May New Moon in Taurus: Romance Springs to Life

Posted on May 03, 2019

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May 4th is a New Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus. While some people may be astrological alarmists, focusing on bad things planetary movements bring, we here at Astrology Answers are not. A New Moon is a unique energy that allows you to kick off projects and plant seeds of intention into the cosmic energy grid so we can harvest those fruitful plants around the Full Moon.

Each New Moon brings with it a special type of energy depending on what zodiac sign the New Moon falls in. Taurus, which is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, promises romantic energy that will let our love begin to blossom up and root down. So if you are looking for love, now is the time to light that New Moon candle and start to put some energy into the dating scene.

What the Taurus New Moon Means

If you’re new to astrology, we want to help you understand what the New Moon means so you can start using the Moon cycles and understand when the New Moon occurs. There is one New Moon each month. Two and a half weeks later, the Full Moon occurs. The New Moon occurs when you look into the sky and the entire Moon is shadowed and no part of it is illuminated brightly.

Spiritually, the New Moon is a time where our energy is lower so we retreat within ourselves to get in touch with our intuition. They say the time of the New Moon makes the veil between us and the spirit world thin so we can access spiritual wisdom on this day easier than on other days. This is a day to get clear with what is in your highest good to work towards in the physical world. Don’t expect to want to be out and socializing, as you will probably feel like staying in bed.

There is building energy leading up to the Full Moon, and from the day of the New Moon on, it’s the perfect time to go after what you want. Knowing how to time your efforts with the phases of the Moon helps you work efficiently and know when to expect things to show up.

What To Do on the New Moon

If you’re new to using the Moon cycles to manifest, don’t worry. It’s not hard. If you can consistently visualize what you want between now and the Full Moon which always occurs two and a half weeks after the New Moon, you’re likely to see things show up. You also must take action on your goals. Think of your actions as 50% of the energy you need and the visualizing as the other 50%. That means that most people are only working with half of the power they could have.

One fun way to set your seeds of intention on the New Moon is by creating an altar. You can collect items that represent your goal and light a candle to represent the energy that will be going towards this. You can sit in front of your altar each day and visualize having this in your life as we come closer to the Full Moon. The emotions that you generate are energy that opens the possibility for this reality and creates it in other dimensions. Make the altar inspiring and write your goal and place it on the altar.

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New Moon in Taurus Energy

Taurus influences the New Moon’s energy by helping us be more aware and accepting of our physical desires and our senses. You may be more inclined to be able to point your own energy towards New romance at this time. Maybe you haven’t felt like going on a date or dressing your best, but now you probably will. Maybe you take some time to get a New outfit, haircut or hit up that crush you’ve been wanting to get together with. Set the ball in motion by putting energy towards meeting someone or being romantic and it will start to invite that type of experience to you.

There are also some challenging aspects of Taurus you can be aware of so they don’t trip you up. Remember, everyone is affected by the New Moon and knowing how people may be acting or feeling, gives you a leg up on how to handle them. People will either be acting like they’re in heat, not wanting to work, or being just plain stubborn.

Take a deep breath and realize it’s the Taurus Moon talking. Don’t let someone’s advances catch you off guard or their inability to change their plans spoil your day. Earth energy can be hard headed and even the nicest person may be a bit protective of their ability to put their two sense in today.

Concluding Thoughts…

The New Moon in May 2019 is a time to let love grow. It doesn’t have to be romantic love. It can be love for friends and family, pets, even ourselves! Make a list of the things you want more of in your life and do some of those things so you can enjoy your life. Taurus energy reminds us to not get caught up in the past or future by paying attention to what you feel, smell, and hear right here and right now. That being said, don’t throw so much caution to the wind that you let romance happen too quickly, sailor!

As with all astrological events, we always like to say, you want to know the major influencing factors so you get the full picture. The Sun will be in the sign of Taurus as well, which means we are really going to have that Venus energy working all angles for our love life. There are also three planets retrograde now, which will slow our work and help us work on our subconscious patterns. This is a great time to open up in a deep conversation and be vulnerable.

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