Love Astrology When Mars Enters Taurus - Check-In for Your Relationship Status

Posted on February 14, 2019

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day yet? We have a major gift this year, as this Valentine’s Day is not just any old Valentine’s Day. This year we have love planet Mars entering Taurus on Valentine’s Day and this means our love games are switching gears big time on what many consider to be the most romantic day of the year. That’s super exciting! Today we are going to tell you how your love life will experience game-changing moves from Valentine’s Day… and beyond.

Time to undergo a true and authentic check-in on your relationship status and see what lies ahead. Let’s get to it!

Love Potential when Mars Enters Taurus

When it comes to what is happening in your relationship or your future relationship goals, Mars in Taurus can be defined by one motto. That is, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Some astrologers will tell you that lover warrior Mars doesn’t do well in the Fixed sign of the Earth sign Taurus because they are two completely opposite energy levels.

The one thing many astrologers forget to add is that they are both very success-driven, and usually very successful at getting what they want. They just go about it a completely different way.

That’s why I personally find Mars in Taurus exciting. You have a heaping pile of warrior fiery energy of Mars, combining with the slower and more commitment-oriented zodiac sign. All signs of the Universe are pointing you towards long-term love on Valentine’s Day this year, no matter what is going on in your love life right now.

We now have the warrior planet Mars who is all about drive, ambition, motivation, and passion, linking up with good ol’ reliable Taurus. Taurus who, by the way, is ruled by Mars’s lover Venus.

Things in love are about to get very, very sexy. Hot. Beautiful. Luxurious. Sensual. Mars and Venus are working together now, on Valentine’s Day. The love potential is there. And, the best part, you won’t need to worry about whether or not you have the ambition to pursue these big love goals you have.

Mars has your back there. You’re going to be so driven to do something wonderful in love this time around.

For those who think Mars in Taurus isn’t romantic, I refer you to the great poet Robert Frost who had Mars in Taurus and wrote such beauty as, “the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.”

Still think Mars in Taurus is boring? No. Mars in Taurus is a Robert Frost love poem. And now you want a piece of that for Valentine’s Day from February 14 until March 31. Six whole weeks and right through the opening of Spring!

Mars in Taurus is when Valentine’s Day turns into Spring Fever. Literally. Sexy, saucy, romantic, swooning over poetic themes until the buds of the tulips begin popping. How are you getting a piece of this pie?

Well, let’s get to those Mars in Taurus love horoscopes and find out just exactly that.

Mars in Taurus Love Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

Aries – Use Your Senses

With Mars leaving your sign and entering Taurus, your ruler Mars is now in your house of earned income, which is also your house of gifts and talents. This is often a money-driven house, but at the same time, is also a house where your self-confidence lies. By gifts and talents, we mean the things that you use your five senses to succeed. The things that make your soul sing. There may be a bit of an Ego issue in your relationship status right now, and you want to bring that cycle to an end. When you tap into the second house gifts, you make every love move about partnership. Two is your lucky number right now for that reason, use it wisely. Find your perfect pair partner and maybe use those 5 senses together in something like a pottery class. Remember Patrick Swayze in Ghost? Those are the kinds of sensual experiences that will help you in love with Mars in Taurus.

Taurus – New Cycles Breathe Relief

It’s your time to shine, baby! Lover Mars is in your sign who is ruled by Venus. You are in a very exciting time of your life right now, with Uranus sticking around in your sign for a few years. Mars in Taurus through the end of March for you will be very exciting in love too. You are going to see sparks flying and true commitment messages coming out in the most adorable ways. There’s a lot of new chapters happening right now in your life, so you need to make sure you are still putting your number one person as your number one in life. Sharing perspectives at the end of every day together is going to be very bonding under this transit. If you are single, it’s time for you to put yourself out there. Your sense of self and soul is really singing to the world right now.

