Beneficial Thought: Love Horoscopes for Venus in Pisces - Attracting Soulmates for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Posted on February 08, 2018

If you’ve been looking for a boost in love, you can always count on Venus to assist you with all your love compatibility needs. When it comes to love astrology, planets Venus and Mars are the ones with all your astrology answers. Right now we are in the midst of a pretty romantic transit of Venus in Pisces, which is very exciting energy to launch the love month of February!

Venus is here to help you in love not just through Valentine’s Day, but beyond. From February 10, 2018 to March 6, 2018, you have this planet and this zodiac sign spreading all kinds of magical love around that you can use all year long. We’re going to show you how with your Venus in Pisces love horoscopes for all zodiac signs!

Venus in Pisces for Aries - The answers are within. No really.

Aries, you are being given a wonderful opportunity in love, and you will want to use all of your aggressive energy to use it well, this month and beyond. Aries love horoscopes show this is a wonderful period for you to lavish as much attention and sparkle on your sweetie as you can.

It’s an emotionally intense time as Venus in Pisces works your twelfth house of spirituality and endings. You really want to pay attention to your dreams, Aries, they are showing you the blueprints of your love reality. If you are on the cusp between singlehood and couplehood, make a bold move and you may even see a proposal during this period.

When Venus enters your sign in a couple of weeks, you will really be able to fight for those dreams and win.

Venus in Pisces for Taurus - Friendships at an all new level.

Have you been hurt, Taurus? Are you a little fixed on that? Let it go, darling. You can′t love until you let it love you first. Friendships are going to be very uplifting to you during this time, and you want to engage those for your romantic endeavors. Who knows, maybe a friendship will turn into something more?

With your ruler Venus in your eleventh house of friendships, you are attracting unconventional love experiences that blend with your desire to help the human race. Practice a random act of kindness to remind others that humanity doesn′t stink and watch a little love miracle come your way.

Venus is the planet that rules you, Taurus, and rules all of your desires for making things beautiful around you. You won′t need to spend a lot to send the message to your sweetie that they are the king or queen of your world and it will attract new ones if you are looking.

Venus in Pisces for Gemini - All eyes are on you.

In your world, Gemini, Venus in Pisces is working on your tenth house, and this means your love horoscopes show that work and public image will take precedence during this transit. Your mental powers will feel muddled under Venus in Pisces, because you are not too emotional.

Kick butt in the projects and objectives that you desire in the practical world, and the romantic miracles will follow. How your current relationship or marriage is going will consume a lot of thought for you. If you are unhappy in your couplehood, this period will shed light on the areas that need improvement.

If you are on the cusp of couplehood, this transit is going to leave you wanting to settle down. Make your intentions known, Gemini. You will also gain a lot in love in this period by just being honest about what you want, and communicating those needs effectively. Use feeling words, Gemini. When you do, you are appreciated by the ones who mean the most.

Venus in Pisces for Cancer – Go big or go home.

For you, Cancer, Venus in Pisces is ruling your ninth house of global visions. This means your love horoscopes under this transit show you are happiest when your domestic center is feeling fulfilled. Whether you are single or attached, this is the focus for you in this period. Be careful, Cancer, as a fellow water sign to Pisces, this transit feels LARGE.

Act on those big feelings. Thinking big attracts big rewards for you now as well, and we mean, physically big. The biggest. Look long into the future and have “that talk” with someone, or just do something completely out there. Plan a big dinner and invite your main squeeze if you are single, or cook a favorite meal for your honey.

Go big or go home in love under this transit, Cancer, for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Venus in Pisces for Leo – Let it all out.

Venus in Pisces is working your eighth house of secrets and sharing, Leo. If you launch the stages of being really open with someone right now, you create bonds that will last through the year, and beyond. Time to let it all out. Scary? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely. Recreate it with someone you care about, even if they are far away.

Intimacy, but not necessarily sex, will be a powerful tool for you in this transit. Be romantic and watch it come back to you tenfold! Has someone you love been feeling a little left out lately? It may be time to spread the word that they are the apple of your eye. Be creative in love this month, Leo, and it will pay off in spades.

It is moments like these that are what games like Truth or Dare were made for. Be open, and watch the magic happen.

Venus in Pisces for Virgo – It’s the real deal, don’t waste it.

Venus in Pisces is working your seventh house of love, sweet love, Virgo. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. For you, Virgo, love horoscopes under this transit show romance for you will be all about balance. Giving and taking will be key in love for you under this transit. What you want in love is for everyone to be happy, even if you sacrifice a few things.

This time around, make a wish and guess what, it could actually happen! Time to set the stage for a solid commitment, whether you are single or attached. Make a big move if you are single, or take your sweetie pie back to the good ol’ days in some romantic way. We know it feels too good to be true, that’s Pisces for you, but it’s not.

This is the real deal, Virgo. Don’t waste it. When you do this well before Valentine’s Day, the sparks will be flying long after. We promise.

