Jupiter Square Neptune: Things Are Not What They Seem

Posted on June 15, 2019
Updated on October 26, 2020

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Hang on, everyone, because 2019 offers us three squares between the planets Jupiter and Neptune!

A square is a tense aspect created by 2 planets making a 90-degree angle to each other from our perspective on Earth. Square aspects tend to bring resolution through some type of psychological conflict. If that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, hold on, we are going to break it down for you so you know how to use this energy to expand and trim the fat in your psychological budget.

We saw a similar square on January 13th, and will experience it again September 21st. This square is like the pre-game to this Summer’s eclipse season, which we know will always bring major change. Let’s look at the energy of both of these planets so we know what area of our psyche is likely to be amplified on June 16th so we can use the energy to evolve instead of just feeling odd and out-of-sorts.

When you start learning astrology, your first question is usually what’s my horoscope for today? As you get a deeper understanding of the astrology signs and planetary movements, you can start to see the larger themes that influence you in a month, a year, or a decade which can relieve the emotional stress that occurs in each of us underneath the surface. In the case of a major square like this, it can lead to a bit of an existential crisis for those unaware of its energetic pressure. However, gifts of personal growth await those who study astrology and consult the stars for understanding.

Jupiter: The Planet of Luck & Fortune

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, staying in one sign for 12-13 months. It represents an expansion of the self and is known as Zeus, king of the gods. This time it’s in the sign of Sagittarius which is the most evolved consciousness of the zodiac and will bring to light the spiritual truths within us that guide our deepest motivations and views. At this time we may approach our lives from a more spiritual angle and align our goals with ‘the big picture.’ Being in retrograde means we are able to see our blocks to personal expansion instead of actually moving forward. We assess and evaluate our approach to success when the planet is retrograde.

That may mean we leave the habits, people or places that don’t support our vision for a better future for humanity. This is some deep stuff and it’s not an easy matter. We will all feel it because Jupiter is such a big planet, it can’t be ignored. We may find a plan for our career that is more aligned with our core beliefs comes to light. We may also experience a crisis that wakes us up to the need to do just that.

Neptune: The Planet of Dreams & Illusion

The expansive energy of Neptune in Pisces can lead us to live in our imagination and we can get caught up in fantasies or escapism. Neptune takes 16 years to pass through one zodiac sign. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and Neptune is linked to our dreams, intuition and spiritual consciousness. Because of the square aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, you can expect to snap back to reality but also feel pulled out of it. It may be like sitting on the edge of a cliff feeling pulled in both directions, towards the spirit, and towards the real world. It’s a dance that can feel a bit disconcerting for sure.

You may feel like jumping head-first into your spiritual life or look for emotional comfort in a spiritual community. You may also find disappointment when some spiritual leaders are exposed for their human traits that burst the illusion we can project onto them as our redeeming saviour. In a positive light, the wake-up call can make us look to ourselves for meaning instead of clinging to others co-dependently. When we look within, we can find deeper truths because we sense with the third eye and not with the eyes.

Key Themes for Jupiter Square Neptune:

Beware of substances seducing your emotionally vulnerable state.

Be wary of strong personalities seeking enablers who invite you to try strange drugs that promise answers to your deepest questions. The temptation may even come from those who you look up to so keep a watchful eye.

Keep an eye in the news for corruption scandals in religious establishments.

There is a shaking up of spiritual traditions to clean the chimney of the ethical soot at this time, so to speak. You may hear of abuse allegations in the news or even in your spiritual community. Don’t let it turn you off to spirituality entirely.

Expand your mind, but not to the point of delusion.

We may have some experiences where others question our beliefs or conversations that run in circles about the meaning of life. Take these moments of inner stress over the nature of your soul with a sense of lightness and take time to just not think at all so you don’t become overwhelmed. We are digging up questions to shed the old paradigms but things can get a bit uncomfortable in the process because we are throwing out dried up roots within group consciousness.

Prepare for change because both Jupiter and Neptune are in Mutable signs.

Yes, you can expect changes to occur in yourself, your life, your group of friends, relationships, and job in the coming months. This may be a tipping point or initiate a change process. Keep your sights on what can help others and not selfish pursuits so you get the energy that will ride you to a state of fulfillment and not another painful cycle of a karmic lesson.

Closing Thoughts…

As always, keep an eye on all the major planetary aspects of the day rather than just honing in on one. This allows us to get a feel for the biggest energetic themes blasting our group psyche. We have a Full Moon on June 17 in the sign of Sagittarius, which also brings a very expansive energy. People (including you!) may be really elated, grandiose, and philosophical at this time.

To see how June 16th will be for you, make sure to check out your free daily horoscope right here. It’s helpful to be aware of the planetary movements of the week by reading the weekly horoscopes as well. We also have the summer solstice coming up on the coattails of all this, which is always a spiritual time, so get ready for your drum circles, your goddess gatherings and your Tarot readings folks!

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