Mars in Sagittarius Through the Zodiac Signs

Posted on January 01, 2020
Updated on March 10, 2021

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Mars is the planet of energy and drive. In the natal chart, Mars shows what drives you to take action and how exactly you act. In transit, Mars brings energy and drive to whatever it’s touching in your natal chart.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, so this is a very active sign. It’s adventurous, always up for a good time, and willing to take a chance. It looks at the bright side and wants to pursue all opportunities for new experiences in life.

Combine the two, and you get a fiery planet in a fiery sign, amplifying energy and driving you to seek out ways to expand, explore, and experience. It’s a time for adventure, excitement, and an open mind.

Check to see if you have Sagittarius placements and your Mars sign by creating your birth chart!

If you were born with Mars in Sagittarius, you’re quick and sharp, though you may struggle at times with sticking to what you start. You’re open to adventure and need to keep both your mind and body busy. The Mars in Sagittarius man is honest, forthright, a traveler, a student, and a risk-taker. At the same time, the Mars in Sagittarius woman is bright, funny, independent, passionate, and looking for fun.

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Mars in Sagittarius Through the Zodiac Signs

So, what can you do with the adventurous energy of this Mars in Sagittarius transit? Read on:

Aries: Adventurous Expansion

It’s all about adventure for you, Aries! Mars in Sagittarius likely stimulates a strong desire to have new adventures, expand in new ways, and explore new places. You can be open to new opportunities, and these opportunities can help you not only now but for a long time to come.

Go travel, learn something new, go pursue big ideas, and maintain your optimistic outlook as you go along.

Taurus: Adventurous Transformation

Mars in Sagittarius tours a serious sector for you, Taurus, but this can be used more lightly by focusing on transforming some part of yourself or your life and approaching that transformation in an adventurous way. Transforming doesn’t always have to be so serious!

Share the adventures you have with others, and see the bright spots in the challenges you may encounter.

Gemini: Adventurous Relationships

You may feel you have more energy and drive in your relationships, and when you’re with others during this Mars in Sagittarius transit, Gemini. Use this to have some adventures with the people in your life or to have more fun in your relationships. You may desire a little more space, though, so try to find some time to be independent.

Bring a bright, happy attitude into your relationships and dealings with others, and bring partners on new ventures.

Cancer: Adventurous Work

Energy and drive can focus on your work life, Cancer, but you shouldn’t just focus on the little things that need to be done (granted, you can get a lot of them out of the way!). Try to bring some fun into your work life and daily life, and enjoy yourself. A little adventure in your work can do you some good!

You may find that a little fun in your daily life also helps you with your health and relieves some stress - a bonus!

Leo: Adventurous Love

Mars in Sagittarius tours your love sector, Leo, so you can become more energized to focus on what you love and the people you love. Try to get more time with your loved ones or doing the things you love most. It’s a great time for hobbies and creativity, and little adventures can inspire you.

You may want to take a chance in love if single; if you’re in a relationship, you can try to go on an adventure together.

Virgo: Adventurous at Home

Your energy and drive can focus on matters at home or with family during this Mars in Sagittarius transit, Virgo, so make things more fun at home and have a little mini-adventure. Do something exciting with family, and enjoy yourself.

You may find that the more adventure you have and the more you enjoy yourself, the better you feel emotionally and the more secure you can be. So go have a mini-adventure!

Libra: Adventurous Mind

This Mars in Sagittarius transit likely stimulates your mind, Libra, so you can come up with big ideas and big plans for adventures, expansion, and new experiences. Your attitude can be more optimistic than usual, and this can open you up to more opportunities to be bold and daring.

You may dream of adventures, fantasizing about them, but try not to let them settle at daydreams. Take action!

Scorpio: Adventurous Splurging

Your energy and drive can focus on your finances while Mars is in Sagittarius, Scorpio. You may want to make more money, and can do so in adventurous ways, or spend more money, and can spend on things that excite you. Just make sure you’re keeping track of where it’s all going!

You may want to find new ways to improve stability and security in your life, and you can strive to live more closely with your values, which makes you feel more confident in yourself.

Sagittarius: Adventurous Anything

With Mars in your sign, you can be up for any kind of adventure! Your energy levels can be high, Sagittarius, and you can feel driven to pursue new opportunities, a new project, go down a new path, or embark on a new journey. Make use of the excitement and energy to set yourself up long-term.

This is the last dose of energy you’ll get, and Mars won’t be in Sagittarius again for another 2 years, so don’t miss it!

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Capricorn: Adventurous Alone

Your energy and drive may be a little lower for this Mars in Sagittarius transit, Capricorn. Mars is readying to enter your sign in February, so you can take this time to put together plans and get things out of the way. You may want to work on them alone, without others getting in the way, and can feel more open to an adventure on your own.

You may feel more open to going on a spiritual adventure as well, and your soul can be a little lighter.

Aquarius: Adventurous Changes

You can focus on making changes in your life during this Mars in Sagittarius transit, Aquarius, and these changes can open you up to new adventures, or you can go on adventures to make these changes happen. You can push outside of your comfort zone and try things in brand new ways.

You may go on adventures to make your dreams happen and can be more optimistic about your chances.

Pisces: Adventurous Goals

Mars in Sagittarius tours your goals and life path sector, Pisces, so you can go on adventures to pursue your goals and achieve, or the goals you set for yourself can be more adventurous. You can feel bolder and more daring but still practical enough to know exactly what to do to make what you want to happen.

You may want to bring some more fun and adventure to the path you’re on and get some space from responsibilities.


Mars will be in Sagittarius until February 16, so it’s about 6 weeks of energy to work with. Remember that it’s the last time for a while that we’ll have any Sagittarius energy to use. Be bold and adventurous now!

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