Love Horoscopes to Help You Dial up the Passion During Venus in Scorpio

Posted on November 08, 2017
Updated on November 06, 2020

It’s time again to celebrate Venus, and this time around love planet Venus is visiting mysteriously intense Scorpio. You have to know that when Venus is in Scorpio, love is going to get dialed up large and you need to know how to do this right. Scorpio is infamously very, very good, but when Scorpio isn’t, it can be a l’il bit ugly.

Today we are going to look at this intense Venus transit from another side, through the lens of your individual zodiac sign. If you want your love and relationships to be very, very good the Scorpio way, use these love horoscopes to find out exactly how to enhance and uplift your relationships during this deliciously intense time.

What is Venus in Scorpio?

Venus will be in the fixed sign of the water signs Scorpio for just over three weeks, from November 7 to December 1, 2017. Don’t fret, because just a few days after that Mars will arrive on the scene in Scorpio to keep those love embers burning. Scorpio is about going to the depths of your soul to find answers.

Venus is about that charming, beautiful side of you that you show in relationships, to attract the most sensual love, so when Venus is in Scorpio, watch out! Venus is the goddess of love, and thus it stands to reason that this planet is the one that resonates with your passions, and what you hold dear.

It indicates how you interact with others, and reflects your artistic interests. Venus loves to indulge; good food, fine art, great company. As Venus transits through Scorpio, you′re likely to find your attractions to the good things in life intensifying.

Scorpio doesn′t know how to do things by halves; it′s all or nothing. Scorpio′s symbol is the scorpion, and it′s not the most benevolent of creatures! In the body, Scorpio is the sign that rules the genitalia, so it′s little wonder that this sign is presumed to be the ‘sex sign′ of the zodiac.

It′s true that Scorpio will bring a dynamic vibration to all of the planets that transit through it, and Venus is no exception to that. What YOU want to know is how all of this wonderfully sensual energy is going to play out in your relationships. Well let’s get to it with these vamped up Venus in Scorpio love horoscopes.

We’re going to break them down by the classical elements fire, water, earth, and air.

Fire Signs Will Feel Some Heat

  • Aries: As the cardinal fire sign, you′re likely to experience this transit with absolute passion—in every sense of the word. With Venus in Scorpio working your eighth house of intimacy, you’ll find that being more open in love will create major romantic breakthroughs, regardless of your relationship status.
  • Leo: Venus in Scorpio is working your fourth house of roots, and you will find more intimacy and depth in relationships when you focus on your home life with the obsessive mind of the fixed sign that you are. You want your people to see who you are and understand what you′re doing. You’ll have to show them, Leo. They won’t come to you.
  • Sagittarius: Jovial and good-natured, even you may feel bristly during this transit. All of this intense energy stuff? It′s just a bit too deep and too real for you. Venus in Scorpio works your twelfth house of endings and yes, it’s intense. Listen to that guardian angel and your intuition and love will reap some serious miracles, Sag.

Still Waters Run Deep for Water Signs

  • Cancer: This is going to be a fun transit for you Cancer, with Venus in Scorpio working your fifth house of fun. The key for you then is to really and truly just have fun, regardless of your relationship status. Serious love is on its way. This time around, the universe and Venus just want you to just enjoy the moment.
  • Scorpio: Passion, excitement, intrigue, this is what Venus in Scorpio in your first house may bring to you. You are attracting many love opportunities now, but it’s all or nothing for you. As usual. It′s a time when relationships could get very real very quickly, and you could find out what secrets others have been trying to hide. Leave the stinger at home.
  • Pisces: As the mutable water sign, your task is to think big under this transit, and be open to every possibility in love. Venus in Scorpio works your ninth house of big picture dreams and the sky really is the limit, no matter what your relationship status is right now. It would be easy for you to escape into fantasies at this time, seeing things as either better or worse than they really are. Remember to stay focused on what is actually there.

Earth Signs Will Enjoy Feeling Grounded in Love

  • Taurus: There′s likely to be strong attraction between you and someone else under Venus in Scorpio, regardless of your relationship status, Taurus. This is something that won′t just be superficial. Venus in Scorpio works your seventh house of big-time love, so prepare for a lot of suitors or princesses to come your way. This is the real thing!
  • Virgo: You′re likely to be feeling particularly vulnerable, and feel as though others are coming at you from all angles under Venus in Scorpio in your third house of communication. They′re not, really. It′s just the heightened emotional energy not meshing with your logical approach to things. Use feelings words in love, Virgo, not thinking words. Now that feels better doesn’t it?
  • Capricorn: Your social network is where you will find the most excitement and experience in love, Capricorn. Venus in Scorpio is working your eleventh house of groups and has some very attractive opportunities for you. During this transit you may find that taking the lead and opening yourself to others will be deeply enriching to your romantic affairs.

Air Signs Will Feel the Wind Beneath Their Wings

  • Gemini: You may find things too intense, and people too clingy, during this transit which goes against your mutable air sign grain, Gemini. All this depth of feeling does not make sense to your mercurial mind. Use that mind to pay attention to the little things in love with Venus in Scorpio in your sixth house of details. The little things will become the big things.
  • Libra: As the cardinal air sign, you like to take the lead, Libra. When your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio and works your second house of earned income, you will attract partners that enjoy your lead. So take the lead! You may also have to take the check at dinner, but your overtures will be well received.
  • Aquarius: You′re a natural social butterfly, Aquarius, with lots of acquaintances but few really close friends. Venus in Scorpio in your tenth house of career destiny is going to dial up your public status in love. You may also attract famous partners! This transit is going to give you an opportunity to get closer to your loved ones, and deepen your connections with them.

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