Mars in Virgo: Update Your Soul Purpose Software

Posted on August 17, 2019

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On August 18 the planet of our passions, Mars, enters Virgo, the zodiac’s Earthy perfectionist.

Virgo brings an analytical energy to the forefront of our consciousness. Our attention will go to the details that make things tick, and thanks to Virgo’s Earthy energy, we’ll have the patience and endurance to tackle all of those little moving parts. Meanwhile, Mars lends the raw fuel that pushes us forward towards what we care about the most.

Until October 4th when Mars moves on into Libra, we are going to be fine-tuning our approach to making our dreams a reality. That means we are able to tweak the plan and iron out the kinks we may have overlooked or rushed before that cheapened the quality or presentation of our ideas.

Want to know how and why this works? Let’s take a closer look.

Mars, Planet of Love & War, Holds the Fire In You

Mars is the planet that holds our desire and drive. It is the planet of motivation and will power. It is what makes you fight for something. That is why when Mars is in retrograde, our motivation becomes lower than usual.

Mars spends about 1.5 months in each sign, taking 2 years to go through all 12 zodiac signs. Tracking which sign the planet of drive is in will help you see why you have more willpower and energy during some months, while during others you feel like goofing off and relaxing more.

Did you know that we each express our passion based on what zodiac sign Mars was in at the moment of our birth? That is why some people act like a steamroller at work while others seem mildly sedated. You can look at your Free Birth Chart for this extra insight into your personal approach to your passion in life.

Earthy Virgo Helps You Take Honest Inventory of Your Plan

Virgo energy makes one think of a loyal accountant who spends days crunching numbers and making sure there are no errors in the balance sheet. Virgos are known to be perfectionists, meaning they will not stop until they have figured out why something is not working. The good news is we can really use this energy when it comes to moving towards our purpose to make sure there are no leaking cracks in the soul ship hull.

Ultimately, as we move into the end of August and through September, the planets are helping you fine-tune yourself to sing the right notes of the song of your soul. Perhaps you had an idea of what your purpose is, but no clear way to get there. Well, let the path be illuminated now and use the energy available to you to connect the dots. It’s really going to feel satisfying as if you are putting in that last puzzle piece.

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How Can You Best Use This Energy?

So, how do you capture this energy to upgrade your own success and move into the life you truly desire which has real purpose? Make a list of the things that are most significant to you and most meaningful. Just do a brainstorm writing down what comes to mind.

Once you have this list, circle the causes or goals that feel most like your own life purpose. To get clear with your soul purpose, ask yourself how it helps people and if this life purpose makes you feel alive.

Now you can map out your plan to align your life with this goal. You can get a wall calendar or corkboard to map out your plan in detail where you can see it and stay focused on it. Be thorough and you’ll feel much more confident that you will soon achieve your goal!

For motivation and inspiration, you can remind yourself of your personal strengths that are revealed in your birth chart. Keep that list nearby and visible to stay confident in your own unique skills.

Seek out mentors or people with good advice and think about what you don’t yet know that you can learn. These tips will help you move forward with assuredness as you align yourself to your soul purpose.

Closing Thoughts…

We always advise that you stay abreast of the major planetary influences that are also playing out during the month. We offer you this free Astrology Calendar to help you get to know what these events feel like and how these smaller and larger cycles can be best used to catapult your life into the vision you are working towards.

Our articles are also very helpful to help you translate those events into practical English. We study the movements so you don’t have to spend so much energy tracking down every planet. Keep up with our articles and over time you will see they give you a heads up on what’s coming including people’s behaviors and major changes. It’s fun to know you have the insider’s playbook on life.

To sum up the major happenings during this time, the Sun will be leaving confident Leo and also moving into practical orderly Virgo on August 23, so the theme of the next month will be planning. We also have Chiron in retrograde, which will further help you get clear on your personal soul purpose. The planet of luck, Jupiter, is no longer retrograde so we can expect luck to find us so we can expand. We have also come out of the post shadow of Mercury retrograde and our minds are now able to clearly focus on the future and progress!

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