Let Go With the Libra Full Moon

Posted on April 08, 2020

We just experienced a Full Moon in Libra a few days ago, and the energy remains strong for another 1 - 2 weeks. We’re out of some heavy astrological energy right now, so it’s a good time to focus on letting go, especially when it comes to relationship baggage and issues - Libra’s specialty!

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon directly oppose one another in the sky, and therefore, they oppose in the zodiac signs as well.

The Sun rules your true self while the Moon rules your emotions, so Full Moons bring out some intense emotional energy. You can feel challenged in some way to make changes, to take action, to reconcile, and to move on.

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The main keywords for Full Moons are endings, culminations, and emotions.

Impact of a Libra Full Moon

Libra is the sign of relationships, governing the people in our lives, and with a Full Moon in Libra, you can focus on bringing to an end relationship issues and baggage so you can let go. This may mean walking away in some cases; in others, it may mean just letting go of something that has been a problem in the relationship so you can function better together.

Libra also rules peace and balance, so letting go of issues can help to restore peace in your life and make you feel more balanced. The more balanced you are, the better you can feel. This can be important in any area of life, but especially in your relationships.

Libra Full Moons tend to be less wild and intense since Libra is an Air sign, and Air signs are intellectual in nature. This can provide some helpful energy for expressing and processing emotions in a more objective way.

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Libra Full Moon Ritual

Try a ritual for letting go of anger you have toward someone, an issue in a relationship that’s creating problems, or attachment to someone that hasn’t been good for you. Take some time alone in a quiet area to clear you mentally and spiritually. Imagine a peaceful scene and the issue evaporating into the air.

If you feel called to do so, light candles (white or black is good for letting go), burn some incense or sage or hold a crystal (clear quartz can be helpful for storing anything you don’t want anymore). Give yourself a Tarot reading if you’d like some guidance, or ask your guides for inspired help on what choices and actions to take.

If you want to do something more literally symbolic of letting go, write down whatever it is you want to let go of, burn the piece of paper (safely of course!), and bury the ashes outside or flush them down the toilet.

These are just suggestions, and it can be even better to craft your own ritual yourself. Make sure to read this article for how to do just that!

Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

What is the impact of this Full Moon by zodiac sign? Read on:


This Libra Full Moon is a hugely important time for you to focus on your relationships and the people in your life. What do you need to resolve? What do you need to understand? What has been weighing on you and your loved ones? The more improved you make your relationships right now, the better you’ll be.


Work on letting go of the little things that have been plaguing you and your relationships. Don’t fixate on the details so much, and expect perfection that can’t be attained. What or who have you been picking apart? Releasing this stress can be of huge help to you right now, so make the most of the Libra Full Moon and let it all go.


The Libra Full Moon wants you to focus more on love and let things slide, not worrying so much about everything but instead making time for play and to connect to your heart. Got some love issues that have kept you from doing that? Spend time focusing on letting go of that so you can feel joy again.


Emotions can run strong right now, so focus on the emotions that are directly connected to your relationships and the people in your life. What is causing you to feel this way, and how can you gain clarity or find a resolution? Let the Libra Full Moon give you answers so you can let go of the problem.


It can be easier to express what you’re feeling with this Libra Full Moon, so this can be a good time for you to say what you need to say. Let go of everything you’ve been keeping to yourself, and put it out there for others to hear. This can be a little scary at first, but it frees you up and gives you room to grow.


If you’ve been feeling insecure about something lately, have lacked confidence with others, and have instability in relationships, the Libra Full Moon can be a great time for you to work on this. Let go of insecurity and instability that is holding you back, and discover confidence in yourself so you don’t have to find it with someone else.


The Libra Full Moon is in your sign, and this is an important time of the year for you. Emotions are higher, you can see developments happening in various areas of life, and you may feel you need a break. But this is an excellent period for you to work on letting go of anything and everything that has been stifling you. Release and give yourself permission to move forward.

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You may feel like spending your time alone with this Libra Full Moon, and this can give you time to ponder, to reflect, and to dig deeper into your subconscious. Find issues that you can let go of on your own that have impacted how you are with others and in relationships, and this can improve your connections.


The Libra Full Moon may prompt you to make some changes in your relationships and interactions with others, and this may involve letting go of something that has been a negative factor. In doing so, you can give yourself and others more freedom to be yourselves, and embrace individuality.


Responsibilities in your relationships may be of focus with this Libra Full Moon, and you can address the responsibilities that maybe you shouldn’t have anymore, or never should have had to begin with. You don’t have to take care of everything, and letting go of a responsibility that isn’t really yours can give relief to feelings of restriction and limitation.


You may be craving more space and freedom with this Libra Full Moon, so issues you focus on letting go of may be ones that have made you feel like you’re held back, boxed in, and can’t move freely. What has been a leech in your life? You don’t need to continue to hold on if it’s not serving a positive purpose for anyone, especially you.


Tackling that which you hold deep inside of yourself or issues that are deep within relationships can be a focus with the Libra Full Moon. It may be intense and emotional at times, but once you come out of it, you can feel much wiser and stronger, and your relationships can endure so much more.


Full Moons are an excellent time to release and let go, and every year, we experience Full Moons in every zodiac sign. This gives us an opportunity to clear out all of the sludge that accumulates in every area of life, and free ourselves up for new opportunities and experiences.

Let go and live!

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