Luck by the Life Path Number: How to Channel Luck in 2016

Posted on December 17, 2015

It’s that time of the year! And while I am sure your mind is completely overloaded with holiday “stuff”, there’s a good chance you are already thinking of next year. And for good reason. It is literally only two weeks away. But don’t let that stress you. Erasing the uncertainty of the future is what we do here at Astrology Answers. And as you know, there are many tools in our toolbox that we pass on to you to help you to do just that.

Birth charts and forecasting and planning with a Tarot reading are all great tools. But those aren’t the only good luck tools you can use to channel luck and ensure you have an awesome 2016. Another very valuable tool when you are planning an experience that is chock full of numbers, like a new calendar year and new calendar dates, and an experience identified by “2016” which is a numerical experience, is, numerology. And there are some ways that numerology has a bit of an advantage when it comes to planning a new year, and channeling luck for that year. It’s not about what is going to happen to you next year. It is about how you are going to use what happens to you to your fullest advantage. And that’s where the power of numerology comes in. So if you want a lucky year, and we know you do, just use these tips of luck by the life path number. Here’s how to channel luck in 2016 no matter what your life path has in store for you.

How to calculate your life path number….

If you are new to numerology, you may not know how easy it is to figure out your life path, and your destiny, using numerology. It’s a very simple calculation called the life path number, and your birth date is used to figure it out. So convert your birth date to a numerical value, add them all up together, and add the final two digits together to get one single digit number. That is your life path number.

So let’s say your birthday is August 17, 1970. Convert that down to numbers like so: 8/17/1970. Now you are going to add them all up, and convert the final number into a single digit by also adding that up.

8 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6.

This birth date means this person is a life path 6! What is your life path number? Now you can use your life path number to find out how to channel luck in 2016. Here’s a luck channeling guide for each life path number.

2016 for Life Path Number 1: Just follow the Sun….

Leadership and finding new ways to lead is where luck is going to be your lady in 2016. That means any opportunity that you have to rise to the occasion, be a leader, start new things, and create opportunities for yourself is where you will find your luckiest moments. It’s a great year to begin working on your self confidence if this is an area of concern for you. But, being a life path 1, that is probably not much of a problem. The Sun is the ruling luminary for life path 1’s this year, so channel the Sun in any way that you can to create your success. This is true in both love and money! Tap into the colors of the Sun, orange, yellow, and brilliant hues that embody the Sun and you will harness the lucky power of life path 1 for 2016. Being ruled by the Sun, life path 1’s this year are also going to have the spirit totems of the Hawk and the Lion. Anywhere you see these symbols appear in your life this year, is where you can channel even more luck. So be a leader, use the Sun to guide you, and watch for hints from the Lion and the Hawk. Sun placement in your birth chart will also give you a hint as to how you can be even luckier this year. Just follow the Sun, life path 1, and have a glowing year!

2016 for Life Path 2: Luck by the light of the silvery Moon….

The Moon is the ruling planet or luminary for life path 2 this year. You will want to pay extra attention to our monthly features on the New Moons and the Full Moons this month, and every month all year long next year. Those will give you some extra clues on how to harness luck this year. The year of 2016 for the 2’s are to focus more on connecting and being receptive to offers of connecting. Partnerships in 2’s are going to be key for you this year. Additionally the color silver, the color of the Moon will be a hidden super power for you this year. Why not ask Santa for some silver bling? Or at least make a wish on your next Full Moon! Pick up some silver bling for yourself if Santa doesn’t come through for you. Wearing the color silver also helps. As well the Moon is a watery one, so water totems or any experience near or around water will help you to channel luck as well this year. Take a vacation to the seaside when you need to sort things out, and you will find the luck rolls in! Have a fantastic silvery Moon kind of 2016 life path 2!

2016 for Life Path 3: It’s all about your vision.

If you develop a grand vision for 2016 right now, life path 3, Uranus will lead the way. Uranus is the ruling planet for life path 3 this year, and that means the more unexpected, unconventional, and visionary influences that come your way this year, are the lucky ones. Look to where Uranus is in solar return chart this year and that will give you some clues on how to harness the unexpected in very lucky ways. Use your imagination and your ambition combined and you are literally unstoppable. Uranus is keen on the color purple, so when you use this in your daily life in 2016 you will find the magic literally opens up. Focus on joy, and it’s the little things like a smiley face, a happy emoji, and things that make people happy this year. When you do, luck will find you. Smiles and joy inducing totems will be your lucky charms this year. Be a visionary, step outside the box, and you will have a spectacular year life path 3!

2016 for Life Path 4: Break out of the rut.

As a life path 4, you likely have a reputation for being a bit predictable, and some may even say boring. You aren’t, you just have a steadier approach to life than most. You are very much like a life path 3 this year however with Uranus as your ruling planet. This will inspire you to break out of the rut a little bit. It’s time for the life path 4 to stop playing it so safe. When you do, you will find some pretty wild lucky streaks coming your way that are completely unexpected. You will likely find these most in group experiences, so network on the work scene, or socialize in clubs on the play scene. Your key to a very lucky year is to be a little bit rebellious for a change. You’ve been good all your life, life path 4, it’s time to shake things up a bit. And when you do, you will find luck has a very awesome way of finding you. The color purple is also a powerful one for you this year, and use this in as many ways and as many hues of purple that you can find.

