Love Astrology: How the Tarot Can Help Find Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Posted on November 15, 2014


Everyone has questions about their soul mate, or that person that they think is their “The One.” Even people that are currently with the person they think is their soul mate or twin flame have questions. Why? These are often the most painful relationships. The one blessing we know with certainty however is that with this pain comes the knowing that you have finally met this person. Now you know more than ever what people mean when they say, “Be careful what you wish for.” Even so, divination tools are a very useful tool that give human souls relationship advice to navigate the emotionally complex experience of soul mate or twin flame love. There are Tarot cards that bring exact and precise messages about soul mates and twin flame experiences.

The soul mate or twin flame experience is a beautiful experience, so beautiful you may actually even see white light when you are together. But those that have engaged with their twin soul know just how devastating the experience can be as well, as the inevitable separation feels like the blackest pain we’ve ever had to bear. And yes, separation is inevitable with every soul mate experience, it’s all part of each soul’s individual journey. So, the soul mate and twin flame relationships are definitely the most complicated we will face. And, in this day and age of awakening when so many of us are having the soul mate and twin flame experiences, the complications are becoming all the more common.

We have discussed repeatedly….there is The One out there for you. This is a fact. But there are others too. The difference between soul mates and twin flames is simple, but neither is more or less important in their placement in your life. Soul mates are the group of souls in your personal circle that were with you before you began your personal human journey through lifetimes of mortality.

Your twin flame is the one that split from your soul entity, while you and the souls in your personal circle made their way along their own individual journeys. This is why the twin flame union is often symbolized by the Infinity symbol. Each one is special to you. But with all of the experiences we are now experiencing in this age of Awakening, this makes understanding our own personal experiences with our soul mates and twin flames on this plane all the more complicated. This is why we all have questions about our soul mates, and our twin flames, even the people that are the experts on it!

One way to get those answers is from the Tarot. The Tarot is very useful for relationship advice. This is not to say you are to “use” the Tarot in your quest of working your soul mate back into your life. Rather it is to say that the Tarot is a useful tool to help provide comfort in the way of answers while you are undergoing your own journey of enlightenment. If you see any of these cards, or even better more than one of these cards, in your Tarot reading, then your relationship is likely a soul mate or twin flame relationship.

Will you take the fruit of temptation or will you choose the path of unconditional love?
Will you take the fruit of temptation or will you choose the path of unconditional love?

Lovers Card and the 6’s

The Lovers Card would be the most obvious card when it comes to Tarot cards pertaining to soul mates. Most decks depict this card as the card with the first soul mates ever, and show a scene related to the Garden of Eden. Yes the symbolism is what it is, there are definitely some hard choices being made when this card comes up. It could be between lovers, it could be between work and love, it could be between…anything. But love is definitely at least one of the choices. Will you take the fruit of temptation or will you choose the path of unconditional love?

With Lovers we also see a possible twin flame connection as Lovers relates to the zodiac sign of Gemini. Are you asking a question about a Gemini? This would be a very obvious answer from Universe that yes this person is a possible soul mate. As Gemini is symbolized by the twins, that could also indicate a twin flame union.

Union and bliss and yes love of course are themes of this card, but with this card comes a choice. 6’s in the Tarot are often considered soul mate cards, and The Lovers card is denoted by the number 6. If you see this card in connection with other 6’s in your readings, such as the nostalgic 6 of Cups or the victorious 6 of Wands, then you have even more validations pointing the way towards soul mate love.

The 6 of Cups in particular, especially paired with Lovers, has a strong soul mate connotation. The 6 of Cups is about nostalgia and often nostalgic love. I’ve seen this card represent a past lover, but it also represents an offering, apology, or even an invitation. If this card appears in the future in your Tarot reading, I would anticipate a reunion with your soul mate in this future realm.

The World

The World Card

The World Card represents a completed cycle. This is the last card in the Major Arcana, and represents a completed cycle for the individual asking the questions, the one we refer to as the querent. The world is your oyster. This card symbolizes two halves becoming one. This card has very strong implications of a twin flame union. This is exactly what twin flames are, literally one half of each other, and this is exactly what we see in this Tarot Card.

This card tells you that your soul mate experience is undergoing a completed cycle. This could be in the past, present, or future, and will always indicate to you that one phase is ending and a new one is beginning. The World Card almost always symbolizes exciting and refreshing new beginnings stemming from a completed cycle, as this card suggests that you are on top of the world, your world is becoming exactly what you want it to be and with who you want it to be. There may also be some physical traveling associated with this card. We also see symbols of all of the Fixed Signs, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius in this card. So if you are asking about a Fixed Sign, this is a very wonderful message for you.

Rarely is this card bad news. The World says, everything is coming full circle for you and your twin flame or soul mate, and it will be precisely the bliss you are hoping for. Of course, the cards around this one will give you more details on that, or point out where things may go wrong, but it is never a bad thing to see this card in a Tarot reading on soul mates.

