10 Feisty Affirmations You Need for Leo Season

Posted on August 15, 2020

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It’s Leo season which happens once per year while the Sun transits this Fire sign and brightens our perspectives!

Leo season is a great time to ride the waves of positivity that the cosmos are offering us to make some much-needed changes in our lives. If you’ve been mulling over going for something big, you are probably now ready to actually do it.

With the powerful fusion of Leo season and these Leo season affirmations, you’ll be able to direct the most powerful tool you have in your life, (the power of your intention), to launch into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

But first, let’s get into some details about the Leo zodiac sign so you know just how potent this season’s energy is. Then, we’ll review some go-to summer affirmations!

The Leo Energy Low-Down

Ruled by the Sun, symbolized by the courageous Lion, Leo gives us an energy that helps us take the stage.

Leo manifestation power is strong because the element of fire is both extroverted and creative. When we feel positive, the Law of Attraction works in our favor, attracting positive things to us.

These healing affirmations will work with your energy to help you feel those optimistic and charismatic parts of yourself. We can also use these healing affirmations for Leo season to help break through fears that have been holding us back.

Leo isn’t afraid to take a risk and try something new.

Before you read ahead, choose to make these affirmations the theme of your summer. Really give them a chance to amplify your energy and take your life to the next level emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Get up close and personal with the Leo zodiac sign.

10 Feisty Affirmations to Bring Out Your Leo Fire

1. I Follow My Bliss

This affirmation awakens you to the voice inside, and will make you feel alive. It will help you crack open your creativity and see new opportunities that you can more easily pursue during Leo season.

This affirmation can also help you break out of a routine that feels like a drag, and get you feeling really excited about life again.

Use this affirmation when you feel like you want to spice things up in your life, and need to infuse your day with energy.

2. I Channel My Energy to Inspire Others

For those of you who really look for purpose and are fuelled by making the world a better place, Leo energy can tap you into the inspiration you have innately within you. Now is the perfect time to let the Fire of Leo help you uplift those who need inspiration.

When you feel overwhelmed by the setbacks in the lives of people you care about, or about what the world is currently going through, direct your energy to be a part of the solution by using this affirmation.

3. I Go for My Biggest Dreams & That Makes Me Happy

We love this Leo season affirmation because it captures bravery (a key Leo theme), and helps you focus it on making your dreams a reality. This month you can use this affirmation to make the major strides you’ve been wanting to make.

If you are unhappy with your job, use this affirmation to help you step into something you love.

4. I Take My Own Needs & Wants as Seriously as Others

Leo energy can indeed be self-centered, but for some of you, you need to learn to recognize what you want and seize it.

This affirmation will help you honor what you want and need in life. It will allow you to ensure that life does not pass you by without giving to yourself as much as you would give to your best friend.

Use this affirmation if you have felt you could use more joy in your life. This can help you find the things that make you laugh and gives you butterflies.

Lessons that we can learn from the Leo zodiac sign.

5. I am Willing to Fail for the Chance to Succeed

If you feel like you’re often thinking about all the things that could go wrong, and thus frozen in a state of indecision, this affirmation will help you break that cycle. This will help you get in tune with the excitement of what can go right to move past fear.

This healing affirmation echoes the sentiments of many famous and successful people who have Leo-like mindsets, and you too can use it to get in touch with your untapped potential.

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6. I’m Getting Out of My Box & Into the World

Have you felt like you’re hiding, or perhaps like you have become less and less able to be adventurous? This affirmation will awaken your inner-child and sense of curiosity to see all the amazing and wonderful parts of life you’ve yet to discover.

If you’ve been feeling like the best parts of your life are in the past, this will help you stop that negative thought, and give you a taste for something new.

7. Positive Energy & Strong Vision Help Me Manifest

If you feel like you’ve been pessimistic, or having trouble feeling like your energy can actually “make things happen,” this will help override those thoughts. Manifesting is a very real thing that you can activate at any time, but first, you have to get your mind out of the way.

Let this healing affirmation help you awaken your manifesting ability with the Leo fire.

8. I’m Making Changes & Telling the Story of My Life on My Own Terms

If you’ve been on the fence about something, or not allowing yourself to really trust that you can do what is in your heart, this affirmation will help move forward in a direction that brings a smile to your face.

Let your inner leader out with this affirmation, and step away from the things you don’t want in your life starting today.

9. I Choose to See Positive Outcomes

When we start to envision a future that we want to see, we start to see the steps necessary to create that future. The optimism of Leo season is the perfect energy to help you create a vision that really makes you want to spring out of bed in the morning.

If you find yourself without a clear goal, this will help you get in touch with what your soul already knows is waiting for you.

10. I Feel Amazing & Things are Going Great Right Now!

If you just focus on bringing more positive energy into your life, it can help you in mind, body, and spirit. This can change your life in infinite ways, and if you aren’t sure which affirmation to choose, this one fantastic, and will transform this Leo season into something magical for you.

Just give this affirmation a shot even if you don’t know how it might help you by saying as frequently as possible!

Using Your Leo Season Affirmations

However you choose to use these affirmations is up to you.

Maybe try writing one down twenty times each morning, or saying it five times in the mirror each day. You can write it on a post-it note and put it next to your bed, or you can even record yourself saying an affirmation, and listen to it in the car.

The most effective way to use an affirmation is to use it frequently and really believe it will work.

Reading your free daily horoscope can help you decide which of these affirmations you might use each day. Some days are better for focusing on your health, and some days are better for focusing on your future. Even if you’re Sun sign isn’t Leo, you may find the sign shows up in your birth chart to help you expand in different areas of life.

We know the world is going through changes, and these times can be stressful because of uncertainty.

These affirmations can help you stay out of a worried state of mind, and allow you to use your creative energy to find positive solutions for yourself and for others. You have great potential, and when you consistently direct the mind, you can be happy, successful, and free.

No sign helps you get in touch with that more than the natural leader Leo.

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