Beneficial Thought - Launch Time: What to Expect When Mercury Goes Direct

Posted on April 12, 2018

It′s been a frustrating few weeks for many, thanks to Mercury retrograde. Just when we are about to make massive progress, something happens. A computer bleeps to black. You answer the phone just as it stops ringing. Weird numbers showing up on your phone. Lost and delayed mail.

The phone ringer you’ve been having a problem with lately finally goes off. In church. You know, all of these little things happen, and more, during Mercury retrograde.

It can be a royal, and sometimes even expensive pain in the you know what. This is why we always caution to hit pause or put a hold on any major life matters during Mercury retrograde. Mail will get lost, messages will be delayed, and administration is not running smoothly in life all across the land.

Happily, we are about to feel some relief from this energy this week when Mercury goes direct. It′s launch time! Mercury comes out of retrograde and turns direct on April 15, and it does so on the same day as a new moon in cardinal fire sign Aries. This is going to make many of us feel a lot of relief in so many ways.

The power of new beginnings is heightened and up for grabs. Here’s how to harness it when Mercury goes direct.

1. Wake up, but slowly.

Mercury going direct is like waking up from a very deep sleep. What happens when we are asleep? Our bodies turn internal, both physically and mentally. Over the last few weeks, a lot of internal stuff has been happening, whether you realize it or not. You may have been dreaming more, or you may have simply been thinking of certain people more.

Those whom you are thinking more about are also undergoing the same feeling, so know they are thinking more about you too.

It’s time to wake up on April 15. The important thing to remember when Mercury goes direct however, is this energy doesn′t hit you like a lightning bolt the day that it happens. There is some relief yes, but think of this day like the alarm has just gone off for Mercury, and he’s hit the snooze button.

On the day Mercury makes a station and goes direct, and in the few days that follow, there are some wrinkles expected in the areas of communication, travel, and all of the gadgets and devices used in those themes.

Snooze day is the day Mercury makes a station before it goes direct, that happens on April 14. It is April 15 when Mercury goes direct, which is the equivalent of Mercury slowly rolling out of bed. There is also new moon energy happening this day, so the power of new beginnings is amplified.

The new moon in fire sign Aries energy may not impact you on the exact day either, so give this some time. Wake up in a way that makes you excited. You know you never have flashes of brilliance in those first few minutes of waking up, and Mercury won′t either. Mercury needs a few cups of coffee before he’s ready to go full steam ahead.

Expect this to take a few days, and possibly even a week or two before Mercury feels like ‘himself’ again. Life won′t feel as sluggish as it did when Mercury was ‘sleeping′, but some relief will be upon us. Be patient, and give Mercury some time to get into launch mode.

2. Plan the launch.

With Mercury retrograde, you likely learned or experienced some unexpected things. Maybe you heard from someone you weren′t expecting to, maybe you learned something valuable at work. Maybe you developed some new ideas to forge forward in your career, or decided to make some changes in a relationship, and are feeling that bounce of clarity.

If you experienced any of these things, or something like it, that′s great! That means Mercury retrograde was productive for you. If you didn′t, give it time. Sometimes the inspirations from Mercury retrograde don′t happen for a few days, until all is revealed when he’s direct. Just when you wake up in the morning, you need to plan the launch when Mercury goes direct.

That means no sudden movement just yet. You don′t wake up in the morning and jump into your day do you? Well maybe you do, but in this case, don′t. Plan your launch. Mercury direct is about all systems go with travel arrangements, making contracts, making connections, and feeling relief from the clarity that you have received over the last few weeks.

Now you need to decide what to do with everything you′ve learned about yourself and your life under this transit. What are you going to do with it? Don′t jump in just yet. Plan the launch. Mercury is still having his karmic coffee to wake up a bit, and you need to do the same.

3. It′s go time!

Give Mercury a few days, or even a week or so to get that karmic coffee and those juices flowing. Feel free to use the energy from the new moon in fire sign Aries to get a jump start on some of those goals. Take the lead in a planning way. Planning is do-ing, but it’s all about planting the seeds.

During this time frame, plan that launch or that new beginning you want to initiate. Then, once you feel fully prepared, it′s go time!

You are now in an ideal position to start new contracts, make a big purchase or a spending decision, and even begin a new relationship. Suddenly all feels clear and like it is making sense again. If you aren′t sure where to start or what new beginning to embrace, do something different this time around.

Concluding Thoughts

Do you want a new relationship? Do something you didn′t do last time to get that going. Perhaps you just want a new status in your current relationship. With Mercury direct, communication on these matters is favored. Take a different approach to this conversation than you would have a few weeks ago.

Use these same philosophies for any new beginning you are considering. Try something new! Remember, the key to your success here is to take what you have learned about yourself, and these experiences, while Mercury was retrograde, and then use them for your launch.

Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes during this critical time frame of transits so you know exactly what to expect and what to do with this exciting energy. It′s go time. What new beginning are you starting now?

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