Light Your Festive Fire with the Sun in Sagittarius

Posted on December 01, 2019

A family makes marshmallows around a fire.

The Sun transits the friendly Sagittarius zodiac sign from November 22 to December 21, officially ringing in the holidays and Sagittarius season!

We are coasting on that warm Fire sign energy as we are now in full swing with holiday festivities. You may notice yourself less focused on work and more drawn to fun new experiences and you can thank adventurous Sagittarius for that. Use this time to really embrace your friendships, build new ones, and allow yourself to actually have some fun.

It’s okay to take a break from being a #bossbabe or firing on all cylinders at work because the Universe says you need (and deserve a break). The Universe is bringing some balance to our social life and the way we spend our time by kicking our festive fire into gear. Get ready to trim the tree, light the lawn, bake until you pass out, and binge on holiday films that will inspire you to find the gifts that you’ll be giddy to give this year.

The Sagittarius Sun gives us that burst of holiday spirit that feels so very magical and renews the spirit so let yourself take some risks whether it’s a fun and sexy party outfit, a holiday trip, or perhaps speaking to that special someone you’ve been wanting to see.

Sagittarius Themes that Decorate the Month

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is known as the planet of luck. That means we are extra magnetic and able to attract during this transit. Focus on what you want and you’re more likely to see things show up around the Full Moon on December 12 because your passion is burning bright like a lighthouse to guide the ships carrying your greatest desires. Keep yourself open to opportunities and spend some time taking risks that could lead to great rewards or advancement in your life whether it’s applying for a home loan, traveling to see a lover, or applying for your dream job.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer which represents setting sights on a higher state of consciousness for society. The archer is known as the philosopher, the one who studies how to advance culture spiritually, and has the sage-like wisdom that can melt the anger and fear in our own hearts. As you can now set your own sight on how to bring more love and light into your lifestyle, use this time to reset your own heart and mind to be positive, friendly, and spiritually aligned. The opportunities to share love this season will help you feel how joyful it is to live in harmony with your soul and the way the Universe shows up to support you when you do. It’s interesting that the strongest personality traits of our beloved tradition of Santa are goodwill, cheer, and inspiring being nice instead of naughty, just like Sagittarius.

Ways to Embrace Your Festive Fire

To close out the year on a high note and make the very most of Sagittarius season, here are some fun ways to embrace this theme of fraternizing and fun as well as some astrology nerd insights into the very best things that can happen while the Sun is filling us with wanderlust. If you’ve been feeling a bit like a hibernating bear, let’s transform you into a jolly holiday muse that brings the spirit of love and generosity through your creative ideas.

It’s a time when we feel confident and our fire can turn into romantic passion if the mood strikes so be sure to keep up on your daily love horoscope.

Spread Love by Baking

The Sagittarius Sun ignites creativity you can use in the kitchen. One of the most fun and relaxing parts of the holidays is dusting off the old family recipe cards and using the spices that bring the holiday spirit to life. Baking allows us to be creative, share our love, and gives us an excuse to get together. When we show people we appreciate them through a homemade pie or batch of cookies, it helps uplift their spirit and ours.

Decorate to Get in the Spirit

The Sagittarian theme of enlightenment and awakening is infused throughout the holidays. One way to bring more of the positive vibration of Sagittarius into your home or office is to hang lights and all the sparkling decor that allows you to be creative and feel inspired. This is a way to keep your creative energy soaring like the arrows of Sagittarius and helps open your imagination where your intuition lives.

Plan a Holiday Gathering

One way to welcome new opportunities and experiences into your life is to invite it. Sagittarius loves to meet new people and see new places so many people are open to get out and experience something new. When we take time for others and really let ourselves make it special, it helps us see all the love that is within us waiting to come alive. Whether it’s a tacky sweater party or singing carols around the tree, you never know what magic may come of it.

Find Soul-Inspiring Gifts

When you’re doing that holiday shopping, let your intuition guide you. Think of what would inspire each person individually to embrace who they are and their unique talents. This will keep the experience from feeling stressful and instead infuse each moment with a sense of deeper connection and love. Whether it’s an inspiring piece of art, a journal, a Tarot deck, or a book about building rocketships, you’ll know what will help inspire your friends.

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Closing Thoughts…

We are in the window between the New Moon in Sagittarius (which happened November 26) and the Full Moon in Capricorn (which is happening December 12) guys and there is majorly cool New Moon Solar Eclipse December 26 approaching this month. During this time, send your wishes out to the Universe, write them down, and really spend time listening to the whisper of your soul that can be heard more clearly during this transit. It will help you launch into 2020 with a renewed vision and unstoppable positive vibes.

Your soul wants to take a vacation from adulting and enjoy the present moment so you can feel the magic that is always there. This time can be a great time of spiritual renewal and you don’t have to spend money or do the conventional holiday things to feel the uplifting loving energy that is behind the stories that we like to participate in about Christmas that we tell our kids to keep their imaginations alive. Spark your imagination by revisiting some form of art this year, and you might just find the same childlike wonder you experienced on Christmas morning is still alive inside of you.

Sagittarius people really come alive during this time and can find even more luck as the Sun transits their sign. Be sure to read your Sagittarius horoscope to catch the daily boosts of cosmic consciousness available to you. If you’re not a Sagittarius, consider sending your Sagittarius friends their Sagittarius daily horoscope to inspire them as you wish them a happy birthday and celebrate their presence in your life. We want to wish a happy birthday to all our Sagittarius readers and a happy holiday season to all.

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