Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes: Action Plan by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on January 28, 2018

2018 eclipse season is upon us, friends! The first will arrive on January 31, 2018, with the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse. Part two arrives two weeks later, under the New Moon in Aquarius solar eclipse that will arrive on February 15, 2018.

Today we are going to examine your lunar eclipse horoscopes for the first swing of the eclipse bat coming on January 31 under the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse.

This launches the beginning of many endings for many earthlings. Will you start a new job? A new relationship or relocation? Will you relocate with a new relationship because of a new job? Multiple swings that embody beginnings and endings are happening to us all right now. If you are feeling pulled in 25 different directions, you aren′t alone.

January and February 2018 Eclipse Themes: Let it Go Under the Full Moon in Leo

• Who: This Full Moon in Leo and partial lunar eclipse occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo, with the Sun in Aquarius. Fixed signs Leo and Aquarius will feel this pinch the most, but so will other fixed signs Taurus, and Scorpio, and the fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. All zodiac signs are going to see some swings from this bat though.

• Where: The Full Moon partial lunar eclipse occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo. It pairs with the New Moon two weeks later and will have a very important relationship with the beginnings or seeds that were planted in your life earlier this month. Think back to two weeks ago and know the changes that happen now could last or impact your life for up to six months to come.

• What: We have a balance of energy between the Full Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Leo wants you to have fun. Aquarius wants you to find peace for all earthlings using intelligent processes. Tension abounds, but what is revealed to you under this transit could change your life, if you really want it to. Embrace the change.

• Why: The purpose of every lunar eclipse cycle is to show you what you need to let go in your life. Under a Full Moon eclipse, something will be eclipsed from your life so you can start anew two weeks later. You won’t have all of the information just yet, but give it time. Then, let it go, let it go, let it go.

Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs

Aries Horoscopes – Love in the fast lane.

The lunar eclipse hits your fifth house which means your primary partnerships will get a nice boost this month, Aries. This will probably be a good thing if you are playing your cards right. If you′ve been needing a relationship change, this is your cue from the universe to let go of that which does not serve and move forward.

Have fun, and don’t take things seriously, but, don’t play with hearts either. Be patient, accept every opportunity, and let love percolate as the universe commands.

Taurus Horoscopes – Home is where the change is.

You have the Full Moon in Leo in your fourth house of home and family, meaning the changes coming from this Full Moon lunar eclipse will be at home. You are already aware of what needs to be changed, and the lunar eclipse will just give you that little nudge. Yes, the progress you have been building for many months is about to transpire, just maybe not this week.

Slow down, as that is what you are best at anyway. The angels have your back on this one.

Gemini Horoscopes – Information and communication creates change.

Your change-maker moments under the first 2018 eclipse season will come with communication and information, as the Full Moon in Leo works your third house of communication and information. Karma counts this month. Your charming side works, but not as often as you think it does, as your true colors are shining brighter than you can imagine.

Be very careful about what you say under this transit, or you could find yourself playing with fire and feeling the karmic heat down the road. Your information portal is open. Use it wisely.

Cancer Horoscopes – Money matters matter.

You will see a closing of a chapter or a money matter come to fulfillment under the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse. This Full Moon is working your second house of earned income, and your house of gifts and talents. It’s a good time to not only close a money chapter and put it behind you for good, but also consider ways you can use your gifts and talents to make more money.

Information will come to you in time after this eclipse season that will reveal just how you can do that. You want to be paying attention!

Leo Horoscopes – The fresh start you’ve been waiting for.

This is really your time to shine, Leo! You are so ready to put something behind you for good, and move onto something fresh and exciting. The Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is working your first house of self. Time to celebrate you! Get a new look, start a new job, or just start a new routine.

Even changing your mindset and putting behind old and toxic issues that no longer work is useful now. This is also the best time of your year to cement a new relationship. Leo, stop thinking about it and start doing something about it! That is your call from the universe under this eclipse. Be the change-maker of your life right now.

Virgo Horoscopes – Endings and beginnings.

The Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is working your twelfth house of endings, Virgo. This means the power of change under this eclipse is even more intense for you than any other zodiac sign. You are going to be feeling like you want to retreat to the cave, and in this case, that’s not a terrible idea.

This energy available to you right now is all about putting behind you what isn’t working, and really making it dead to you. Go within for the answers here. Your twelfth house guardian angel is guiding you through this transit and ready to help you get exactly what you want in your life.

Libra Horoscopes – Your social sector undergoes radical change.

Something in your social life hasn’t been quite right for the past few weeks, Libra, and maybe even the past few months. The Full Moon in Leo eclipse working your eleventh house of social sectors is going to create a big change for you in this area. You are so ready to say goodbye to the toxic energy that has been plaguing you.

It’s not productive, and it’s halting you from your truest and most excellent potential. There is some news coming your way that has the potential to change everything, but it′s a good thing. Stay positive, and the universe has some exciting charms coming your way, Libra.

Scorpio Horoscopes – You’re ready for next level career stuff.

If you’ve been aching for a big change in your career, Scorpio, the time is now, but as a fixed sign you fear change as well. These eclipse times are all push and pull context moments for you. It’s time. It may be time to put something behind you that hasn’t been working for a long time. Change is tough for you, but you’ve got this.

The change ahead is amazing, at the next-level, making-you-famous kind of way, with the Full Moon in Leo eclipse working your career house. You may change jobs, or put one behind you that isn’t appreciating you and your unique gifts and talents. It’s time for your gifts to be celebrated, but you may need to make a big change first.

It’s okay, Scorpio, your guides have your back all the way. When it happens you will wonder what took you so long to get out of that job rut to begin with.

Sagittarius Horoscopes – The Big Picture becomes crystal clear.

The Full Moon in fellow fire sign Leo lunar eclipse is working your ninth house of big visions, Sagittarius. That means you are thinking of the Big Picture in a big way. Your mind may be wandering to the world at large, or you may be bringing an issue to a close that will help you fine tune your long-term goals.

It’s time to get laser focus on those big dreams. You may not know just how yet, as some information is eclipsed from the picture, but the key to the puzzle will arrive soon enough. Stay focused on your end game, and watch the magic happen on its own.

Capricorn Horoscopes – Game-changing karmic transformation.

The Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is working your eighth house of transformations, Capricorn. This is a very karmic house that holds powerful information leading to a lasting change, and that’s on an average day. On eclipse days under a Full Moon, the information is game-changing. You will find this information in due time.

While you’re waiting, your job as a cardinal sign is to finish up what is no longer working in your life and tie up those loose ends for good. Every move you make under this transit will have karmic potential. No pressure, Cap! You can handle it.

Aquarius Horoscopes – Relationship wake-up.

The Full Moon in Leo eclipse is working your seventh house of relationships, Aquarius. This signals a change in your relationship status. Don’t freak out! This is a good thing. The universe is going to help you nudge out what isn’t working, so that you can focus on what is, elevating your love affairs to an all new level.

You know what you need to do. You may need one more piece of information here. A woman friend can help you, but you’ve got this on your own as well. This is the wake-up call you needed, and will be very grateful for.

Pisces Horoscopes – Flawless attention to detail.

The Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is working your sixth house of details, Pisces. This is also your house of work, so you may be seeing a big work change under this Full Moon eclipse, or you may see a work or daily routine matter come to a close. Information could also arrive that changes everything in your daily routine or work situation.

The information that is on its way to you could also be health related, or related to a pet. A big change regarding a daily matter is occurring for you under this Full Moon, Pisces. Paying attention to detail in a flawless manner is the way to arrive on the other side feeling blessed and productive.

If you’ve been needing a work change, this is good energy for you to begin laying down the bricks of the change you want to make.

Did you get the Astrology Answers you needed from these Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse horoscopes? If not, how can we help? Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes for more information on how this eclipse will impact you and your zodiac sign. What are your Full Moon wishes this month?

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