Law of Attraction: You Get the Vibes You Give

Posted on July 12, 2019

A magnet that is attracting people.

Many celebrities attribute their wildly successful lives to the law of attraction.

They subscribe to a lifestyle that cultivates good vibes and they hang out with people who use positive language. They crave inspiring words from books, exciting environments of nature, and uplifting feelings from eating well and taking care of themselves. It’s not about their looks, there are plenty of successful people that don’t look like supermodels, it’s about their vibes.

The law of attraction is a law of the Universe just as real as the ones we study in school. In some more progressive private schools, the law of attraction is taught as a fact of life just like chemistry.

If you hang out with people who are movers and shakers, it will come up, all the time. It’s because they’ve experienced the benefits and it’s now a huge part of their life.

So how do you move from not knowing anything about the law of attraction to using it in your daily life?

In this article, we will first help you understand just how this whole law of attraction thing works. Then we’ll provide you with 5 techniques you can start using today to manifest what you want using the law of attraction. We will also provide you with 4 common pitfalls people experience when using the law of attraction, as well as how to overcome them.

Finally, if part of you is still a doubting Debbie, we have some scientific proof that the law of attraction is a real and valid approach to achieving your greatest dreams.

How the Law of Attraction Works:

The simplest way to understand the law of attraction is this: you get the vibes you give.

In other words, the energy you put out into the world (generated by your thoughts, feelings, and actions) vibrates on a specific frequency. That frequency mingles with all of the energy in the world surrounding you, and attracts energy that is on the same or a similar vibrational frequency.

So, if you walk around without smiling at anyone, you can expect to receive that same expression in return.

But, if you’re a generous person, bursting with enthusiasm, you will start to attract people like that. But it goes even deeper, to the subconscious level. If you are thinking about doomsday all the time, you’ll find you attract negative experiences. If you think about inspirational and expansive experiences, that is what you’ll find yourself experiencing.

Essentially, know that if you stay home in bed, you can’t expect much to show up in your life. But, if you’re taking care of yourself and contributing positively to other people’s lives, you’ll meet people who want to take care of you in return.

People take this magnetic quality of our thoughts and harness it to open more specific opportunities and attract abundance in all areas of life including love, health, and spirituality. The law of attraction stresses your action, your visualization, your feelings, and your consistent enthusiasm about your goals are all necessary steps in achieving your goals.

5 Simple Law of Attraction Manifesting Techniques:

Because so many people have been using the law of attraction for so long, there are time tested techniques that you can follow that really provide results. There is no one ingredient as we each are dealing with our unique negative thoughts that change on a daily basis.

Putting more energy into changing your habitual thoughts to be positive will create great momentum in your life. If you want some tangible techniques that will get you from point A to point B, read on, magic-maker.

1. Create a Vision Board

Cut out images and words that make you feel excited about your goals. Be as specific as possible. If you want to manifest love, find pictures that make you think of the type of love you want. If you want a home, find a picture of the type of home, put the location you want to live and even something that makes you feel you are already there such as a house key. You can work on emotional qualities you want to develop such as humor, intuition, or confidence as well.

There are no limits to what you can put on your vision board.

2. Thank the Universe

Start and finish your day by writing a thank you note to the Universe for delivering what you want.

Simply write, ‘thank you for the (fill in the blank).’ Write it as if your goal is already here, as if you’ve already manifested what you want. You can also state it as a mantra throughout the day and feel the feelings that arise when you imagine that it is already in your life. This sense of gratitude keeps your vibration high and consistently projects that good energy into the Universe, magnetizing more good energy.

3. Write Your Manifesto

Write a manifesto that states what your life is like when you have everything you desire.

State what your career, love life, health, finances, friendships, and happiness are like with as much detail as possible. Place the manifesto in a place you will read it daily and it will etch your goals into the blueprint of your mind to begin creating these experiences. There’s no way to know how fast they will show up, but this technique does work.

4. Prepare for Your Goal to Manifest

Do things that you would do if you had already achieved your goal.

For example, if you want a relationship, prepare for someone to come to your house by getting snacks and drinks, cleaning and making it welcoming. If you’re wanting some extra income, plan what you will do when the money arrives. Will you pay off your debt, book a vacation to Greece, or take your mom to visit Paris?

