Inking the Signs: Tattoo Inspiration for Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on July 17, 2019
Updated on December 03, 2020

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​There are few things more exciting or nerve-wracking than getting a tattoo, whether it’s your first or fifteenth. The energy that goes into conceptualizing a design, picking, and artists, and finalizing the piece is tied deeply to who we are as people. For many, the tattoos they share with the world are a tiny slice of their personality that tells their story without saying a word.

In honor of National Tattoo Day on July 17th, we’ve compiled a few ideas based on your zodiac signs to help guide your next inked adventure. After all, astrology influences all other facets of our lives- why not the beautiful art on our bodies?

Read on for the best tattoo trends, placements and meanings to get etched into your skin!

Best Tattoo for Aquarius - 90’s Ignorant Styling

Originally a post-ironic style influenced by street art, 90’s Ignorant tattoos are not as offensive as their name implies. They’re usually quite tongue in cheek, with a hidden message. This sly intellectualism is a trademark Aquarius trait, as this Air sign loves a statement or commentary that makes people think.

Best Tattoo for Pisces - Dainty Realism

Dainty realism is a trend that focuses on capturing the ethereal beauty of fragile things; think realistic tattoos of a dandelion puff or a butterfly’s wings. All this delicate but genuine imagery is perfect for Pisces. Soft and sweet, tattoos like these would be a great ink addition for this dreamy Water sign.

Best Tattoo for Aries - Longline Graphics

This style of tattoo is only for the confident; after all, there’s nothing timid about a continuous design that runs the length of your spine or leg. Their attention-grabbing nature is what makes them a great choice for Aries since this Fire sign is a bold trendsetter that never shies away from the spotlight.

Best Tattoo for Taurus - Vintage Illustrations

The trend of vintage illustration stems from the recent obsession with everything retro- let’s be clear, we’re not talking pinups. Think more like the drawings in a botanist’s notebook or a beloved childhood story. Taurus has a traditional approach to life, but they also have a refined sense of whimsy that fits this trend.

Best Tattoo for Gemini - Watercolor Edges

A watercolor tattoo is one that doesn’t use traditional black outlines and allows the design to have soft, indistinct edges. While Geminis aren’t necessarily known for being soft, they have broad, colorful personalities - like this style of art. The flexibility of the borders also appeals to this Air sign’s mercurial side.

Best Tattoo for Cancer - Memorialization

Cancers are emotional and nostalgic, so the only tattoos that matter to them are ones that memorialize what they love most- their people. Whether they get inked with their best friend or choose something that pays tribute to a beloved family member, tattoos for this Water sign should hold deep meaning.

Best Tattoo for Leo - Gold Lines

Gaining popularity, gold lines are bold, trendy, and rare- all of which makes them desirable to this Fire sign. Using special ink that is hyperpigmented to give a golden (not yellow) sheen will allow Leo to finally live their dreams of shining brighter than the sun. Just verify the ink is right before firing up the needle!

Best Tattoo for Virgo - Single Line Designs

This style best described as “elevated doodles” is gaining popularity among tattoo artists and fans alike, due to its clean and simple aesthetic- which makes it perfect for practical Virgo. Single line designs are usually simple and rely on the calibre of the artist’s precision, something that appeals to this Earth sign.

Best Tattoo for Libra - Pointillism

The duality of this tattoo style is sure to appeal to Libra’s balanced aesthetic. Pointillism is precise, yet delicate. It can look industrial while still being soft. Tattoos in this vein are complex yet the designs are usually very simple. All this adds up to the perfect tattoo for an Air sign that thrives on harmony.

Best Tattoo for Scorpio - Hidden Tattoos

The least likely of all the signs to want to explain their tattoos to a stranger, it’s best if Scorpio keeps their body art private. Whether this means choosing a sneaky location, like the arch of the foot, or using the fast-growing trend of white ink tattoos, Scorpio can keep their secrets while still rocking some ink.

Best Tattoo for Sagittarius - A Destination Tattoo

One of the most well-traveled and adventurous signs of the zodiac, this Fire sign should use their body art as a living passport! Getting a tattoo in a traditional local style while on vacation is very Sagittarius, and is a permanent reminder of the full life they’ve lived. Just be sure to check health ratings for shops.

Best Tattoo for Capricorn - Micro Tattoos

Another sign that might not want to share their tattoos with the world, Capricorns should lean towards the ever-growing trend of micro tattoos. These designs are often complex and intricate- but tiny, usually barely bigger than a coin. This allows this Earth sign to have something beautiful but just for themselves.

Concluding Thoughts…

If this article inspired you to start thinking about your next tattoo design, it might be time to book a session at your favorite local shop. Perhaps you can even ask people to guess your zodiac sign based on your finished artwork!

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