Mars Enters Capricorn: Work For Your Passion

Posted on March 17, 2018
Updated on November 03, 2020

On March 17, Mars enters Capricorn and this is a very positive placement for the war planet. The key word here is ‘low key’ because the fire of our passion is tamed in this sign. You can expect yourself to take a measured approach to your goals under this influence because of the methodical approach of the Capricorn energy.

Things to watch out for would be being controlling of others in our desire to create order in our lives or achieve our goals. It’s time to take our goals into the physical world and get square with what we need in order to achieve them.

The theme ‘slow and steady wins the race’ comes to mind with Mars in Capricorn because we can make real progress instead of spinning our wheels because of lack of clarity. Expect the seeds you planted at the beginning of the year and the vision you’ve been holding to come clearly into sight so you know what needs to be done whether it’s about your budget or your use of time.

Each planetary movement will have a specific affect based not just on that one position of the planets but on the entire cosmic soup ingredients of that time so this article also helps us take a look at what the overall mood will be so you know what it is a ripe time to sow and what to soil to allow to replenish.

Get To Know Mars

Mars is the planet of our anger, our sex drive, our passion for our purpose and our animalistic side. It is a masculine yang energy that gets things done and it can have a temper. This is a planet known to be the planet of war but also of desire. It controls where or how aggressive we are and is the energy we use to take action.

However this energy becomes grounded in the earth sign of Capricorn and we can feel our energy soothed. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.

When our passion moves into Capricorn, we can make steady progress because Capricorns are business minded, practical and the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Instead of focusing on our relationships, pining over lost lovers or fantasies, we are focused on the real world and what we need in order to create stability long-term in our careers.

We have a Jupiter retrograde which is allowing us to see where we have been blocking our own success adding even more clarity to our plan.

The good news is, Mars is what we call ‘exhalted’ in Capricorn, meaning that we get the best expression of this planet’s energy in this sign. In layman’s terms this means that our passions are going to get the best possible results during this time! Our energy is constructive and put into accomplishing what we want with this influence.

In Tandem With Mercury Retrograde and Sun Moving Into Aries

Taking a look at the other major planetary aspects at this time, we can get a good idea of the energy available to us and what things will feel like. Mercury retrograde in Aries starts March 20, making communication slightly more difficult, so exercise patience.

However, this is a great time to look at our habits and see what routines are a waste of energy and what ways of thinking are not supporting our progress. The sun will also be in Aries making us feel like moving forward and starting things, especially because we have the building energy of the moon as we move from new toward full.

You may feel a push to move forward but the retrograde won’t let things move too quickly, so think about being thorough instead of quick.

Aries can make us feel impatient, so if things aren’t moving as fast as you feel like they should, take a deep breath and realize we are in Mercury retrograde until April 15 when things are likely to move forward and especially around the full moon in Scorpio April 30.


The full moon which happens to be a blue moon, occurs on March 31 while we are in retrograde. The moon will be in Libra, a sign of positive energy that allows us to partner well. Since our passions are pointed toward business, we will be finding common ground and especially finding solutions that are fair to everyone in order to make the best energy that builds success.

If you point your energy to the highest good at this time, you’ll coast on the high vibes and be able to see where you’ve been spinning your wheels. This is a time of practicality, clarity and putting our head down to remain consistent even though what we are working towards is quite revolutionary. All major changes require many small ones taken in faith.

Jupiter, the planet of money, is also retrograde which puts a bit of a regulator on the speed things moving forward. We can coast a bit, but also it lets us see where we are blocking ourselves from success and happiness in our own minds.

Overall, we will see how to work more efficiently, cut the excess tangents out and make steady progress towards our vision for humanity. Inside each of us is a revolutionary soul, waiting for us to answer the calling of our own destiny to heal the world.

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