Gemini – Every Ending Becomes a Beginning

Gemini, you have Mars in Taurus in your twelfth house of endings through March 31. Your relationships may experience a bit of a transition period right now, or a transformation of sorts. Twelfth house energy can be a bit emotional, and you will seek partners more aligned with your spiritual sense of self than maybe others have in the past. If you are wondering what to do about a certain relationship right now, you won’t be after this transit. During this transit, you are going to be reflecting and meditating in a lot of alone time on what you need and value in a partner. Your twelfth house angel will be on call to ensure that you receive the messages and signs you need to find the right path in love. Don’t be afraid to lean on that angel, and don’t be afraid for some alone time. Even if you are just telling a partner you want to read upstairs for a little while that night or something. Alone time is when you get the answers you need to remove whatever is toxic from your life for good and move on spiritually whole with a clean karmic plate. Every ending turns into a beautiful beginning now, sweetie.

Cancer – Friends in High Places

When Mars enters Taurus, Mars is entering your eleventh house of groups and friendships and networking. This is an exciting time for you then as you can expect your social networks to really mean something in your relationship in the coming weeks. If your current relationship needs a little boost, do something with your partner that is group-oriented, like line-dancing classes or something like that. Get your juices flowing together and it has a tendency to work in very mysteriously saucy ways. If you are single, you know what you need to do. Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to spread the word among your friends that you will take referrals for dates if they know anybody. Many a power couple was introduced through mutual friends. You’ve got friends in high places, or you could, if you put yourself out there. Tweak your online profile and just connect with people. This is also your house of big dreams, so big things can happen if you want them to. This house is also a little unconventional, so don’t be afraid to use weird means of putting yourself out there. Friends can turn into lovers now, and office politics or something not mainstream is also not out of the question for you right now.

Leo – Your Star is Really Rising Now

Mars in Taurus is an exciting time for you, Leo, because you could see some really big dreams come true. At the very least, you will want to be on cloud 9 as much as possible, and the potential is really there. Or at least cloud 10, with Mars in Taurus in your tenth house of career destiny and public image. Status is everything, but in a very committed and long-term way. This is the kind of partnership that lifts each other up and makes them feel like a superstar even if they aren’t. You want to feel like the center of someone’s world, and you will be admired and appreciated for your efforts in the coming weeks. This is true whether you are single or attached! Attached Leo can see love go to new heights. Single Leo could see a high profile office romance or even an interlude with someone of status or importance. It’s all about putting your best face forward now, Leo. Go for the stars!

Virgo – Plant the Seeds of Big Dreams

Mars in Taurus is working your ninth house of foreign visions, Virgo, and this is going to light a fire under some very big relationship dreams you have. If you are attached, you are going to want to look for more ways to expand your current place in the world with your lover. That could mean travelling more to connect on deeper levels and learn new things together, or it could just mean making more changes at home. Like a new home, relocation, or something of that sort. Learning and the Big Picture and expanding your current vision is what it is all about. Single Virgo could very well meet a new love while travelling, or even relocate themselves for a commitment. The world is your oyster in love right now, Virgo, and it’s time to set those big dreams free. Which ones will you be pursuing?

Libra – Your Rebirth Awaits

It’s time for a total transformation, Libra. You have Mars entering Taurus and your eighth house of all things saucy and taboo. You also are ruled by Venus so this is going to be a very sensual transit for you. Single Libras may find themselves going deeper into meaning with potential partners, and aren’t looking for anything superficial right now. What lies beneath is very important to you, Libra. You are in a rebirth period under this transit and your “new you” has very high standards. Keep them! Secrets between partners are powerful now and a form of foreplay in themselves under this transit for Libra. Attached Libras are going to undergo total transformations with their current partners as well. Sharing information and communicating on another level, but one that has some depth, is going to work magic on your current relationship. This is also a house of shared resources, so many single Libras may see shared finances begin in love, through moving in together or buying a house together. Attached Libras will also undergo a period where shared resources take relationships to new levels. It’s an exciting time to invest in your partner, literally.

