Looking for a New Book, Libra? Check Out These Must Reads

Posted on September 23, 2017
Updated on August 10, 2020

Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, is an Air sign of balance, beauty, justice and love. Warm and intelligent, you are enlivened when you are surrounded by beautiful pieces of art, mellifluous music and legendary literature. You love to start up a new conversation with anyone, and what better way to come up with chatty subject matter than to dive into some great books?

Here are 5 books perfect to pique your interest on a breezy, autumn evening.

1. The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

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Perhaps best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, Carrie Fisher was an actress, writer and humorist, as well as an adored and brilliant Libra herself. In her book, The Princess Diarist, Fisher is candid and honest about her life, recalling her experience on set as well as off and sharing excerpts from her personal journals. Poignant and eloquently written, this intimate account will provide insight into an unknown world of celebrity and stardom.

2. A Balance of Self: A New Approach to Self-Understanding, Lasting Happiness and Self-truth by Dr. Winfried Sedhoff

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As a Libra, you look to find the balance and harmony in all situations of your life. A Balance of Self provides a fresh perspective on how to achieve those things and acts as a guide to help you find your true, inner self. With tips on being your own best friend, owning your self-respect and valuing your self-worth, you won’t be disappointed in picking this enlightening guide. It’s a life-long journey to find your center and keep your life in balance, and we can use all the help we can get!

3. A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

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When we get bogged down in making adult decisions, sometimes all we need is a little reminder of the simplicity of our childhood, which is exactly what you get with A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein. Featuring twelve poems, both funny and philosophical, this original book includes kooky characters and elaborate illustrations, leaving you Libras with a sense of light-heartedness and satisfaction.

4. The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by William Goldman

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A classic tale of passion and risk, The Princess Bride is perhaps most well known as a funny, family friendly film from the 1980s. The novel, presented as an abridged version of an ancient tale, is full of depth and mystery. A story within a story, both are inspiring and provide an experience unlike any other. Romance and adventure fill the pages in abundance, capturing the Libra need for a good love story and a exciting tale to bring up in conversation down the road.

5. The Birth of Venus: A Novel by Sarah Dunant

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For a riveting tale with a rich sense of history, read Sarah Dunant’s The Birth of Venus. Set in Florence, Italy during the fifteenth century, this novel follows the daughter of a successful cloth merchant who wants nothing more than the freedom to paint. An illustrious tale of art and love, this stimulating story will leave you wanting more. Your artistic and romantic nature will be intrigued by the story of someone determinedly following their own heart.

Libras understand the power of a good story - as well as a good storyteller! Only we have the power to change our own lives, but books can hold the key to get us started. Whether you read for pleasure, study, inspiration or a combination of all three, this list can get you started in the right direction! What are some of the books or stories that have inspired you?

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