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Posted on May 27, 2021
Updated on May 31, 2021

A woman stands on top of a jeep, the sun creates a beautiful shadow around her as she embraces the sun energy.

June’s energetic shifts will manifest more compassion, empathy, strength, and light as the Sun rises high, shining bright, revealing new horizons and opportunities that lie ahead. This month is all about endings, beginnings, celebrations, letting go of the past, and making room for what you deserve.

And most importantly, enjoying life. Taking stock of how far you have come and how much you matter in this world. The number 6vibrations of June bursts through with vibrancy, here to light the way through the transformational initiation of 2021.

We are experiencing a huge ascension shift, with a summer full of dramatic conversations that will fully alter our inner landscape.

Individually speaking, many have actively participated in the healing work. Now, we reach the point where we must learn how to come together as a group and heal the collective trauma. Think of the collective as a magical symphony orchestra.

In the past, we’ve played our instrument with fear, hate, judgment, and distrust.

June will reveal why it’s so important for us to start loving ourselves more and showing up for ourselves so we can come together to play our part with clarity, honor, dignity, passion, and respect. When we transcend the duality of separation, we can unite and usher in the new earth paradigm in its rightful order.

Until then, we will continue to play out generational trauma in our conversations, experiences, and relationships.

Pluto retrograde is currently showing us why we need to dive deep into the shadows to retrieve fragments of the soul. Mercury Rx is revealing the truth about who we are and why we are here. Saturn Rx reminds us how important it is to regain our seat of authority and clear karma. Old structures of power are dissolving in our external environment, which may create internal tension.

It’s important to stand your ground and cultivate a deeper strength to handle the intensity of the energy. Cultivate sacred space in the seat of your heart and when you experience chaos around you, come back to your breath.

So, what does June bring us? Well, the Gemini Solar eclipse, Mercury direct, Summer Solstice, Cancer season, Jupiter retrograde, Neptune retrograde, and so much more.

Let’s dive deep into this month’s planetary conversations!

Your June 2021 Energy Forecast

June 2, 2021: June Enters Cancer

Coming Home to What Matters Most

Venus moves into the nurturing waters of Cancer until the 26th.

While in Cancer, the heart has an opportunity to adjust and come home to what matters most. Gemini’s unpredictable yet multidimensional energy can sometimes overstimulate Venus’s ability to evaluate and make decisions from a healthy place. Balancing your emotional power is key to aligning with your core values.

If the residue of fear still lingers in your heart, it will hinder your ability to make positive choices and cultivate healthy connections for the future.

This is a susceptible and empathetic placement, which will put you in touch with what matters most. Security and stability in the home life and relationships are spotlighted. It’s important to tear down that brick wall and get in touch with your emotional body. Feel the rhythm of your heart and trust yourself.

Know that you have the ability to make healthy, positive, and enriching decisions in your life. Do not allow fear to stop you from answering the call from your heart.

June 5, 2021: Mars Opposes Pluto (26 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn)

Mars opposes Pluto challenging our ability to take action and fulfill desires. Both planets associate with action, drive, force, power, and sexuality.

Also, the rulers of Scorpio symbolizing the process of death and transformation.

Activated on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, this has everything to do with dependency, self-sufficiency, your foundation, and what holds it all together. This opposition suggests that subconscious fears push you toward compulsive action and selfish motives that will not benefit your soul’s purpose, only glorifying the ego.

The balance between your emotional foundation, home life, and public life will call your attention.

When you confront the subconscious fears, you are provided an opportunity to clear out the karmic debris from your body and initiate change from your heart. The only thing that keeps you holding on and fighting for something that does not serve your purpose is the fear of the unknown. Find a balance between the extremes of Mars and Pluto. There you will be able to actualize any hidden desires and negative motives so that they will not work against you.

An internal crisis is normally provoked by external forces, leaving you unable to fulfill your desires. Focus on elevating those behaviors, so that divine truth and power are manifested through you. This energy also amplifies collective aggression and tension.