Scorpio – Playing for Keeps

With Mars in Taurus you have seventh house of true love singing right now, Scorpio. This is going to be an intense ride for you in love, and it’s going to be wonderful. Simply put, you are playing for keeps and you aren’t afraid to put that vibe out there. Your always high standards just went up a notch as well, as you are not going to stop until you get what you want. Superficial love won’t cut it. Single Scorpios may become attached for this reason, as Mars is going to give you the drive you need to communicate this. Some single Scorpios are afraid, yes it’s true, to launch The Talk as well. Mars in your opposite sign is going to push you in exactly the right direction to change your single status to attached very soon. Scorpios in relationships are going to have wonderful times, on every level, under this transit. But with this comes the Mars warning, tempers that fly will fly high and you definitely do not want to be part of that. Stay in the happy place under this transit, Scorpio. Single or attached, do not use your inner Mars bulldozer to get what you want. You can get it without doing that. You catch more flies with honey right now, Scorpio, and you only want one.

Sagittarius – It’s the Little Things

Mars in Taurus is going to be working your sixth house of details and routines, Sagittarius. This means that the little things in life can become the big things in love. This is not the time for you to spend a fortune on big romantic gestures. Wash the dishes for someone when they are tucking in the kids. Pick up dinner so they don’t have to cook. Buy that cutie their favorite drink at the bar. Send a rose to someone special. It doesn’t need to be big and wild. Just letting someone know you are thinking about them and want their lives to be better does wonders in love, regardless of your relationship status. This is also your house of work, so office romances are very likely now. At the same time, you may find routines with a partner and schedules are feeling very driven. Just make the point of spending time with someone, or making the time to put yourself out there. Don’t let work interfere with your chance of happiness and love.

Capricorn – Love Multiplies Love’s Pleasures

Expect a lot of hot romance under this transit, Capricorn, regardless of your current relationship status. You may well have a number of suitors once Mars in Taurus wraps up at the end of March. When Mars enters Taurus your fifth house of love is activated, and this is also your house of pleasures and entertainment. This is an exciting love transit because it means you’re about to have a lot of fun! Bring out that inner child and make a point of taking your partner out on dates that just bring back that jolly town vibe for you. Just have fun. The same goes if you are single. Enjoy the process of dating and getting to know someone. Put yourself in a fun place, literally, where you are doing something you love. That brings out a little glow on your face that is unstoppably attractive. Get your Mars on. Just have fun. And do not - we repeat, do not - beg for commitments right now, from anyone. It is going to happen in this magical fifth house. But first, just enjoy and trust the process. Trust. Fun. We need to say this to you a few times, Capricorn.

Aquarius – Home is Where the Heart Is

Your domestic center is really being stoked with Mars in Taurus, Aquarius. That is because when Mars enters Taurus it enters your fourth house of roots and foundations, which is also your house of home. You are going to have a lot of home issues under this transit, but you will find them to be very productive. This is true whether you are single or attached. You may find that you just want to be a homebody more, and that could be where some of your best dates are. But at the same time, you may also have issues like real estate, relocating, or home renovations on your mind. Moving in with a partner is also very possible at this time. Your love life and your home life are about to intertwine, no matter where your relationship is right now. This is the real deal so just enjoy this and lay down some roots with someone special, and Mars has some fireworks in store for you.

Pisces – Reach Out & Touch Someone

Communication and feelings words will be your superpowers when Mars enters Taurus and your third house of communication, Pisces. This is exciting for you to have this secret power on Valentine’s Day and for another six weeks. Use messages and words that flatter, no matter what your relationship status is now. Put feelings into your statements and watch love multiply. Don’t use words to hurt, as Mars tempers can tend to do. Instead, feed your soul’s nature for unconditional love using the power of words and communication. Be clear in your intentions, through any situation, and learn how to communicate with your partners. If you become a skilled listener during Mars in Taurus, Pisces, you will have long-term love in your lap. Literally.

Concluding thoughts…

Consider this your relationship status check-in during Valentine’s week from all of us here at Astrology Answers. Remember that this transit is lengthy, even when Valentine’s Day is not. That gives you a number of weeks to truly make some game-changing moves in love, and see them really stick this time. Make sure you also have your Daily Love Horoscopes bookmarked so you know the play by play for your day by day when Mars enters Taurus and works some magic on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

What are your Valentine’s Day wishes? Share your stories on Facebook and let us know how you are succeeding in love, or how you hope to be this year.

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