Take actions that tell the Universe you are ready and waiting for it to deliver. If you want a new job, dress the part. If you want to own a business, get your ducks in a row and find the location, figure out what you need to buy and meet with business owners. Plan your marketing strategy and get your business cards and website polished and ready.

5. Keep Your Vibes High

There are many ways to keep yourself in a positive state of mind. Affirmations are a great mental technique you can use anytime to help shift your mood. Choose something that makes you feel hopeful and excited like, “I feel extremely happy right now.” Other ways to keep yourself positive include daily movement, eating well, hanging positive phrases and art, listening to positive music and stopping throughout the day just to shift to a positive mind frame.

These habits can help you immensely and you’ll find things that work for you. Simple reminders to think positive strategically placed will help remind you to direct your emotional energy to higher frequencies.

4 Common Pitfalls & How to Beat Them

You know how they say, “know your enemy”? Well, knowing your own mind and getting real about the ways you (consciously or unconsciously) self-sabotage will be the key to unlock your personal power and manifest the life of your dreams. It’s not that you need to beat yourself up about your blocks, it’s that you just need to know them so you can navigate them.

For example, if you want to make friends but you stay home every night, you’d need to acknowledge your social anxiety so you can take steps to overcome it. You can use affirmations to shift those behaviours, like, “I love meeting new people.”

This is a powerful way to retrain the subconscious energy that will shift your habits and help you manifest. Here are the most common pitfalls we find when it comes to using the law of attraction and how to shift them.

1. Not Taking Action

You can visualize until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re hiding out in a cave, you won’t give the Universe the opportunity to meet you halfway. Taking action is just as important, if not more, as visualizing. If you’re not putting your actual energy into your goals, you will find little results using the law of attraction.

Plant seeds (especially during the New Moon), reach out, make an effort, and dig your feet in. You may not know what result will show up, but keep turning over stones and believe that your efforts are building energy that the Universe will respond to.

2. Fear-Based Thinking

All people have some insecurities or fears they must recognize in order to not block themselves from manifesting. Whether your love for your family makes you afraid to break away from them so you block manifesting something you really want or if your fear of being alone makes you block manifesting a new relationship that you can actually start that healthy family in, you must look at your fears and know them.

3. Lack of Consistency

If you set your goal at new years eve but then forget about it for a few months, your lack of consistency is going to block the law of attraction from working for you. It will always work but it will just bring you what you focus on. So if your focus is just getting through the day, or what you’re having for lunch, that’s what you’ll get.

You need to take action, visualize, and project your vision multiple times per day. Make it a regular part of your day and expect things to actually change.

4. Lack of Clarity

Often people don’t spend time getting really clear about what they want.

For example, a job as a comedy TV writer for an online streaming platform is more specific than just landing a new high paying job. Be as clear as possible with what you want so that you use your energy efficiently. When you visualize, see the scents, textures, weather, feelings, and colors with vivid clarity.

Scientific Proof That the Law of Attraction Works

The Biology of Belief is a book recounting the astounding experiments done by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., who is a cell biologist that found thoughts affect the cells in our body. This helps to prove that our thoughts physically affect our health and explains in layman’s terms his complex scientific findings.

The Intention Experiment is a book by Lynne McTaggart that explains the scientific findings of a vast array of experiments done at Ivy League schools that proves thoughts affect reality. The remarkable studies show that thoughts can affect things at a distance and opens us to start to comprehend the multidimensional universe that vibrations are constantly influencing.

The Science of Miracles is a film that documents a tumour disappearing within minutes when people chant a healing affirmation over the person. It discusses the science that is finding there is much more to the Universal laws that govern our reality than most people realize. Gregg Braden explores the boundaries of human consciousness in a straightforward manner. It’s available on Amazon.

Closing Thoughts…

Congratulations. You’ve just taken a huge step towards manifesting the life of your dreams and you now have more knowledge about the true power of your thoughts than most people in the whole world have.

The law of attraction certainly gives you an advantage and makes us want to inspire you to use that power for good. The more loving and the less selfish your intention, the higher your energetic vibration and the more likely it is to manifest quickly!

Studies have shown that higher vibration emotions like love, peacefulness, and empathy have a faster frequency than lower vibration emotions such as fear or envy. That means kindness really does help us create a sense of peace on earth.

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