How to Embrace Individuality With Jupiter in Aquarius

Posted on December 17, 2020
Updated on March 10, 2021

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Are you ready for some juicy Jupiter in Aquarius horoscopes? Lucky planet Jupiter moves into a brand new sign, entering Aquarius on December 19th, 2020.

Jupiter will be in Aquarius for most of 2021, staying until May 13th (when Jupiter enters Pisces briefly) and returning to Aquarius on July 28th. Jupiter officially leaves Aquarius on December 28th, 2021, just over a full year from now.

For the retrograde period, Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius occurs from July 28th to October 18th, 2021. Jupiter turns retrograde earlier, but that starts in Pisces, so it’s only retrograde in Aquarius for less than three months.

Jupiter is expansive, wants to focus on the positives, and loves opportunity. Aquarius is a sign that governs change, what’s different and unconventional, and our individuality.

Both Jupiter and Aquarius are independent and don’t care to be boxed in. That makes this Jupiter in Aquarius transit excellent for embracing your individuality!

Before we get into the horoscopes, let’s review some notes about Jupiter in Aquarius (and if you’d like to review your December 2020 horoscopes, you can check out the horoscopes page!).

Jupiter in Aquarius in the Natal Chart

If you were born while Jupiter was in Aquarius, you have Jupiter in Aquarius in your birth chart.

As a Jupiter in Aquarius native, you’re likely someone who naturally embraces what’s different and unconventional. You may be a rebel in your own right, and you can push against the norms.

You’re someone who likely cares a lot about the world at large, not just now but for generations to come. You can take a stand and fight for what you believe in.

You may be inventive, innovative, and brilliant in some ways. Others may see you as eccentric and strange at times, but this probably doesn’t bother you and is more like a badge of pride!

Don’t know your natal Jupiter sign? Use the free birth chart generator to find out!

Jupiter in Aquarius Returns

When a transiting planet comes back to the same position, it was when you were born. This is called a planetary return. Jupiter returns to the position it was at when you were born roughly every 11 - 12 years.

When Jupiter returns, this can be a time when you assess the opportunities you have and how you go about creating them, and when you look at how you’ve expanded your life (or haven’t), and the experiences you’ve had and learned from (or haven’t).

When you go about things the right way, Jupiter returns can bring an important opportunity or experience that benefits you somehow.

A Jupiter in Aquarius return can bring out opportunities for change, for one of your dreams, for having a wider impact, or being true to yourself.

Jupiter in Aquarius Transit in General

Overall, Jupiter in Aquarius is an excellent time to be the real you. We’re all different in some way, and this would be the period to go with it.

More than that, you can benefit from being true to yourself, which may open up more opportunities for you. Extra incentive to just be you!

Now, we do have to consider that Saturn is in Aquarius while Jupiter is in Aquarius, and Saturn is a lot tougher than Jupiter. We have to be mindful of the Saturn energy mixing with Jupiter in Aquarius, so we’re not squandering this transit by annoying Saturn (this is the Lord of Karma, after all).

These two planets will hook up pretty early in their transits in Aquarius on December 21st, 2020, called the Great Conjunction, which occurs roughly every 20 years. This is a time for results, and in Aquarius, this can involve our dreams and the future.

With Saturn also in Aquarius, we have to make sure whatever we do, we’re responsible, ethical, mature, and smart. Don’t rebel just for anything - have a plan!

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Jupiter in Aquarius Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Where will you need to embrace individuality and do things differently in your life? Read what to expect for your zodiac sign with Jupiter in Aquarius:


It’s time for you to be your true self, Aries. Don’t hide the parts of you that are weird and wacky - go with it!

You may find that not only are you more apt to embrace this in yourself but others as well. You can open up more to the people that you view as different and unconventional.

This period may see an expansion of your friends and social circle, of the causes you champion, and of the changes you make in your life.


Jupiter in Aquarius can be super helpful for you professionally and with your goals, Taurus. This is where you may be most likely to embrace your individuality and do things in a different way than you have so far.

You may be tempted to stay within your comfort zone and do what’s always been done, but this likely doesn’t open up opportunities for you. Do things your own way, and don’t be afraid of being different.

This period may see an expansion of your goals, long-term planning, discipline, and responsibilities.


Being true to yourself can open up more experiences for you during this period, Gemini. You can embrace opportunities that are different from “the usual” but feel like they jive with your energy, allowing you to experience and learn more.