Judgement Card

The symbols in the Judgement Card represent a Judgement Day that will soon be upon you. Depending on where this card falls in your spread it may be about you, or your partner or twin flame. This is a very karmic card, and the message is that the karma you have been sowing will soon be reaped. Some people find this a very ominous experience, but this is not always the case. As a member of the Major Arcana, Judgement certainly denotes a time of a major turning point, but it is a karmic turning point as well. Think of the angels singing “Hallelujah!” when you see this card as all things are coming to a turning point. If you have been in a rut or wondering, this is a good thing for you, and your twin flame, remember ALL information is power.

The two jugs pouring water often represent two souls merging love overflowing in an idyllic fantasy romance.
The two jugs pouring water often represent two souls merging love overflowing in an idyllic fantasy romance.

The Star Card

The Star card is a very powerful Major Arcana card to see in any Tarot reading, but especially those about love. There are no definitive soul mate symbols on this card but this is a highly sexual card that shows a scene where an angel is bending by the river and her cups of love are in beautiful harmony. This card brings with it the message that your twin flame, soul mate, or romantic partner literally pins their hopes and dreams on you. You are to them, a shining star and the ideal mate for them. This card may also mean that you feel this way about them, but this is the Tarot’s way of validating that you have just cause. The two jugs pouring water often represent two souls merging love overflowing in an idyllic fantasy romance.

The 8 stars around the Star represent all of the planets with the exception of Pluto and brings the message of the interconnectedness of everything in our fantastic Universe. There is also a Phoenix in the background that symbolizes the “rising from the ashes” that is so often felt in soul mate experiences. Twin flame and soul mate unions are very painful, and if a painful period is being experienced and this card appears, seeing this card is a blessing. With this comes the message that ultimate peace and harmony will soon prevail as you rise from the ashes of this latest complexity.

2\'s or the number shown as "II" are very important symbols from the Tarot when asking questions about twin flames.
2’s or the number shown as “II” are very important symbols from the Tarot when asking questions about twin flames.

The 2’s: 2 of Cups, High Priestess, Justice

The 2’s are very important in the Tarot, and although they won’t often be the only indicator of a soul mate relationship, they can certainly help to validate things. “2’s” or two “II” are very important symbols when asking questions about twin flames. If you see these numbers or symbols, either in a Tarot reading or otherwise, a lot, then your angels are trying to tell you your twin flame is near. 11:11 is another way of receiving this message from your angels and guides.

With the Tarot symbols, many believe the 2 of Cups would be the strongest 2 for twin flames, but Justice as a Major Arcana as well carries some potent energy and is symbolized by II, two “1’s” coming together. Justice sometimes represents marriage, but also harmony and balance and is a good sign in a soul mate or twin flame reading.

The 2 of cups is a card that shows two souls connecting on some level, a possible new partnership or date is in the cards when this shows up. It also is represented by “II”, as are the other 2’s like the High Priestess. The High Priestess energy of “II” is telling you there is more to the story than you are seeing right now and you need to use your intuition, acting is not recommended at this time.

The infinity symbol hovering over our angel in Strength reminds us that sometimes just having faith, and courage, and unconditional love is what is needed to make love work.
The infinity symbol hovering over our angel in Strength reminds us that sometimes just having faith, and courage, and unconditional love is what is needed to make love work.

Strength/The Magician: The Infinity Symbol

One sign that will come to you in some way or form when you are undergoing the twin flame experience will be the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents a never ending line that looks like an 8 lying down on its side. It is also called the lemniscate. In the Tarot it is referred to as the lemniscate. There are only two cards in the Tarot deck with the lemniscate, and those are the Strength card, also denoted by the number 8, and The Magician card, denoted by the number I in Tarot.

These cards are also very strong indicators of a soul mate or karmic experience and the infinity symbol is your clue here. If you receive these cards in a reading, the message is, infinite love is around you. It is within you, and must be used properly in order for all of your wishes to come true. The Magician tells you that you have all of the tools at your disposal to make your own wishes come true, wave your magic wand and do what you need to do to make it happen. Our angel in Strength reminds us that sometimes just having faith, and courage, and unconditional love is what is needed to make love work.

With great power, comes great responsibility….

It can not be stressed enough, the Tarot is not to be used as your tool or your method of finding a way to get your ex back, or to “trick” your boyfriend or girlfriend or long lost estranged husband to come back. This is a strategy that you will see will backfire on you sooner than later. The Tarot is about messages that are for you. Information for you. All that you see will be relevant to you and your own personal experiences and choices and yes, responsibilities in this situation. Remember that finding out you have a soul mate in your life is a blessing in itself. If things are tough right now where that is concerned, using divination tools to manipulate the situation in your favor will work against you, and only make your journey to your twin all the longer. Instead, use them as the relationship advice they are intended to be, the most honest relationship advice you will ever get.

How? If you use Tarot to identify why things are going tough right now, and really listen to the messages you are being given, then the Tarot can be a useful tool in providing comfort during times of pain and separation. The Infinity symbol, or the lemniscate, offers the promise of unconditional love. But, with that great promise comes great responsibilities. The only responsibilities you have any human control over are your own.

Now that you know how to find your soul mate by Christmas, you can use the Tarot to help point your placement on this journey. Where are you on your soul mate or twin flame journey? What are you doing with your Self to prepare for your next reunion with your twin flame?

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