As we prepare for a massive generational healing cycle brought on by Pluto, turn on your life and radiate love.

June 10, 2021: Gemini Solar Eclipse

June’s Solar eclipse comes in faster than the speed of light,19 degrees in the multidimensional energy of Gemini. The Solar eclipse is revealing it all right before our eyes. Gemini is the light in interplay and mental wisdom, symbolizing the higher self and lower self, lower mind, and divine mind.

The twins, one on Earth, one in heaven.

This is when the mind becomes recognized in the heart, and we align our antenna to universal wisdom and higher frequencies of divine communication. Outdated conversations and historical information we cling to and fight about are what holds us back from shifting the collective frequency. When we transcend the dramas, the assumptions, judgments, gossip, and slander, we come back home to source and reveal our infinite potential.

A profound mental body calibration to the diamond lens of the heart.

This is why Gemini energy is so unique and divine. It provides tremendous opportunities for quantum leaps to occur. In an instant, Gemini can take us to the frequency of unconditional love, or it can take us to fear.

Either way, this is a chance for the collective to tap into the frequency of the source by bringing the mind back home to the heart for good. At that moment, we transcend the 3d drama of duality and separation and anchor our soul’s expression in this physical reality.

The ruler of June’s New Moon, Mercury, is in dynamic conjunction with the Sun. As we know, Mercury is still traveling Rx, soon direct. When the truth is revealed, the gravitational weight releases, clearing the density and the congestion.

Most of the time, we fear the truth because we fear the unknown, and it’s easier to be comfortable instead of taking that risk and spreading our wings.

To live the life you deserve, the life destined for your soul’s purpose, you have to spread your wings and fly. So take that risk, transcend fear, surrender to compassion, and tap into the higher ground and authority of your heart.

Happy New Moon!

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June 11, 2021: Mars Enters Leo

Soulful Expression

After an emotional journey in Cancer, Mars enters the fiery sign of Leo until July 10th. Leo is the birthplace of the perfected soul in human form, the life-giver, and the center of the heart.

Here is where the soul and consciousness become recognized in the heart and grounded into the body.

Mar’s new cycle in Leo is the force we need to ground our spiritual desires and will to achieve, along with our creative expression. Mars is free to roam in Leo, but forceful Martian energy becomes too powerful and dominating, manifesting forcefully if not properly balanced. Mar’s goal in Leo is to help us use our creative abilities to actively express ourselves in a healthy manner that serves our higher purpose.

The mind and body should not want different things. They should be working harmoniously together, in sync, generating your true creative capabilities.

If you are drawn to flamboyant, arrogant energy, your actions may not serve a higher purpose. Remember, you are an instrument of creative power and divine infinite potential. When you rise above the need for worldly recognition and attention, you reach the true creative expression of the soul.

Use this dramatic, charming, passionate, and sexual energy of Mars in Leo to grant you the strength to radiate the light of your authentic self.

June 13, 2021: Venus Sextile Uranus, Sun Square Neptune

Soul Values

There’s no doubt about it that the upcoming week is jammed-packed full of historical shifts and quantum leaps. Venus forms a harmonious sextile with Uranus, as the Sun clashes with Neptune, helping us become more flexible to change.

This is a wonderful opportunity to redesign your value system as we break away from the collective idea of independence and adopt a uniquely individual approach.

If you block or resist change, it will affect your relationships and how you make decisions in your life. To maintain a stable relationship with others, you have to maintain a stable relationship with yourself. During your quest for self-discovery, you will come face to face with the destructive forces of the psyche that create conflict and negative experiences.

Use it as an opportunity to dissolve old barriers and limitations of the ego.

june astrology cta

June 14, 2021: Saturn Square Uranus (13 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus)

Old Vs. New

The second of 3 Saturn Uranus squares this year, acting as the stabilizing force that will initiate and produce change.

