Make Your Wishes Come True Under the New Moon in Aquarius

Posted on February 07, 2019

January is a month of catching up in so many ways, and by the time we feel normal after the holidays we are seeing the pink hearts and chocolate bows in store windows. February is a love month and a wonderful month for pair-bonds of all kinds, but it’s also a month where we want to get moving on our goals. This month, we have the exciting New Moon in Aquarius to help us try something a little different this year. Aquarius is the Fixed sign of the Air signs, and one of the boldest, most innovative thinkers of the zodiac.

Today we are talking about how to make your actual wishes actually come true under the New Moon in Aquarius.

New Moon in Aquarius Themes

Before we get into why this is such a powerful wish-coming true month, let’s talk about the various elements we have to work with.

That would be the New Moon themes combining with the wonderful themes of the Fixed sign of the Air signs, Aquarius. That means we have Fixed sign energy, New Moon energy, Air sign energy, and also wonderful Aquarius energy to work with.

As a Moon of new beginnings, the New Moon is a tiny sliver in the sky. That’s only the tiniest section of the Moon we will ever see all month. That’s why New Moons are powerful. That glow on the Moon fills up in time before it becomes a Full Moon, and that’s why New Moons are so exciting. They represent new chapters, new phases, new beginnings.

Now we have the Air sign Aquarius themes, which are also Fixed sign themes. Fixed signs are loyal, obsessed, and determined. Your friend for life. Mostly. Unless you are dead to them.

Air signs are thinkers, chatterers, communicators, and have some bold ideas. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that invents things, or comes up with these really out-there ideas that nobody has ever heard of but turn into things like iPhones or really big inventions.

As a Fixed sign, Aquarius is just very set in their ways about… well, everything.

With a New Moon in Aquarius, you have a chance to set some concrete goals and become obsessed in getting to them. You can plant some seeds now, like start building a website for a new business. Or, begin a sweet conversation if you are taking your love life to a new level, regardless of your relationship status.

The other kicker is to use those completely out-there, unconventional, alternative ways of being to connect with your designated targets of affection or work production. It’s outside of the box time with Aquarius.

This is good news because that means no dream is too big. Dream it. Start thinking about how you are going to build it, but become obsessed about it. As the ruler of the eleventh house of big dreams, Aquarius is saying, if you dream it, they will come.

Here’s your top 10 checklist to ensure you word your New Moon wishes for the New Moon in Aquarius just right.

New Moon in Aquarius – New Moon Wishes Checklist

1. Find something that makes you feel free.

Word your New Moon wishes about matters that will liberate you from something, whether that is a job, relationship, or even just a way of thinking. Being ruled by Uranus, Aquarius likes to shake things up sometimes and it’s generally through ways that empower and liberate you. Speak up if you are being wronged, in love or at work. Find the thing that makes you feel free. When you do that, you know you are in the New Moon wishes zone. Now wish for it and see what the Universe sends your way.

2. Heighten your awareness.

Aquarius is known to be a little out there sometimes and likes to make their shockwaves Uranus style, but they are like this because they have an expanded sense of awareness on life and their environment. Be more a thinker this month and keep your eye on the playing field at all times. Observe. Just watch, listen, and feel more than you talk. Just know what is going on, and don’t be afraid to go on a quest for information.

3. Engage in activities that increase your train of clarity.

To have this heightened awareness that Aquarius feels, you want to have a clear train of thought first. You may need to do more things like meditation to clear your head, or yoga to get your breathing relaxed so you can think clearly. When the New Moon is in Aquarius, there is a bit of a passageway between you and this level of thinking playing field. If you need more clarity on anything, take the time to do it. Clear that head and see it. Then the New Moon in Aquarius wishes will help you to get on the right track to get there. It’s all about planting that seed right now, and you need a clear head to see the clear direction this New Moon in Aquarius has for you.

