotions so that we can heal from our past relationships.
  • There will be a Full Moon Supermoon in Virgo on February 19th, the same day the Sun moves into Pisces. We may suddenly see a missing detail we needed in order to fulfill our goals. You’re likely to see goals come to fruition around this time as Full Moons complete cycles.
  • A New Moon in Pisces on March 6 means both the Sun and the Moon will be in Pisces, so you’ll be extra emotional and intuitive on that day.

Concluding Thoughts…

The Pisces influence is creative, loving, and dreamy, and brings a deeply spiritual energy. Check in with yourself regularly to let your intuition speak and you’ll watch your creativity soar!

How will you make the most of Pisces season this year? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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