Themes of freedom and control, destruction, and construction will be highlighted as society is forced to shed outdated ways and historical trauma. Both planets represent important archetypes in the psyche.

The Saturn Uranus cycle dates back to their conjunction in 1988.

Their final series of squares will show us the issues in society that cannot be fixed and what needs to be done to release them and move forward. Patterns repeat themselves from previous generations, showing us the imbalance in our financial system, education, healthcare, and food and agriculture system.

Change is uncomfortable, and both planets trigger negative emotions of change.

Sometimes not all change is good. It can be hard and challenging. When these two planets trigger sudden change, it’s important to understand that all the energy wants to do is help us find new ways to move forward when we are stagnant or limited by the human mind.

The final square will take place on December 24th, 2021, shifting our economic foundation for the future.

June 20, 2021: Summer Solstice, Sun Enters Cancer, & Jupiter Retrograde

Embracing the Beauty of Life

Welcome to the heart of the year and the shift of the summer. Today brings the annual Summer Solstice and Cancer season, joined by Jupiter moving retrograde in Pisces.

Summer Solstice is a profound moment of integration of the greatest amount of light, depending on your location in the world. Marking the longest day of the year when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky. This is a celebration of the return of the Sun, our cosmic light. We are not just celebrating the Sun today; we are also celebrating Cancer season and Jupiter retrograde.

Cancer is the sign of unconditional love, symbolizing the foundation of creation and the nurturing waters of life.

When the Sun is in Cancer, we come back home and clear out the emotional baggage of prior seasons. We are provided an opportunity to liberate ourselves from past conditioning and demands of the ego. Returning to the source and what matters most. There is no such thing as too emotional. Emotions are energy in motion, seeking an outlet.

When we do not have healthy outlets or a sacred practice, those emotions go unchecked and create damaging effects. It’s important to be more compassionate and understanding with yourself during this energy.

Focus on creating a solid and healthy emotional foundation of the soul this Cancer season.

Jupiter increases the summer heat with a nourishing blast of Piscean love, now retrograde until October 17th. Jupiter aims to bring us closer in alignment with source and higher unity. This retrograde cycle marks a profound journey of inner self-discovery and growth, restoring the collective template of compassion and unity.

Jupiter normally brings an abundance of luck and opportunities in our lives that require greater expansion. While retrograde, those opportunities may illuminate past lessons that you need to work on to reconnect and realign with your purpose.

Use this time to connect with art, creativity, music, nature, and writing.

June 22, 2021: Mercury Direct (16 Degrees in Gemini)

Nothing But the Truth

After an eventful retrograde, the messenger of the star’s stations direct 16 degrees in the multidimensional energy of Gemini.

We knew all the Mercury retrogrades would take place in Air signs this year, and we know; Mercury aims to upgrade our personal and collective inner operating system. To do so, we must transcend old conversations and outdated information.

What can we expect now that Mercury is direct?

Well, we aren’t out the clear yet, seeing as how the post-shadow ends July 7th, 2021. But we are slowly moving forward in new thought patterns, conversations, and community connections. Use the clarity of this retrograde to direct you toward the exact answers you need.

Apply the knowledge you gained from this cycle as we advance. Gemini’s focus was to get you to understand all aspects of yourself, especially your drive and motives.

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June 23, 2021: Venus Opposes Pluto (26 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn)

Shadows of the Heart

Venus forms an intense opposition with Pluto on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, highlighting themes of self-nurturing, self-parenting, and stability. Here, we build the rainbow bridge from the internal world to the external world.

If we look back to their conjunction on January 28th, we will see that they began a brand-new cycle of self-mastery in the heart of Capricorn.

Their opposition represents the moment of awareness where the heart can finally make peace with the shadows and initiate change. But for change to occur, we must unearth the powerful emotions that have been long buried in the heart.

This is about cultivating intimacy with yourself and creating a sustainable foundation for the heart to thrive on.

