What Mars in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Life

Posted on June 24, 2020
Updated on October 18, 2020

Brace for a surge in energy! In just a few days on June 28, Mars, the planet of energy and drive, moves into its home sign, Aries, where it will stay for the rest of 2020. Energy may have been slow and sluggish lately (the retrogrades sure didn’t help!), but that can change soon with Mars in Aries.

What does Mars in Aries mean?

Mars is the planet of energy and drive, showing what kind of energy we have and what drives us to take action. In your birth chart, Mars shows how you act, and what makes you want to.

Mars is desire and motivation and taking the initiative.

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In transit, Mars shows how and where energy is currently focused. As Mars travels through the zodiac, this changes with each sign Mars is touring (and each house in your natal chart Mars is traveling through).

Mars in Aries brings Mars home. Mars is the natural ruling planet for this Fire sign, and this can bring some degree of comfort with the energy. It’s a little bit easier to make use of, and we could really use it now!

While Mars is in Aries, you want to:

  • Be passionate
  • Follow your instincts
  • Take the initiative
  • Control your temper (don’t let it control you)
  • Remember others (don’t be too selfish)

Mars in Aries Increases Passion

Since Mars and Aries are all about action, this can stimulate desire in a big way, and passion can be plentiful. This can be great for taking the initiative in your love life, and you can work on channeling some of the excess energy that will be everywhere into love and passion. This can be a positive way to use it.

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Since there is so much extra energy and passion, channeling it productively is crucial to manage it, otherwise, you may have to deal with extra frustration, annoyance, irritability, and lots of fights. That’ll only make your relationships worse!

Mars is in Aries for a longer period than usual, since Mars will retrograde in Aries (September to mid-November). This can bring out even more frustration if healthy outlets aren’t being utilized, so plan now to make use of passion in a positive way to avoid the pitfalls.

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Mars in Aries Love Horoscopes

Read on to find out how Mars in Aries can impact your zodiac sign’s love life for the rest of the year:


Mars comes to your sign, Aries, and this means passion for you is strong during this transit. You may be the one taking the lead in love and can enjoy the chase, the fun, the thrill of it all. If in a relationship, make sure you’re planning lots of time for passion, while also keeping in mind you need to have a healthy flow of communication between you.

If single, you can put more energy into finding someone you share a physical connection with, so try not to ignore the importance of a mental and emotional one too.


Mars in Aries can bring your attention to old issues that have plagued relationships, Taurus, and give you the opportunity to make things right. How your own subconscious motivations have come into play can become more apparent to you. This can allow your passionate side to come out in love when it’s just you and your partner.

If single, you may want to work on releasing in order to find someone, otherwise the past may get in the way.


You can feel more experimental when Mars is in Aries, Gemini, and this can open you up to trying new things in your relationship. Experimentation can be a great way to spice things up and keep the passion going, so run with it. Just make sure your partner is also up for the experimentation.

If single, open up to meeting someone different, maybe radically different than what you’d normally go for, and see what happens.


You may need to work on making your relationship more of a priority while Mars is in Aries, Cancer, otherwise - it may fall by the wayside thanks to other responsibilities. Cultivate the passion with your partner and work to make it a goal, something you strive to achieve at all times, so you stick with it.

If single, meeting someone may need to be put on your list of goals during this period in order to get your full attention, and you can gravitate toward a more traditional style of courtship.


Adventure and fun can be brought into your relationship while Mars is in Aries, Leo, and you can enjoy having new experiences with your partner. Those new experiences can help increase the passion between you and fuel your desire for them even more. It can also keep you from feeling like you’re being stifled.

If single, you may prefer to keep things light, wanting something that doesn’t have too many strings and focus more on the passion instead.


Intimacy can surge while Mars is in Aries for you, Virgo, and you can focus on trying to improve intimacy with your partner. You may want to feel much more connected to them and strengthen the emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds you have. Just try not to get too intense, otherwise, they may feel like you’re suffocating them.

If single, you can be a lot more magnetic, and others can be drawn to your passion, but you likely won’t settle for anything less than something deep and lasting.


Mars in Aries lights up your relationship and commitment sector, Libra, so you can focus on strengthening the commitment you have with your partner, or even take it to the next level. You want to be clear about just how committed you are, but you also expect that in return, so if you don’t get it back, you may start questioning things. Try to take a step back and see both sides.

If single, your charm can ooze and bring new suitors to you, but you can keep it light until you find someone who takes commitment seriously.


The details don’t escape you while Mars is in Aries, Scorpio, and you can pay attention to every little thing in your relationship as a result. This may result in picking it apart at times, so try to avoid doing that. Enjoy it as it is, and show your partner you care in little ways each and every day instead.

If single, you may be shyer when it comes to taking initiative, so you may prefer to be pursued for now rather than do the pursuing.


Love is something you can embrace more fully while Mars is in Aries, Sagittarius, and you can be more open to giving and receiving love in your relationships. You want to show just how much you love your partner, and this can mean making some big, grand gestures of romance, wanting to sweep them off of their feet.

If single, you may want to be swept off of your feet, so you may fall for the big gestures yourself, though you may have plenty to choose from at times.


Emotional connection can matter most to you while Mars is in Aries, Capricorn, and when you feel fully emotionally understood, supported, and nurtured by your partner, you can move mountains for them during this time. Your passion can surge in a big way when you feel that emotional connection is solid and secure.

If single, you crave the emotional connection and can hold off on fully committing to anyone new until you’re certain they can be an emotional rock.


Mental stimulation can lead to a major increase in passion for you while Mars is in Aries, Aquarius, so late-night talks with your partner can lead to big passion. Keep the lines of communication open and flowing freely between you, and this can keep the passion burning bright during this period.

If single, you can hold off for a while on pursuing anything physical with someone until you come to the person who you find incredibly interesting and easy to talk with.


Passion may be more of a slow burn for you while Mars is in Aries, Pisces. Since Mars is leaving your sign and slows things down a little bit for you. You can take your time building up passion with your partner, but once you do, you can keep it going for a while. You can also be a lot more sensual, which can help with passion.

If single, you can slow things down on dating and not feel any big rush to find anyone, wanting to wait for someone who you feel an incredibly strong attraction to and that you can rely on.

Your Checklist for Mars in Aries

  • DO: Follow your passions.
  • DON’T: Follow your temper.
  • DO: Follow your instinct.
  • DON’T: Be your own worst enemy.
  • DO: Lead with love.
  • DON’T: Ignore your passions.
  • DO: Take the lead.
  • DON’T: Be defeated.

Mars in Aries can help get things moving forward again, but this only happens if we use the energy the right way. Don’t be all over the place, don’t be selfish, and don’t let tempers get in the way of connecting with others. Be passionate, with a focus!

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