4. Know and build your alliances.

Aquarius rules the eleventh house of astrology, which is the house of groups and friendships and social networks. At the same time, the eleventh house is a little bit about your big dreams as well. It’s time to find a new way of doing something, by using your networks. Know who your people are that will support this new way you’ve created. If you don’t know they are, begin building those alliances. Have your support team in play for whatever big out there idea you are pitching to. This could be in love or in work. Get your support people, your people you can lean on for anything, in play, and then go for those big dreams.

5. Stay above the fray.

You’re not the only one that is trying to pursue big goals right now, in love or in work. A sense of group competitive energy is in the air. So is drama. Stay above it. Do not engage. You have your people now. Your alliance. You’re not going to agree with every single thing you hear, no matter where you are in the world. When out there ideas come up, so do big emotions. But don’t get sucked into it. Stay above the fray. Do what Princess Diana would do. Politely smile, and get back into the car and drive away.

6. Be bold.

You know that idea you’ve had kicking around in the back of your mind a bit, and you’ve convinced yourself that’s just a little, well, too “extra” for this bunch right now. Forget about that. Just do it. The more “extra” or out there your idea is, the more inclined you are to get what you want under this energy. The more free you will feel. The more clear-headed you will be when you are just expressing that inner side of you that you don’t let the world see too much. Dye your hair purple. Cut your hair that has been 8 miles long for 10 years. Start standing up for yourself and your own personal sense of freedom. It does take a pinch of courage but you won’t look back once the rush of freedom hits. That’s what we mean when we say make those New Moon wishes count! There is some serious potential here for those big dreams of yours to come true. What are they?

7. Thoughts become things.

Because we still have an air of new beginnings under the New Moon, the Law of Attraction is even more powerful under thought-centered Moons like the New Moon in Aquarius. Remember that this is a very karmic time too. Channel your good karma points into making some big wishes come true. You’ll have a clear head now if you are wishing for it, and your meditation sessions where you turn thoughts into things can be incredibly empowering right now.

8. Work for the people.

Whether you need to be a team player at work, a team player at home, or a team player as a human in this world, do what you do for the people right now. Aquarius is very group conscious and friendship conscious, so definitely build your alliances. But also, establish the intent that what you are doing every single day under this transit is for the people. And make those New Moon wishes about fulfilling your work for the people. When you serve humanity with pure intent under this transit you do something very powerful for your karmic oats.

9. Say goodbye to toxic… anything.

Aquarius can be a bit of a snob, but that’s only because they refuse to surround themselves with anything or anyone that is not authentic. If you’ve met someone blunt, they are probably Aquarius (or Scorpio, sometimes), but Aquarius doesn’t have the emotional connection to their bluntness. They don’t want toxicity or fake in their life. At all. Use this time of new beginnings to purge a little bit. Get rid of the people that are emotionally dragging you down, and start a new ritual or resolution of being true to that. This is a liberating New Moon ritual in itself. You are chained emotionally by toxic people. Break those chains, baby.

10. Show gratitude.

This is part of being a team player. Join the world that is excited to support you, and thank them. Thank your co-workers more for stuff. Thank your boss for the opportunity to do… whatever. Thank your lovers and your friends for their love and their friendship. Find little unique ways to do that. This sends an authentic unconditional love vibe into the air, under a New Moon, that is very very good for the soul, and for your New Moon wishes. You have a wonderful life. Even if it doesn’t feel wonderful right now. You do. What’s wonderful? Find ways to show tokens of appreciation to those people during the New Moon phase.

Concluding Thoughts…

When you begin to make your New Moon wishes for the New Moon in Aquarius, think outside the box, channel your inner freedom shaker, and be beautiful. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana had their Moon in Aquarius in their birth charts, and they wanted to make their mark on the world in the most unique and beautiful ways. To do so, they had to find ways to liberate themselves from conventional norms. You may have to as well. But when you do, you will be liberated and feel freer than you have in years. You won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things. If you want to be free, be free, baby.

Be sure to stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes so you know how the themes of the New Moon in Aquarius will impact you specifically in your day by day. How do you want your New Moon wishes to liberate you under this New Moon in Aquarius?

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