Mars in Sagittarius Horoscopes To Manifest Karma

Posted on January 25, 2018
Updated on October 29, 2020

If you have been waiting for the time to act in a way that will improve your Law of Attraction quotient, and increase your karma, the time is now. The next two months of the year will be dedicated to an action-oriented transit that has a high karma quotient. That transit is Mars in Sagittarius.

Warrior Mars enters karmic Sagittarius, so it’s time to get your karma game on. Here are your Mars in Sagittarius horoscopes that will define how you can do exactly that.

What is Mars in Sagittarius?

Here we have the action-oriented warrior planet Mars entering freedom-loving, lucky and karmic Sagittarius. That’s exactly what this transit is about. Mars drives our passions, ambitions, drive, motivation, and is a fiery, aggressive planet.

Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter, the god of all gods who waves a magic wand of luck to anyone, bestowing good karma.

When Mars enters Sagittarius, this means you can get aggressive about your karma, in a kind and true intentions kind of way, and manifest good karma in return. Here are your personal rapid-fire horoscopes for each zodiac sign for when fiery Mars enters the mutable sign of the fire signs, Sagittarius.

Aries – Teach yourself to fish

Mars in Sagittarius will be working your ninth house of big visions and foreign affairs. Travel is favored, and this will reap good karma, but as the cardinal sign of the fire signs, so will taking charge in teaching yourself about the Big Picture, and your role in it. It’s time for you to have faith that good karma is coming to you.

Taurus – Baring souls

This transit is working your eighth house of transformations and karma, and with eight being the infinity symbol upside down, this transit will be even more karmic to you than many other zodiac signs. Resources and money you share with others, such as mortgages or investments, will be a big deal during this transit, but so will sharing your soul.

Time to be open and real, and the rewards will be epic.

Gemini – Relationship karma.

As the mutable sign of the air signs, you tend to be a little all over the place when it comes to relationships. This transit is working your seventh house of love, and so you need to start being real in relationships if you want the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. Make the steps to be true to others, Gemini, and you’ve got good things coming. Or you don’t. Your choice.

Cancer – Little things are big things

Mars in Sagittarius will be working your sixth house of health and wellness, which is also your house of day-to-day living. You are going to be very aggressive about getting your routines in order. Home will be like boot camp. You will love it. Others? Not so much. When you tend to these little details, good karma finds its way to you. You’ll have the energy, don’t worry.

Leo – Fun times ahead!

As the mutable sign of the fire signs, you love a good party. Well get ready for it, Leo. Mars in Sagittarius is working your fifth house of pleasures and hidden talents. Follow that creativity as it is sending you to wonderful and pleasure-filled places. Time to touch base with your squeeze and just have fun.

Virgo – Home is where the heart is

Mars in Sagittarius is impacting your fourth house of roots and foundations, Virgo. You are going to be very energetic on home and family matters, or matters related to your parents. This is the time where you will go nuts with spring cleaning two months ahead of schedule, or you will be decorating, or tending to parent matters.

When you do, the universe sings and you will find your karma rewards in due time.

Libra – Communication is your super power

Mars in Sagittarius is working your third house of communication, which is great for you the cardinal air sign, so any area where you will be communicating will see your star truly rise. Any area of your life that needs some wrinkles smoothed or knots untangled will see those things happen when you use your secret powers of persuasion.

You’ll have the gift of the gab, and can literally talk anybody into anything. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Scorpio – Show them the money, honey!

You are entering a very lucrative financial period if you play your cards right, Scorpio. Mars in Sagittarius is going to be a very money-oriented transit with Mars working your second house of earned income. If you have employees who haven’t seen a bump in a while, time to check in on their bottom line.

Yours will multiply when you do, and they’re not sticking around if you don’t. They’re probably already looking with Mars here. Know their worth. Likewise, it’s a good time to ask for a raise if it’s been a while, Scorpio. Know your worth. If someone isn’t paying you enough, someone else will. Mars will give you the energy to find it.

Sagittarius – Your time to shine, baby!

With Mars in your sign, it’s all about you and the face you put out to the world. Self-care is something you need to get really energized about right now and the glow of karma will find you when you do. Get that new haircut, fill up your calendar with spa days, and put you first in a clean, karmic way. When you do, you get what you want.

Just remember to do so with kindness, not a demanding style, or things will backfire.

Capricorn – Surrender

Life has been a little crazy with so many planets in your sign lately, Capricorn. Have you missed a break or two? Mars in Sagittarius is going to give you that down time. It’s not a bad thing. You will actually crave alone time. Take it. Mars in your twelfth house wants you to just cool it off and lay low. Time to go within, and surrender to this.

Your twelfth house angel is by your side when you do, and the answers you seek for how to manifest karma will be found then.

Aquarius – Social connections

Mars in Sagittarius is working your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Aquarius. This means that social connections will mean everything to you as the fixed sign of the air signs under this transit, but so will the world and humanity at large. Random acts of kindness are the way to win under this transit. Doing unto others launches a very powerful karmic boomerang.

Pisces – Prepare for fans

When Mars enters Sagittarius, Pisces, you are going to be in a period where your career takes new heights. You will be very driven to excel at work as this transit is working your tenth house of career. This is also your house of public image, so work hard, yes, but maintain your best behavior because your wish of having all eyes on you is coming true.

You want your new fans to see good things. This does not mean bragging about random acts of kindness, because then they aren’t random acts of kindness. This means remembering the little people on your way to the top, and not because you stepped on them to get there.

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