June 24, 2021: Capricorn Full Moon (Strawberry Moon)

Full Body Calibration

June’s Full Moon occurs 3 degrees in the sign of Capricorn.

This powerful cycle provides us an opportunity to step up and rewrite a new story of empowerment and leadership. Capricorn is the doorway to higher planes. The sign of divine power and our seat of authority. We traveled through an intense eclipse portal that opened in May and will close on July’s Cancer New Moon.

Capricorn reminds us of our connection to source. We do not need to fight or race to the mountain top when we are the mountain top. We are that solid, strong, unmovable force. This Full Moon acts as a catalyst to some very powerful Crown chakra activations that will help us establish and restore our divine connection to the source.

Nobody said the transformation would be easy, and if they did, it was a lie.

That is why the Capricorn Full Moon is here to remind us of the divine spiritual power we hold to embrace unfamiliar territory and anchor in our purpose. This is all about taking back control of our lives, releasing what no longer serves us, and refining our foundation in discipline, integrity, and authentic nature.

During this time, the Full Moon is trine Uranus, sextile Neptune, conjunct Pluto, square Chiron, and opposite Sirius.

This represents a new future for the collective. A future that supports our soul’s purpose and the very truth we hold. A monumental spiritual shift for humanity reminding us that the race to the top was manufactured. We are at the top. It’s about appreciating and enjoying the journey of uncovering that.

Happy Full Moon!

June 25, 2021: Neptune Retrograde (23 Degrees in Pisces)

Spirituality Check

Ruler of the seas, sacred chants, prayers, and whispers of the dark, Neptune stations retrograde 23 degrees in the cosmic ocean of Pisces until December 1st, 2021.

Neptune has traveled a significant journey throughout the zodiacs. Now retrograde in Pisces, Neptune provides us an opportunity to get real with ourselves as we strip away the illusions and false realities that clouded the ego. Prepare yourself for increased creativity and heightened psychic sensitivity.

The downside of Neptunian energy is that it can increase anxiety and fears, along with deception and extreme methods of escapism.

The key here is to transcend self-deception and take more time out for your emotional and mental health. Avoiding or escaping the pain will not make it go away. Facing it with compassion and love for who you are, WILL!

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June 26, 2021: Venus Enters Leo

Sacred Themes of the Heart

Venus brings the heart to the seat of the throne, ending June in the dignified sign of Leo.

Venus’ transit in Leo is an opportunity to gain courage, strength, and trust for us to open up unconditionally to ourselves and the world around us. The theme of this transit is to value the creative force and potential in you. Claim the internal throne and let your gifts radiate out to the world. If you are insecure with yourself and what you have to offer, your creative potential goes unnoticed.

This energy is all about you taking center stage. Showing up and showing out for yourself in the most divine way. With Venus in Leo, we want to be adored, admired, and respected. But it’s important to ask yourself, is it admiration for the ego or the soul?

Expect an increase in social connections and new relationships. The passionate and warm energy of Leo wants you to take some time out to pamper yourself. Spoil yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself and take life so seriously.

Have a little fun.

Energy Tips for June 2021

There is no doubt about it that the planets are showing up and showing out this month. The Universe is pushing us closer and closer to the soul’s promise, and although this is not easy. June is the reminder of why it is worth it.

Remind yourself how amazing you are and that your purpose does matter. You matter!

June’s oracle card is “The Blue Flame,” brought to you by the Starseed Oracle Deck.

Spontaneous, energetic awakenings surround us this whole month. This energy presents great potential for healing, transformation, and upgrades. Although energy shifts may seem scary, it’s important to understand that we are experiencing a global shift in consciousness right now, and we are all in this together.

Cultivate a sacred space for yourself and ground in the seat of your heart. This will help you integrate the energies in your current experiences.

Seeds we planted months ago are now taking root.

Use this month to:

  • Engage in a new activity
  • Get out and enjoy life
  • Be more compassionate
  • Pay attention to any insights and downloads you receive during this time

Let your soul expression rise this month!

Happy June!

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