Are You With Your Soulmate? Check Your Love Compatibility

Posted on June 01, 2016

There’s no right way to be in a compatible relationship, they say. The absolute rules of human attraction simply don’t exist — we’re just too particular. Do opposites attract? Yes — but not always. Do people with similar interests have more in common than, say, an avid painter and a tech junkie? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Still, when we see the happy couples all around us (especially on a beautiful summer day), it’s difficult to avoid the feeling that there must be a “trick” to finding a compatible partner in love.

Twin Flames (and Twin Souls)

In astrology, we call them twin flames (or twin souls). They’re the yang to your yin - the PB to your J. Your soulmate. Everyone has just one, as they’re literally considered the other half of your soul. Beyond zodiac signs and astrological transits, here are some questions to help you determine if you’re with your twin flame, or if you should be keeping your relationship options open.

Do You Have a Romantic Connection?

Your basic attraction is the first clue. The heat you share is the first sign that you’re pointed in the direction of your soulmate. Naturally, this eliminates that “friend zone” relationship you’ve been keeping on the back burner. They may be a soul connection, but not likely a true soulmate. True love compatibility comes with a level of karmic, tantric, and unique passion. If you ever have to ask yourself, “is it hot enough?” It’s not.

Do You Have a Subconscious Connection?

Soulmates and twin flames have very similar unconscious minds. They share emotions and reactions, which makes each partner much more empathetic to the other’s situation. So when you’re having a heated argument with your partner, you instinctively feel their pain. Sounds like a heavy burden, right? But it applies to all emotions, not just negative ones. So, you share rejoice, happiness, pride, and sense of achievement as well. If you literally find yourself feeling your partner’s emotions and can visualize what they’re experiencing, you’re on the right path. Just remember that the path goes both ways.

Do You Experience Synchronicity?

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences — thanks, Carl Jung. Basically, they’re circumstantial events that are related. In the world of music, an artist on one side of the world may be working on a song that’s completely unrelated yet eerily similar to that of an artist in another part of the world. Synchronicity like this happens every day, but if you experience it regularly with your partner, twin flame magic may be at play.

Do They Show Up in Your Dreams?

Dreams can be a gateway into your deeper soul. If the same person begins appearing in your dreams, keep your eyes open. Dreams are a very common pathway of communication for twin flames and soulmates.

Do You Frequently Break up or Distance Yourself?

Yep, even this; Twin flames and compatible love connections often test each other’s devotion. The key is to break the pattern. Commit to cleaning up the residual mess that’s associated with the ugly parts of the relationship, and the breakups become less frequent. Many people miss out on long-term twin flame connections because they misinterpret the rocky phases of their twin flame relationship for a lack of compatibility.

This goes hand-in-hand with what psychics and astrologers call the push-pull of a twin flame relationship. One minute you’re at each other’s throats, and the next you’re having the most intense makeup sex imaginable. You’re condemning their inconsiderate behavior in one moment, and missing them the next.

Do You Experience Situational Awareness?

This is the military term for you physically feeling your soulmate even when they’re not around, and it stems from a shared subconscious. Often times you’ll get a message shortly after experiencing situational awareness, and we won’t lie — it can be an alerting experience. The silver lining is that you know exactly when your twin flame is missing you, too.

A Journey for Two

Twin flames often experience the same lessons, learnings, and issues in life. You may learn them together; you may learn them apart. And this is where some of the frustration comes into play since the similarities you share aren’t always tied to the same timeline. The goal, when you think you have a compatible love connection with your twin flame, is to experience the journey, becoming more in sync as you travel together.

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