Mercury Direct in Virgo: Little Things Become Big

Posted on September 10, 2017
Updated on March 10, 2021

We are finally out of Mercury Retrograde! Hallelujah! Can you hear the angels singing? When Mercury turned direct in the Fixed Sign of the Fire Signs Leo on September 5, it did so with some good humor, as only Mercury can do.

This was a few days of fun as the Summer begins to wind down, and Mercury went full steam ahead with lovable Leo-like style, but this only lasts for a few days, until September 10 to be exact.

This is when Mercury has worked out its transition to direct and gets serious about details with Mercury direct in Virgo. This is an exciting transit as fall draws near. It’s time to get down to business with details with Mercury direct in Virgo.

Right now, the little things become the big things and remembering that is all you need to succeed.

What is Mercury Direct in Virgo?

Mercury rules the Mutable Sign of the Earth Signs Virgo, so Mercury is very comfortable in this placement. Every time a planet enters a sign, it takes on the themes of that sign. Mercury is the transportation and messenger planet, quick-witted, always ready for a sarcastic comment dripping with intelligence. If you know a Virgo, then you know this trait well.

Virgo is very similar, and just as comfortable when Mercury is visiting, but as the Mutable Sign of the Earth Signs, Virgo is a little more slow moving than Mercury. Virgo is organized, practical, health-conscious, a little bit picky and discerning, but always working for success.

When Mercury was retrograde, it was moving fewer than 40 minutes daily, but that speeds up when Mercury is direct, and Mercury is now all systems go. So is Virgo!

Mercury will be direct in Virgo from September 10 to September 30, giving you 20 days to really put your nose to the grindstone. Virgo focuses on the little things in life, and during this time, so should you. With Mercury direct in the Mutable Sign Virgo, the little things CAN become the big things very easily.

This is the time to read over every contract with a fine-toothed comb. You’ll want to rush things with Mercury direct, but the beautiful thing about this transit is that Virgo will slow you down. Whoa, Nelly! Be careful about those little things. They WILL trip you up down the road if you aren’t.

Solution-Oriented Energy With Mercury in Virgo

Virgo doesn’t like problems just “hanging around” unsolved, so this is another beautiful thing about this transit. These little things have been niggling at you for a few weeks while Mercury basically did nothing are going to become gateways to solutions.

They aren’t going to stress you out as much. Mercury retrograde is a highly internal period. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, you probably had a lot of worry on your plate, over little things that won’t mean a difference a year from now.

Mercury direct in Mutable Sign Virgo is going to flip that energy around. The energy won’t be internal anymore, and solutions are going to appear out of the woodworks. The little things WILL become big things. Something as simple as one little text message could completely turn around a situation you’ve been worrying about all August.

Even better, if the solution doesn’t arrive that quickly, just getting organized will help. Both Virgo and Mercury are fact-based energies. This is not a feelings transit. Realistic details, specific facts, and proven solutions are much more readily available to you when Mercury turns direct.

Whereas Mercury retrograde works at you internally, with all that stress you’ve been nurturing for so many weeks, Mercury direct sends the external solutions your way. Mercury direct sends you the facts, information, and little things that become the big things your way to ease all that stress.

It’s a Great Time for Catch-Up and Self-Care

The Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo is the zodiac sign of catching up, running errands, getting stuff done, attention to details, but also, self-care. So if a few things slid by the wayside during the lazy days of summer and Mercury retrograde, Mercury direct in Virgo is going to help you with some serious catch-up energy.

You can use the next 20 days to get caught up on all of those life errands, but you can also use the time to just take care of you if you have let a few things slide.

Virgo is not only an organized and efficient zodiac sign, but it is also a sign of health care and self-care. It’s also a great time to catch up on your health matters, or, just take care of you a little bit more. You’ll really get no better time of the year to start a new fitness routine, adopt healthier eating habits, or catch up on some doctor’s appointments you’ve been putting off.

Remember, the little things become the big things with Mercury direct in Virgo. Missing a doctor’s appointment right now or not stopping to take care of that niggling little ache or pain could turn that niggling little ache or pain into something huge.

Just adding a daily walk into your new schedule or routine could mean the difference between you now, and a 15 pound lighter you come the holidays. They’ll be here before you know it!

If you have spent much of Mercury retrograde stressed about something, don’t think for a second it hasn’t had a negative impact on your health. Internal worry, which is rampant during Mercury retrograde, has a negative impact on your neurological function, your cardiac system, and even your digestive tract.

You’ve felt slower and more lethargic all summer. We all have. Spend some time taking care of YOU, and you will find that energy picks up steam again.

It could be something as simple as cutting something out of your diet or adding a daily walk to your routine or even just adding the luxury of a long bath with your favorite vino to your weekly routine. What can YOU do to take care of YOU for a change? Self-care matters.

What you start now, makes a very big long-term difference. With Mercury direct in Virgo, the little things become the big things.

Concluding thoughts…

The angels are singing the Hallelujah chorus that Mercury is now direct. Life is now going full steam ahead, but with this comes the end of summer and a whole slew of new routines. Under Mercury retrograde, you probably let a few things go.

Maybe they were errands, maybe they were some healthy eating habits or your fitness routine, or maybe you just found yourself worrying more. Mercury direct in Virgo is going to help you turn all of that around again.

The long-term results could be pretty amazing because right now, the little things become the little things. Time to get caught up on YOU, and take care of YOU for a change? What self-care matters do you want to work on as Mercury goes direct in one of the most industrious signs of them all?

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