Beneficial Thought: You’re Saucy and You Know it With Venus In Aries

Posted on February 02, 2017
Updated on June 26, 2020

It’s February, and that means it’s love and relationships month! The love planet, Venus, will be entering Aries, a fire sign and the leader of their element. That means your relationship will be getting some serious action this month. It’s all happening a little bit earlier than usual.

Today, we are going to talk about how the Venus in Aries transit can help you shake that saucy tail of yours and really succeed in love. This month, With the love planet engaged, and the warrior planet ready to go, all is fair in love and war. You’re saucy, and you know it!

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Spring Fever is Early With Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries energy doesn’t usually happen for several more weeks in the calendar year. Although this year, the Universe has decided to bless us with it a little earlier than usual. That’s a fantastic thing for love month! The planet Venus enters the cardinal sign of Aries, and you should be feeling energized and ignited by this fire. It’s like spring fever comes early!

That spring fever is precisely what all zodiac signs are going to be feeling this month. You will feel like you are ready to take on your romantic affairs with a renewed gusto and fervor that you haven’t felt in a while, thank Aries for that. Mars is sending you the drive to act on your passions.

Venus, oh my! Venus is the one that helps you to attract exactly what that drive are urging you to do right now. Where Mars goes after what it wants, Venus attracts it. That’s why Venus in Aries is so exciting for love and relationships this month. You not only want what you want, but you can also attract it too! It will be true whether you are single or attached.

Another note about Aries. As much as we love it for being an initiator and a leader and the launcher of all things spring and romantic, Aries has a bit of a follow-through problem. Make sure that you follow through on all of your romantic intentions in February.

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter in Love

Most of the time, Venus works hard at attracting things to you. This is usually love, money, or beauty because these are the things that Venus rules. Although when Venus enters Aries, it begins to go after things and initiate a little more than it usually does.

Most of the time, the thrill of being the chased is what stokes Venus’s fire. When she’s in Aries, she becomes the hunter and the hunted. This is why the sparks of love are really going to fire up this month for all zodiac signs. When Venus is in Aries, the hunt becomes the turn on.

If you are feeling like you need to go out and do some hunting in love, that is the call of Venus in Aries. You definitely should go after whatever desire is burning in your heart right now. If you are normally shy, you shouldn’t be during this time. Use this energy to your advantage.

Under this transit, you are going to be feeling more independent, direct, dominant, more lively and more serious about getting what you want in love and relationships. You aren’t going to sit around and wait for love to happen to you anymore. You are going after it!

The hunt is going to be the most exciting part of romance right now, and this could definitely cause some relationship problems. It’s that energy people engage when they want to know they still have it, even if they are with someone already. Watch the flirting with strangers, especially in front of your partner.

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If you are feeling the ‘you’re saucy and you know it’ ‘vibe, and you should be, it’s Venus in Aries working its magic. You really are at your boldest and most attractive state right now. All of those sparks are lit up. Be sure you are handling your hunted ‘targets’ with the same love, care, kindness, and respect, as you would any other month of the year.

Don’t play with people’s emotions and start a fire you can’t put out! Under Venus in Aries, Mars is in on the action, that spark can turn into an unmanageable wildfire very quickly. Abide by the laws of karma in love and romance this month.

We’d love you to report back all of your saucy adventures. Well, maybe not all of them, but your successes we definitely want to hear about. How are you showing off your saucy side in love this month?

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