Embracing your individuality can help create more opportunities for you overall, and this can help strengthen your belief in yourself. Your beliefs, in general, may also take a more unconventional turn in some way.

This period may see an expansion of what you learn or teach, how you communicate to the world at large, and how you market yourself or work.


Jupiter in Aquarius prompts you to make transformations for the better in your life, Cancer, and these transformations may be approached in unconventional ways or may allow you to be more of who you truly are.

Maintaining your individuality may be something you’re more passionate about, and you can find more personal power and strength in doing so.

This period may see an expansion of digging deeper into subjects, people, or situations and resolving problems.


The people in your life and your relationships get the attention of Jupiter in Aquarius, Leo, and you can open up to people you view as being rebels, different, or icons. You can have a lot of respect for those you think are true to who they are, and they can help you be true to who you are.

You may take an unconventional approach to your relationships and dealings with others or make changes in existing relationships. You want your relationships to provide enough room for you to be who you really are.

This period may see an expansion of people coming to your life, compromises, negotiations, or diplomacy.


Jupiter in Aquarius targets your daily life, Virgo, and you may want to be more of an individual in small ways daily. You can take your own approach to tasks and chores, structure and routine, and schedules.

You may be a standout in your work, and being true to yourself and the work you do can open up more opportunities for you to do work that you love. If you hate what you do, that might become a problem!

This period may see an expansion of work opportunities, addressing health matters, or streamlining.

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You likely want to be more of an individual in your love relationships, Libra, and avoid trying to box yourself in to please others. By being true to yourself, you can attract more love and joy into your life.

Creativity can also benefit from your individuality, and you may take an unconventional approach to creative projects and pursuits that open up more opportunities for you.

This period may see an expansion of heart-centered decisions, more time to play and have fun, and more positive attention.


Jupiter in Aquarius might make you want to be true to yourself when dealing with home and family matters, Scorpio. You can take an unconventional approach to them, make changes in your home or living situation, or manage family relationships differently.

Being true to yourself can help you feel more emotionally stable and secure, and you can strengthen yourself internally by embracing your individuality instead of sifting it.

This period may see an expansion of your family, getting back to basics or back to your roots, or starting projects from the ground up.


The way you communicate and express yourself can undergo some changes during this transit, Sagittarius. You likely want to be true to who you are in the way you come across, which might mean cutting out any dishonesty or facades.

You can be more of an individual when you communicate with others, and you might seem more unconventional in your ideas, but they can feel comfortable with you.

This period may see an expansion of new ideas and plans, lots of activity, and connecting with your immediate environment and community.


Jupiter, in Aquarius, brings Jupiter out of your sign, Capricorn, and you can focus on being more of an individual when it comes to what you value. The values you have may become more unconventional, and you can embrace this instead of trying to be so traditional.

Being more of an individual may also benefit you financially since Aquarius lights up your financial sector, and you can make use of opportunities to secure yourself for some time.

This period may see an expansion of stability, security, confidence, and grounding.


Being an Aquarius, you’re likely already someone who embraces your individuality, and that can increase tenfold. You can find more opportunities open up for you by being who you really are, and can present your eccentricities with pride.

You can be more open about what’s different about you, the unconventional approaches you take, and why it is so important. You can help others become more of their authentic self as well.

This period may see an expansion of new journeys, new projects, new beginnings, and enthusiasm.


Jupiter in Aquarius might be a time when it’s easier for you to be an individual in the background and out of the spotlight, Pisces. When others pay a lot of attention, you may want to shy away and be more comfortable with who you are when you’re alone or not under any pressure.

You may focus on being more of an individual regarding your spiritual self and spiritual practices. You can embrace unconventional ways of being more connected to your soul and subconscious.

This period may see an expansion of helping the truly needy, endings, and releasing of old baggage.

Embrace Yourself With Jupiter in Aquarius

Now that you’ve read your Jupiter in Aquarius horoscopes, get ready for the new transit that starts this Saturday! It’s one that brings opportunity for individuality, change, the pursuit of our dreams, and the unconventional.

Jupiter in Aquarius, along with Saturn, is sure to push us to figure out how to be ourselves, how to allow others to be themselves, how to be prepared for the future, and how to accept the changes that always come with time.

Don’t fight it. Go with it, and let the authentic you shine!

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