Love Astrology: Jupiter & Venus in Sagittarius Means Luck in Love for All Zodiac Signs

Posted on January 09, 2019

When it comes to love, we can all use a little bit of extra luck, no? Everybody does, regardless of their current relationship status. Everybody does, regardless of “how perfect” their couplehood must seem. We all wish for it. Love questions are among our most common questions here, and we love to answer questions about love!

Today we have a very special surprise for you! We have some exciting transits in play right now that are going to help you weave some magical luck in your love life. Venus is in Sagittarius right now, and so is… drumroll please… lucky Jupiter! From January 7 to February 3, Venus will be in the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius. And, from November 8 of 2018 to December 2 of this year, lucky and optimistic Jupiter will be in Sagittarius as well.

Today we are going to talk about how to use this magic to find luck in love for all zodiac signs!

What Does Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius Mean for Love?

Let’s first talk about what Venus and Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius mean. Venus is the love planet and Venus magic works to attract opportunities for you. Venus wants you to love love! She likes to send little sprinkles of magic in love your way in the form of inspirations, romantic thoughts, or just happy little love events that make you grin from ear to ear.

Jupiter likes you grinning from ear to ear as well! No matter what you are doing! Jupiter is the luck planet, the god of all gods when it comes to planets because Jupiter is the biggest planet of them all. Jupiter is the father figure of the planetary system in a way. Jupiter’s luck helps you succeed in any area of your life. Where Jupiter hits in your Daily Horoscopes or natal chart, that is where you are going to see the most luck.

Jupiter is also very optimistic. When Jupiter energy is in play, you are sort of a little bouncy that day. You feel good, you are on cloud nine, and you feel on top of the world.

Then, we have Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter! Sagittarius is the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, making Sagittarians flexible and fiery all at the same time. Sagittarians love to travel because they know a new fun adventure is always right around the next bend – and they love not knowing what that is! Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is also a little on the lucky side.

It is so exciting for our love horoscopes when we have both the love planet and the lucky planet in fiery, lucky Sagittarius! What does this energy mean for you and your zodiac sign in love? Well, we are so glad you asked.

Love Horoscopes For Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Aries – 9th House of Big Picture Dreams

For you, Aries, your love matters while Venus and Jupiter are in Sagittarius will mean thinking about those Big Dreams. Sagittarius likes to look at the big picture in life in a very philosophical way. Travel is favoured under these transits. Little romantic trips with your honey, or even solo adventures to meet someone new could happen over the next year! It’s time to bring some spontaneous energy into love. When you do, love…happens. While Sagittarius thinks Big Picture, they don’t plan the details until they happen. Time for some surprises in love!

Taurus – 8th House of Saucy Transformations

You have Venus and Jupiter in your saucy eighth house of all things taboo, Taurus. Time for a total rebirth and regeneration in love! Your eighth house is very karmic, but it’s also the house where the infinity symbol resides. So it’s time for you to really think about this rebirth that you want and need in your life. This is a house of sharing, so dive into some secrets with a lover, or take something behind closed doors that you would never dare try any other time. It’s time for that rebirth and that total change in love! Do something different. The optimism and joy you are feeling from lucky Jupiter energy means luck for you!

Gemini – 7th House of Relationships

With Sagittarius being your opposite sign, Gemini, that means you may be at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to love under these transits. You could get lucky under Jupiter and Venus energy, but you may find that trying to force issues is going to work against you. Consider yourself at odds under this transit. Jupiter and Venus in this house could mean some magical luck in love for you, and optimism that feels too good to be true. But the danger here lies in taking this too far. While you are floating on cloud 9, be sure that you are rooted in planet Earth at the same time. Find that balance and you could be the luckiest sign of all in love under this transit.

Cancer – 6th House of Details That Matter

You have Venus and Jupiter in your sixth house of details, Cancer, which is normally your house of work. You may see more luck in work and daily matters over the next year or so. But at the same time, this is your house of details, routines, and schedules. Try mixing it up a little bit when it comes to love. Details matter now! It’s not about the big grand gestures for the next little while. It’s about tending to those little things that your honey will love. Wash the dishes for them, bring them breakfast in bed on Sunday, or just send little texts to your crush about things or memes that don’t cost you a thing. It’s all about the details in love, Cancer, and when you tend to those, you will find you get super lucky!

Leo – 5th House of True, Sweet Love

Of all of the zodiac signs, Leo, you will probably have the most success in love over the next year. Venus will be in your fifth house of true, sweet love until February, and Jupiter will be here until the next holiday season begins! This is your house of pleasures, and not necessarily your house of commitment. But you can grow something wonderful from the little pleasures in life that you seek over the next little while. Tickle those pleasure zones with your honey, and you will find that your optimism grows! You will feel naturally lucky and inspired to expand on those little things, and so will any partner you are pleasing at this time. That luck in love you are feeling is not in your head! Feed it, Leo. That is true love blossoming slowly, but surely. Venus will help to attract the opportunities over the next few weeks, and Jupiter will help you to expand on those over the next year. Do enjoy!

