Living the High-Vibe Life: Why You Need Selenite Crystals

Posted on January 18, 2019
Updated on October 18, 2020

Selenite is a translucent or clear flaky-looking crystal that has very powerful, high-vibe healing properties.

Not only is selenite one of the best crystals for chakra healing, but it also has an effect on your body that is well known to scientists, called negative ionization (don’t worry - we’ll explain that later). This wonder crystal is even used in offices on fax machines, copiers, and computers to help them stay running smoothly, believe it or not. Prepare to learn about the magic of the selenite crystal, a power-packed gift from nature. Selenite is found in many places so the supply is much higher, making it inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

Today, let’s take a look at how selenite boosts your emotional state and your energy field. Then, we will discuss some of the health benefits of keeping selenite crystals in your home or on your person during the daytime and nighttime (it helps reduce nightmares and improves sleep quality).

Keeping selenite crystals ensures your energy’s vibration stays high and healthy. Your energy emits a frequency that attracts the same frequencies in the Universe. It’s easy to observe that positive people attract positivity and negative people attract more negativity. Selenite crystals will allow you to use the Law of Attraction in your favour.

Using crystals as energy healing tools will get you that high-vibe life, my fellow crystal-curious comrades. Let’s find out how!

Emotional Benefits of Selenite Crystals

Firstly, selenite cleanses the energy field and helps clear blockages from all 7 of the chakras in the body. It also helps in your spiritual development because it’s high vibration activates your upper chakras, which allow you to connect with your intuition and your spiritual guides. Selenite crystals raise your vibration by clearing any harmful or negative energy that has built up. With your chakras balanced, clean, high-vibe energy can flow between each chakra with greater ease, levelling out and then raising your emotional state.

Use selenite crystals by keeping them on your person to clear your aura and ward off incoming negative energies. Holding a selenite crystal in meditation will improve your focus, bring your chakras into balance, and allow you to sink deeper into the meditation. Try keeping selenite crystals under your pillow at night so that subconscious fears do not create anxiety in your mind as you sleep at night. Selenite helps you wake up in a good mood and fall into deeper, more restorative sleep faster. It provides peace, reduces anxiety and opens you to spiritual guidance from your soul. As a protective crystal, selenite guards against harmful, low-vibe in your environment. If you live or work with people who regularly stress you out, you’d be smart to keep some pretty selenite crystals around so they can protect you and lighten the atmosphere overall.

Health Benefits of Selenite Crystals

Selenite helps to remove energy blocks in the chakras that can cause inflammation and chronic pain. It helps restore the health of your immune system and revives your energy by producing negative ions that balance the ions in your energy field. If you have too many positive ions, which are typically produced by electronics and technology, you often feel depressed. This, in turn, suppresses the immune system and drains your energy.

Selenite crystals produce a high amount of negative ions. You have probably felt the effects of negative ions in the shower or at the ocean because moving water also generates negative ions. You instantly feel calmer! To learn more about negative ionization, check out this HuffPost article, How Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes.

Because Selenite helps purify the vibrations in the air, you feel less stress - and we’re all familiar with the strain on your health and well-being stress causes. If you’re particularly empathic (we’re looking at you, Water signs) you can counter the strain of other people’s stress on your own health by using selenite crystals as a barrier. Tapping into the frequency of someone else’s emotions is something that many people struggle with because it depletes their energy and lowers their overall health.

Concluding Thoughts…

One of the coolest things about selenite (as if we haven’t covered so many already) is it doesn’t have to be cleared. Lots of crystals hold energy and have to be soaked in salt water or put in the dirt under the Moon, but selenite just keeps on doing its high-vibe thing. It also helps to cleanse your other crystals if you’ve already started a crystal collection.

Selenite comes in many forms. There are lamps that create a nice ambiance for those who prefer not to burn candles. There are selenite candle holders, towers, wands, jewelry, and tons of different shapes and sizes to play with. Many people like to keep selenite on their windowsills and under/around their beds to keep the vibration in the room up at all times.

The best teacher in life is our experiences, so go selenite-wild and see the difference for yourself!

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