Love’s an Adventure With Venus in Sagittarius

Posted on November 02, 2019

​Venus just entered fiery Sagittarius on November 1 and stays in this adventurous sign until November 25. This is actually the second time this year that Venus is in Sagittarius! Lover Venus was also in Sagittarius from January 7 to February 3. And, both times, lucky Jupiter (who is also the natural ruling planet for Sagittarius), is with Venus in Sagittarius. That’s some super Sagittarius energy!

Venus and Jupiter are considered the most beneficial of the planets (called the benefics). These two planets like to keep things light and on the happy side. Earlier in the year, this led to some pleasant, lucky energy in love for all of the signs. Now, you get a second dose! Which is actually quite fitting considering Mercury is currently retrograde, and retrogrades are perfect opportunities for second chances.

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What Venus in Sagittarius Feels Like

If you were born with Venus in Sagittarius, you know that this placement is one that loves adventure in love. This is a placement that can be difficult to pin down as it’s always looking for fun times and doesn’t want to feel held back at all. Once Venus in Sagittarius meets someone they want to stick with, keeping things interesting, exciting, and adventurous becomes a constant focus to keep the relationship strong.

While Venus is touring Sagittarius, we can all feel this way to a degree. You love adventure, and love can be the greatest adventure!

Now that the second round has begun, you can focus on trying to take a second chance at a variety of things, including making love an adventure. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to go for a quick trip with your sweetie, or do something a little wild together like sky-diving or learning how to ride a motorcycle. This is not the time to keep things stale and boring. Shake it up a little bit!

If you’re single, you may actually have an easier time with your status. Sagittarius loves freedom and space, and you can use your freedom and space to do whatever you want without having someone to check in with. You may even meet someone while you’re having your own adventure.

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Venus in Sagittarius for the Zodiac Signs

During this second round, while you’re pushed by Mercury retrograde and armed with some of Jupiter’s luck (and maybe increase that luck some more with some lucky crystals), here are some ideas for different things you can take another chance with:


Focus on an old idea of yours that you thought was too big for you to pursue. Now you can focus on it and realize that maybe it wasn’t so unrealistic! You can open up new avenues and find a different path. This can help prevent you from getting too wrapped up in any serious matters.


Dear Taurus, focus on areas where intimacy can be improved in your relationships, and then spice things up by trying out new things with your loved ones. Doing something daring and fun together can help you grow closer, and help strengthen your connection again.


Reignite some fire in your relationships. Focus on the ones that have become a little stale, and pinpoint ways you can jazz it up. Try going on an adventure together and see how that improves your connection. Paying closer attention to them and to your relationship may also help.


Reignite the fire for the work you’re doing. This might mean making some changes with your work, pushing for something new, making some new demands, working with or for new people, and bringing some passion back. If you’re not loving it, find what you do love, as this may be a time to rediscover love and joy.


Focus on reconnecting to your heart. Make some time for the things you love to do and the people you love to be around, get back in touch with your inner child, and just let yourself have some fun (especially if it’s bold and daring). This can help you feel better emotionally as well, and keep you more centered.


Focus on strengthening your internal foundation. This may mean giving attention to something you need to work on or let go of, it may mean reconnecting with those who support you to make you feel nurtured, or it may mean letting yourself be bold in ways you haven’t before. Keep lines of communication open and flowing to help.


Give your ideas more of your attention. Think about the ones you’ve been passionate about but didn’t follow through with or didn’t have the time for, and focus on ways you can make it happen now. You can take a chance on yourself! Don’t let feelings of stuckness keep you from moving forward.


Focus on bringing stability and security to areas that have been a little chaotic and you’ve been struggling to calm down in the past. It should help if you’re grounded now, and take your time as you go along instead of rushing. Little things may pop up along the way, so don’t let that throw you off. Keep an eye on the big picture.


This is all about you, so you can focus on almost anything you want a second chance with. You can feel more excited and enthusiastic, and push for what you want. With the Mercury retrograde, just make sure you’re releasing enough to allow room for the new, and recharging yourself as needed.


Keep working on things behind the scenes for now, and work to take another shot at releasing something, letting go of something, or moving on from something. You’ve got big energy coming to end the year, and you want to go into it free from heavy baggage. If you’re questioning your dreams right now, just keep going.


You’ve probably been working on lots of different changes this year, so focus on one that didn’t work out or you haven’t had the chance to focus on yet. This can be the last shot of energy you have to make it happen and get started. You may need to alter your direction a little to get it moving.


Focus on taking another chance with one of your goals, and work on your plans for it. You can be practical with your approach yet also a little bold, and put yourself on the right path. You may want to give yourself a little bit of space while you’re working on it so you don’t feel too overwhelmed, and embrace some of the big ideas.

Parting Thoughts…

Whatever you take another chance with and whatever relationship you may focus on, make sure you do so with a lighter heart and an eye on opportunities for adventure. Jupiter leaves Sagittarius only 2 weeks after Venus does, so this is the last opportunity you’ll have to work with this energy.

Have fun on your own, have fun with loved ones, have fun with family and friends. Just try to have fun!

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