Love Astrology: Sagittarius Love Compatibility by the Zodiac Sign!

Posted on November 29, 2014

When looking to compare your sun sign to your partners, and gauge your compatibility, there are several things to consider. While your Sun sign is not an all encompassing way to look at your astrological approach to love and life, there are certain aspects of your personality that will shine through, regardless of various other aspects of your chart.

Today we are looking at the Sun sign of Sagittarius, and the little things that could show your potential compatibility with this fiery and optimistic partner. Sagittarius lovers are quite fun to be around, and to be with. Ruled by the wise and fortunate Jupiter, those who possess this sun sign have attributes that will both draw of you in, as well as some that can be a bit of a turn off. Of course, this all depends on your outlook on love and how you expect your relationship to go.

Sagittarius is represented by the sign of the Archer, known in legend to be a centaur. The only sign in the zodiac that is half man and half animal, this energetic and seductive sun sign possesses some qualities that are similar to that of the Gemini, in that there is a sense of duality here. If you look at the zodiac wheel, you see that someone who has a Gemini rising sign will very often have Sagittarius as the sign ruling over relationships, partnerships, and marriage.

These zodiac signs equally value they freedom, as well as their ability to escape any given situation at a moment’s notice, primarily love relationships that make them feel trapped. This is not to say that ether of these zodiac signs are incapable of making good partners, it simply shows one of the many synchronistic elements you will find once you begin to look at the topic of love astrology and how the signs all work together. Let’s have a look at love matches for Sagittarius by the zodiac sign!

Sagittarius and Aries

When you mix fire with fire, you can expect some pretty explosive results. Here you have the fiercely independent, yet inexperienced, sign of Aries, alongside the more philosophical Sagittarius Sun sign. Both of these signs have share the idealistic optimism that makes up much of their personalities. You can find a fiery lover in either of these signs, as well as a worthy opponent in any battle. While neither can typically manage to hold in their anger for very long, Sagittarian personalities tend to be more calculating in their responses than Aries.

Being ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, Aries tends to jump into an aggressive situation before really thinking it all the way through. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is not as quick to rush into battle, but will never stand down when they feel a battle is due. Although you may find this fiery couple to be quite combustible, they are also quite compatible. After they have burned the house down, you will more than likely see the smoke clear and find that these two will be standing in the ashes, smiling and laughing about whatever it was that caused the argument in the first place.

You can find a fiery lover in either Sagittarius or Aries, as well as a worthy opponent in any battle.
You can find a fiery lover in either Sagittarius or Aries, as well as a worthy opponent in any battle.

Sagittarius and Taurus

To the conservative Taurean, Sagittarius may not make the very best of a companion. Where Taurus values security, routine, and dependability, Sagittarius is more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of sign. Sagittarius doesn’t require the level of security that a Taurus does, due in part to the good fortune and luck that follows Sagittarians wherever they go, and partly due to the fact that this is a sign that was born to travel the world.

While Taurus will find their Sagittarian partner to be amusing, and laugh at their antics, when things get serious in life, love, or joint finances, Sagittarius just doesn’t take things seriously enough for the bull. The calculated planning of Taurus can become boring to the centaur, making this a less than awesome pairing when it comes to building a life together. While they will both have an affinity for money making, Taurus is much more likely to be the investor, while Sagittarius is more the gambler. Sagittarius cannot be, or rather will not be, pinned down to one place, which can become rather frustrating for the Taurean partner, as well as become a beginning point for suspicion and distrust. This could be a great couple for a fling, but in the long run Taurus needs someone a bit more stable, and Sagittarius needs someone a bit more daring.

Sagittarius and Gemini

When you mix fire with air, you get more flames. This makes the Gemini-Sagittarius combination one that can either fail miserably or come out ahead of all the rest. Neither of these signs likes to be tied down to one place or person, making this an understanding partnership, albeit a potentially negative one. Gemini and Sagittarius are polar opposites, showing different traits and habits, while still having the duality of their nature in common. Gemini is a communicator, ruled by Mercury, restless and eager for new and exciting experiences in life. Sagittarius is a philosopher, also a bit unsettled being in one place for too long. Each of these signs love intellectual conversation and can keep each other well entertained. The downside to this relationship dynamic is that these two don’t tend to stick with one another in the sense of forever.

This is a fantastic combination for awhile, fiery and passionate with all the mixings of a wonderful affair. They will travel together, seduce one another, both mentally and sexually, and enjoy experiencing a myriad of new and exciting things. However, once the initial excitement has worn off, there is not much holding this pair together. Neither is completely stable when it comes to relationships, but parting ways is very likely to be an amicable decision. They may even remain friends afterwards, and discuss the days when they were together while getting advice about their new love interests.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarius will be quite intrigued by the feminine and seductive nature of Cancer. However, the tight hold that Cancer tends to place on a lover or partner may quickly have Sagittarius running off into the night. Sagittarius, being the adventuresome and more cerebral sign of these two just cannot abide the need that Cancer has for someone who is tied to them, both emotionally and physically. The blunt and honest traits that Sagittarius possesses can be a huge turnoff for Cancer, who is often wounded by the things that Sagittarius both says and does. This is not an intentional harm done by the Sagittarius personality, but rather a casualty of this relationship. While there may be a great deal of attraction here, Cancer is often better off with someone who is more able to give them a sense of emotional fulfillment and dependability.

Sagittarius and Leo

Here you will find a coupling that can be quite successful. Leo understands the need that Sagittarius has to be free from restrictions and chains that tie them to one place, as they feel the same way. Leo loves to travel and experience life full force, which makes for the perfect partner to the Sagittarius personality. Both Fire Signs, this pair, as with Aries, makes for a combustible combination.