2016 for Life Path 5: Communication is your super power.

Life path 5’s are generally pretty lucky to begin with. You aren’t the most responsible life path number but somehow that never seems to bother you. And that’s because you already have a bit of a lucky streak that gets you out of trouble more than it gets you in. So you are already a bit of a born risk taker. Mercury is ruling your 2016, life path 5, and this means communication is going to be your super power. If you work in the fields of communication already, that’s great. Focus on doing that more and you will find abundance just naturally finds you. But if you don’t, use communication more in your every day and you will find that lucky streaks happen in messages, letters, mail, anywhere that communication finds you. Travel of short journeys is also favored for you lucky 5! Let the world be your oyster when or if you are stuck, and the color blue is going to be a powerful one for you.

2016 for Life Path 6: Love is what it’s all about.

God bless the life path 6! You are the peacemakers of the world, always looking for harmony at any cost. In 2016, that mentality is going to pay off, BIG time. So just keep doing what you are doing and love no matter what. Venus is your ruling planet this year and so love is truly favoured for you! Expect all of your little love experiences, your love tokens, and the little things you do for the people that you love to come right back atcha. Pink is also your super power color, and even if you are on the manly side of life, pink will be a lucky win for you in more ways than one. You don’t have to wear it or embrace it if pink is not your thing, but when you include a little bit of pink love in your life every day, 2016 has some nice surprises in store for you. Be sensual, be loving, and watch 2016 reward you in ways you never dreamed possible. All of that love in your big ol’ heart is going to reap massive rewards for you. And stay tuned to our Venus features every month as they will have even more lucky tips for you. You also may want to find Venus on your chart to see where you can increase that luck this year. Keep doing what you are doing and have an awesome year this year, life path 6!

2016 for Life Path 7: Dream a little dream….

Life Path 7 is in for a naturally lucky year, as Jupiter the god of luck is in your house. For a whole year! Jupiter is joined by Neptune and so this will add an exciting air of the inner world to your luck this year. You will find lucky messages in your dreams, and you may even sharpen some of your psychic skills this year for some extra luck. Pay attention to our features on both Jupiter and Neptune for the year ahead to be sure that you capture as much of this lucky energy as you can. Water totems in pastel colors or colors of the ocean will be your lucky charms in 2016. Meditation, deep internal experiences, study of altered states, will give you some extra insight as to how to harness luck this year.

2016 for Life Path 8: Ambition gets you everywhere.

Life Path 8’s rarely need any advice from us when it comes to being a success. Life Path 8’s are naturally successful, or well on their way. Money just has a way of finding you! But it can be a bit lonely no? You want to have it all, but money in the bank is only one part of that. You can have it all this year, life path 8, by following the ambition of your heart. You generally use your head to succeed, because the heart seems frivolous and often a waste of time. You save that for birthdays and holidays. Don’t do that this year. Use your heart every day, and it will take you on ambitious strides in both work and play that will truly astound you. Saturn is your ruling planet and that means responsibility and how you meet them will turn on the luck. The colors navy and darker shades of red and indigo are perfect for you when it comes to channeling luck in all areas of your life. And, oddly, clocks are your lucky charm, you can thank your Saturn influence this year for that. Put timepieces everywhere around you and even carry them on you every day just to harness this luck. This is the year where having it all can and will happen, if you follow these lucky tips. Have a look at where Saturn is placed on your birth chart and that will give you some more clues on how to take your ambition all the way, in all areas of your life. Have an ambitious and having it all kind of 2016, life path 8!

2016 for Life Path 9: Ready, aim, and fire away.

Of all the life path numbers, life path 9 will be the naturally luckiest this year. And that is because it is a 9 year. Add all the numbers up in 2016 and you get a 9. So the number 9 is going to be your first lucky charm this year. Do things in multiples of 9’s, keep an eye out for clues with the number 9, and simply embrace the number 9 in all of its glory this year and luck will find you. Life path 9 is also ruled by Mars this year, and so you are feeling very ambitious, passionate, and have a lot of drive. It’s a ready, aim, and fire away kind of year for you life path 9 with all of this luck floating around. And being ruled by Mars this year, fire has a very special significance for you, and fire will be your lucky charm. Light a fire for a love, light a fire under you for work, and Mars will create some very lucky blessings for you in 2016. Keep an eye on our features for Mars related transits as they will hold some clues for you. The color red will ignite some powerful changes, and action oriented inspirations are the ones that will lead the way to your success in both love and work this year, life path 9. We want to wish you a lucky year, in a 9 year it is going to happen either way. Light a candle, and luck will find you.

2016 promises to be a very special year for all life path numbers. As always, it’s not just about the cards you are dealt, but how you play those cards. And these are the best tips you will ever get on how to play your cards just right in 2016, no matter what life path number you are. If you do, you can expect some lucky streaks to arrive! What is your life path number? How are you going to channel luck in 2016?

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