Freshen Up Your Living Space for Gemini Season

Posted on June 05, 2019
Updated on October 28, 2020

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​In this recurring monthly series on interior decorating and home improvement, we’ll discuss ways for the various signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home. Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy.

Like a breath of fresh air through a stale room, Gemini Season is here to liven things up!

During their season, people with strong Gemini influences in their birth chart often experience a surge of creative energy and are inspired to pursue their many great ideas. So, while this Air sign may feel invigorated to start a big project during right now, they have to ensure they’re going to see things through - which is not always the easiest thing for a Mutable sign. Having a plan and a budget are crucial steps for any Gemini to succeed with a redecoration project.

Read on for some of our tailored home decor suggestions for the sign of the Twins, and see if anything strikes the right chord!

What’s In for Gemini?

White Furniture

Though most would immediately balk at the idea of white furniture, hear us out! Yes, the upkeep can seem intimidating (especially to those more accident-prone Geminis out there), but having larger pieces like couches and bed frames in white makes perfect sense for a Gemini.

When the main furniture is a blank slate, it allows this impulsive Air sign to update the whole mood of a space without doing a total overhaul every few months. Just change the accent pieces and voila-fresh vibe with the flick of a curtain!

Industrial Design

With all the stereotypes of Gemini’s being flighty and indecisive, we tend to forget that they also possess a keenly analytical mind; the duality of their sign is represented by twins, after all. Industrial design might appeal to this sign’s more brainy side, especially if it challenges their perception.

To fully embrace this trend, look for pieces in chrome, steel, or concrete for furniture. Or, if you’re looking for something small, maybe an architectural sculpture or steampunk-inspired painting instead?


Given that blue is a power color for this Mutable sign, you’ll often find it in Gemini homes. Some might think vibrant blues would be better for decorating, but this sign may want to try something a little more soothing and chic.

Navy is as intense as brighter shades without being overwhelming and has a gravitas lighter shades lack. It’s also considered neutral in decorating, so it is easy to work into various decorating schemes and color themes. Try painting a feature wall, or getting a rug in this calming shade.

What’s Out for Gemini?

Bright Lighting

While Geminis are great hosts and natural performers, they can get caught up in their social calendar and forget to ‘power down’; it’s easy for them to spend too much time in the spotlight when what they really need is to recharge.

In order to make it easier to relax, this sign may want to switch to more muted lighting, especially in spaces like the living or bedrooms. By using lower wattage bulbs in cooler tones, it signals to the brain that it’s time to rest- something this Air sign often overlooks.

Unfinished Projects

Oh, Gemini… you knew this was coming. Chances are, when you saw this article, you guiltily thought of your half-finished projects already on the go. While their Mercurial mind is one of Gemini’s best traits, it, unfortunately, has a tendency to move on to the next great idea before the last one has been finished.

It’s time to sit down and decide how you want your living spaces to function, then see each one through fully. When you’re done, you’ll be amazed at how centered you feel in your home.


Using glass furniture and decor is an old trick to make spaces appear bigger or more open than they actually are. Unfortunately, though, it can give a living space a cold, harsh feeling that is at odds with Gemini’s keen perceptive side.

In order to make your space more inviting, try replacing items like coffee tables and shelving with the industrial designs mentioned earlier; or if it’s not in the budget to replace larger items, try laying down cloth runners or bamboo placemats to soften the feeling of the furniture.

With these suggestions, Gemini is finally ready to tackle their projects and breathe some new life into their home. Channel your Air-inspired creativity to create an environment your friends will be envious of, and you’ll be hosting your next get together in no time!

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