Freedom, passion, intellect and a desire to experience new things ties these two together in a partnership built on honesty and mutual attraction. Although Leo can be a bit jealous and possessive from time to time, Sagittarius can handle the needs of Leo, without causing too many ripples in the relationship. This is one coupling that would really be influenced quite a bit by the moon signs and other aspects of a person’s chart to determine the compatibility between the two Sun signs. If nothing else, this is a pair that can be the best of friends.

Both Fire Signs, Leo and Sagittarius make for a combustible combination.
Both Fire Signs, Leo and Sagittarius make for a combustible combination.

Sagittarius and Virgo

The natural tendency for Sagittarius to be a rambling man, the traveler, and gambler may be a turn off for the Virgo partner. Both are cerebral signs, so interesting and intellectual conversations are almost guaranteed, however, Virgo will want some sort of proof of the statements boldly made by Sagittarius. This is something that can cause division between the two, as Sagittarius just can’t understand the need for everything to be so concrete.

Virgo, being much more sensitive than Sagittarius, needs stability that could be a cause of worry for the centaur, who greatly values the freedom to roam. This is not a fantastic pairing, although Virgo will be intrigued by the way that Sagittarius happily goes about life, seemingly without a care in the world. This could even make the Virgo partner jealous, wishing that they could be more carefree and jolly, but deep down knowing that this partnership will likely only bring some level of emotional pain to their well-organized world.

Sagittarius and Libra

When you put together a Sagittarian and Libran personality in a relationship, you are likely to find a certain level of tolerance that makes it work. Libra is seductive and charming, catching the eye of Sagittarius and the feeling is often mutual. Understanding of the need for freedom that Sagittarius has, Libra doesn’t try to hold Sagittarius back. You may even find that the spell cast by Libra is enough to slow the need for a Sagittarius partner to roam, creating a home that is well balanced and positively nurturing for both of them.

Libra has an optimistic outlook on life and love that Sagittarius can appreciate. Ruled by Venus, Libra is a passionate lover who enjoys the finer things in life. Sagittarius is able to match this passion and ultimately charm the pants off of a Libra, simply by being themselves. Active and fun loving, this is a coupling that can be quite successful, each being able to give the other what they need without taking away from the things that they desire.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

When you mix a Scorpio with a Sagittarius personality, there are certain to be pangs of jealousy on the part of the Scorpio partner. The sometimes darker side of Scorpio, ruled by the Pluto, usually does not mix well with the optimistic and buoyant personality of Sagittarius. They are both passionate and can find themselves easily attracted to one another, however, as soon as Sagittarius feels the urge to wander off, Scorpio will quickly approach with questions.

Scorpio can be quite possessive, and when emotionally harmed is not very forgiving to their Sagittarius counterpart. Sagittarius simply doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, frustrating Scorpio to no end. This is one relationship that will rarely work, unless you have a very understanding Scorpio, fully aware of what they are getting into upon entering this relationship.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Some believe that the only perfect match for a Sagittarius personality is another who shares the same Sun sign. While this is a bit of an overstatement, it cannot be denied that these two can form a great relationship. Sharing the same need for freedom, a Sagittarian relationship will rarely be one full of jealousy or possessiveness, making each partner happy.

These two Fire Signs will find exploration of new things and passion in the bedroom, and won’t too much mind that their partner may have a roaming eye, as they share this trait. Now, some of this will depend on the moon signs of this pair, but generally speaking, two like-minded Archers have great potential for a positive pairing.

A Sagittarius and Aquarius match will feel like the archer\'s arrow landed in all the right places.
A Sagittarius and Aquarius match will feel like the archer’s arrow landed in all the right places.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

To Capricorn, Sagittarius can seem frivolous, and a bit too free-spirited to make a solid companion for a long term relationship. Capricorn is cautious in life, business, and love. Whereas Sagittarius doesn’t put nearly as much thought into their actions as a Capricorn would like.

Where Sagittarius is a humanitarian, freely sharing their love and affection with the world, Capricorn tends to hide their more emotional side, perplexing the Sagittarian partner. Unless there is a supreme combination of planetary aspects in their charts, this is not a pair that will typically make it.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Here you can find a perfect match within the Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship. Both of these Sun signs crave new experiences, change, and personal growth. Neither will attempt to tie the other down or place restrictive rules on their partner. Aquarius has the idealistic mindset that is greatly appreciated by their Sagittarian partner, as they have this in common. Humanitarian in nature, Aquarius and Sagittarius can each travel off in different directions, exploring the world at their own pace, then return to home base and exchange stories of their adventures without the jealousy that would be present with some other signs.

This makes for a great relationship, fulfilling for both sides. Although it may take some time for true emotional ties to form here, as long as each partner is happy with the relationship, things should go quite well for them. Resulting in a happy, optimistic, and cerebral union with plenty of passion to keep them together until the emotional bonds have been made.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Pisces partners have a need for intimacy and dependability in their relationship that they usually just can’t find in a Sagittarius personality. Needing freedom to explore, Sagittarius will make their Piscean partner feel uneasy and lacking in the intimacy that they need to thrive. There are some redeeming qualities to this union, after all, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter prior to the discovery of Neptune.

With a good level of understanding between these two, and some awesome planetary aspects in their charts, it is not impossible for this to be a successful partnership. Without these things, however, there is not likely to be too much hope for this to be a long term relationship.

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