Venus in Pisces for Libra – The little things matter.

A tough choice will be upon you, dear Libra, with Venus in Pisces, but this is not as tough as it looks. For you, it’s all about the little things when it comes to Venus in Pisces, which is working your sixth house of daily details, and the little things will be the big things in love right now. This means you don’t need to buy big presents.

When she leaves the dishes to run a bath for the little one, do them for her. This is romance for her right now. When he needs that cold cocktail after getting home from work, get it for him without waiting to be asked. Little things like this make romantic partners stop and take notice, and fall in love. This will last well beyond Valentine’s Day.

A naughty little gift for your sweetie as well will reap wonderful rewards. Whether you are single or attached, Venus wants you to stretch those boundaries during this period. When you do, Venus will help you make them last.

Venus in Pisces for Scorpio – Have fun. No really.

To some your ego is inflated, Scorpio, but you know best that your soul is served well that way. You are really going to have that ego boost over the next several weeks when it comes to love. Really, it’s about time.

When it comes to love under this transit, your love horoscopes show that the more confidence you have, the more likely you will create a legendary romance by the time this transit is through. Go for it! Venus in Pisces is working your fifth house of love for a few weeks, and many planets will soon follow. This launches a very saucy time for you.

To make these romantic moments last beyond Valentine’s Day, you need to step back and just enjoy the moment, whether you are single or attached. Just have fun. No really. This is not the time to be obsessed. This is the time to just…enjoy. If you can conquer this, Scorpio, you will be set for romance for the rest of the year.

Being breezy is darned attractive, and Venus has some surprises for you that will stand the test of time, if you let them.

Venus in Pisces for Sagittarius – Netflix and chill.

For you, Sagittarius, love is what makes the world go around, but you sometimes get your wires crossed when it comes to commitment. Keep that mentality. Spread love wherever you can to friends, family, and loved ones, and a very special Venus miracle is headed right in your direction.

Venus in Pisces is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, making home very important over this romantic period. It’s time for more nights in, and less nights out, and you will attract romance when you follow this mindset. Netflix and chill. If you are attached, try not to burn the midnight oil too much, and save some of that energy for your honey. Go home!

Single? Avoid competition, as this will backfire in love. Instead, just be real with your crush or dates, and let that fiery personality of yours shine.

Venus in Pisces for Capricorn – Use your feeling words.

Time for a break, Capricorn? Even if you don′t want one, take one. Do something fun and stress free that requires no organization or thought whatsoever. When you do, the easy breezy love vibes you need to loosen you up will be almost overwhelming for you. In a good way!

Venus is working your communication house Capricorn, and so love horoscopes show that when you use your words, you win in love. You aren’t so touchy-feely, but if you start breaking out of that comfort zone, you will find yourself quite happy with the results. Just say what you feel in love, whether single or attached. Come from a place of love, and watch love multiply.

Venus in Pisces for Aquarius – You do you.

For you, Aquarius, love horoscopes show that manifesting miracles from this transit will be about finding the comfortable things in life. Comfort food, comfort people, comfort blanket, whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy is where you should put your energy. Comfort and easiness breeds romance and open hearts. Follow yours and report back!

When you tap into your gifts and talents, you will see love get very romantic in a way that lasts for many months. For you, Aquarius, Venus is working your second house of gifts and talents. Be confident in who you are. Share your authentic self. Whether you are single or attached, your recipient will find that very, very, Venus sexy.

Don′t reinvent the wheel, Aquarius, use your out of the box imagination to create all of the magic that you want! You do you - embrace that and you will be batting them off like flies to honey.

Venus in Pisces for Pisces – Your time to shine!

This is your time to shine in love, baby, so if you need to make miracles happen then follow that happy little heart of yours! Venus is shining her sparkle all over you and you are in the driver′s seat of this one. Pisces love horoscopes show all you need for some epic love moments under this transit is some cleverly placed invitations. Just ask, and ye shall receive.

The romantic world is literally your oyster. Venus is working your first house right now, and it’s all about the big moves. Take the lead. This is your house of self and new beginnings. Whether you are single or attached, it’s time for you to make the first move. They aren’t going to knock at your door, yet.

Use some hidden talents to show them a new side of you, or take the initiative yourself to take love to an all new level. Don′t be afraid to put some fantasies on the table, Pisces, Venus is telling you this is your time to shine. Do enjoy!

Concluding thoughts….

When it comes to Venus in Pisces transit, love is literally where it is at. Do not bring thinking into this. This is a feeling transit through love astrology, not a rational one. Venus in Pisces love horoscopes for all zodiac signs will give you the nudge you need to feel your way through it, and all the Astrology Answers you need to manifest miracles in your romantic affairs.

You know what point you are starting from, now you just need to figure out where you are going, and how you will get there. What is your romantic action plan under Venus in Pisces? We want to hear every delicious detail.

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