Virgo – 4th House of Home Sweet Home

You have both Venus and Jupiter in your fourth house of roots for a little while, Virgo, and this is also your house of family. It’s all going to be about the roots and the home base for you, Virgo. Home is where the heart is under this transit, literally. You will find love at home very special! You’re not going to be going out as much under this transit, but will find that your sweet Friday nights in are the best nights of the year. It’s all about nurturing that home base, and bringing that nurturing center into your love life. Cater to that nurturing gene, no matter what your relationship status is, and you will see that love multiply!

Libra – 3rd House of Pleasurable Communication

You have Venus and Jupiter in your third house of communication over the next little while, Libra. This is exciting for you as Venus is your ruler, and she will help you to attract some pleasurable experiences through the beginning of February. Put your feelings words to action, and you will attract some beautiful things in love! Let your fingers do the walking through saucy texts or emails, and love grows. Jupiter is in the same house through December of this year, and this means that any experiences that you have in the communication sector for the next little while will be very lucky indeed, and help you feed that optimistic and cloud 9 feeling. Love grows when you communicate, Libra! Time to reach out and touch someone.

Scorpio – 2nd House of Confidence

Money matters are expected to be very lucky for you this year, Scorpio, with Jupiter in your second house of money. Venus is here too now, until the beginning of February, and so you can expect some wonderful opportunities to come your way. But at the same time, this second house is your house of self-confidence and gifts and talents. When you are doing well financially, you feel good, and in control of your world, and you attract more money luck under these transits when you hang onto that optimism. But at the same time, you can feed this self-confidence and bring it into your love matters. Feel good, Scorpio, and don’t feel so down on yourself if things don’t go your way. Instead, lean on those around you for support, and you will find that confidence grow. You can’t love others until you love yourself first, and that’s an important lesson for you now. When you feel that, love multiplies and you will feel lucky in every area of your life indeed.

Sagittarius – 1st House of Your Shining Self

It’s a very lucky year for you, Sagittarius, with Jupiter in your first house of Self. You also have Venus here as well for a few weeks, and this means you are attracting some wonderful opportunities! It should feel super lucky in the air for you already, but you want to use this energy well in love. Both Venus and Jupiter in your house of Self mean that you should be feeling pretty darn good about who you are and your place in the world. You are also shining to the world, and the world sees you as one bouncy ball of magic. This is the time to transform your sense of Self. Thinking of dying your hair purple or doing something outrageous? Time to go for it, Jupiter and Venus are smiling on you. When you feed this confidence, you attract wonderful things that will ensure this love keeps growing, and growing. Time to take the lead and go for it, Sagittarius. Many new beginnings in love, regardless of your relationship status, await you when you do.

Capricorn – 12th House of Rebirth

You have Venus and Jupiter in your twelfth house of spirituality and endings, Capricorn, which is also a house of rebirth of some sort. Regardless of your relationship status, you are going to see some cycles ending and beginning over the next several months. They are going to be deeply emotional for you, and you know this time you are playing for keeps. This house holds heavy karmic energy, is a house of secrets, and is also one where compassion and unconditional love reside. Remember the themes of compassion and unconditional love, and you will find some epic transformational experiences in love over the next year. Compassion fuels this love and fuels the Law of Attraction, Capricorn. If you need help in love this year, feed into those random acts of kindness. Paying for that coffee behind you in line could lead to something epic! You just never know. You aren’t the most emotional zodiac sign, Capricorn, but this year, when you feed that unconditional love to all mankind, you will see some truly amazing experiences in love.

Aquarius – 11th House of Networking

You have Venus and Jupiter in your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Aquarius, so this is going to be an exciting and social year for you. Friendships and groups and networking are wonderful ways to improve your love life this year. You could even see a friendship blossom into something more, Aquarius! It’s time to feed the friendship circles this year, regardless of your relationship status. There you will find luck and optimism grow. Attached Aquarius should join groups or hobby clubs with their honey and you will find a new reason to love them more. Going out with friends more is also favoured this year, or even having them dine in. Dinner parties are a way to find and grow love this year, Aquarius! Single Aquarius needs to put yourself out there more, and you will find online dating very successful this year. Expect a lot of invitations this year, Aquarius, and this is not the year to say no if you want more luck in love.

Pisces – 10th House of Reputation

You have Venus and Jupiter in your tenth house of reputation, Pisces, and this is a big house for you. This is also your house of career destiny, so you may think that this year you find more luck in work. But why not use your work connections and experiences to expand on love? This is a good time for office romance, particularly through the beginning of February this year. But at the same time, you also have some potential to meet and date someone famous! Or at least someone with some public acclaim. Many eyes are on you and your accomplishments this year which is very exciting. But at the same time, you are being admired. It’s a great time to grow existing love or capture the attention of someone very special and new. Love and be loved this year, Pisces!

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