An Energizing Mercury Direct in Libra 4-Card Tarot Spread

Posted on November 02, 2020
Updated on November 03, 2020

A Tarot spread from 3AM tarot for Mercury Direct in Libra.

November 3rd wraps up the last Mercury retrograde of 2020, as the planet of information, language, organization, and communication stations direct in Libra, a Cardinal Air sign associated with harmony, beauty, and collaboration.

Even though Mercury will be in a shadow period for a time, making it essential to continue to double- and triple-checking your messaging, contracts, and backups, for many, it will still be a relief to move away from the pressure of Mercury retrograde. And since this shift happens to coincide with an incredibly important date here in the United States, Election Day, it’s an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into this transit and see what wisdom and insights the tarot can offer on Mercury, Libra, and Scorpio season.

Mercury in Libra tends to bring out our desire to see things from multiple viewpoints, encouraging us to carefully consider all of our options and collaborate with others on possible ways forward. And as beautiful and useful as those skills can be, sometimes with Libra, it can be challenging to allow our own voice to come forward, to honor our personal perspective in addition to listening to everyone else’s.

Work to focus on the rational during this transit, letting your more logical and pragmatic mind seek truths and insights rather than letting your heart call all of the shots. Harness Libra’s soothing, gentle manner by offering yourself compassion and grace instead of forcing yourself to rush through decisions or challenges.

What can you learn from your own viewpoints? How can you prioritize balance in your communication and decision-making habits? How are the truths that are being revealed during Scorpio season impacting your vision for the future?

Mercury, Libra, & the Tarot

In the Major Arcana, Mercury is associated with the archetype of the Magician, the first figure that the Fool meets as they begin their journey.

Expressive, confident, and eager to move forward, the Magician gathers resources, dreams big, and allows their ideas and opportunities to expand endlessly. This figure helps the Fool take charge of their direction, urging them to let their imagination run wild, give voice to their needs, and look at all of the possible ways that they can make their ambitions come true.

Similarly, Mercury encourages us to organize and brainstorm, gather information, and arrange our thoughts in ways that make them easy to share.

When we look at the Magician next to Libra’s associated card of Justice, we see balanced expression, considered movement, and clear-eyed awareness of potential. Justice wants us to seek the truth, to prioritize what is fair and right, to protect the vulnerable, and make space for marginalized voices —. While the Magician’s boundless energy and enthusiasm are inspiring and exciting, sometimes it can get lost in Justice’s structure and objectivity.

During this time, it’s important to balance ideas with implementation, move with grace and intention, not rush too quickly into anything permanent or irreversible. Big ideas can offer a great starting point, but how will they manifest and evolve when they’re in the tangible world?

It’s also useful to remember that we have moved into Scorpio season and its archetype of Death, which brings opportunities for release, natural endings, and evolution. As fantasy and reality collide, as we work to stabilize big ideas and create systems to carry them forward, Scorpio asks us to do this work from a place of deep authenticity.

Why is what you’re doing important? How does it resonate within you? What are you leaving behind, and how is that creating space for the new dreams that have captured your imagination?

Mercury in Libra can sometimes feel frustrating or indecisive, but Scorpio urges reflection and awareness, patience, embracing mystery. What are you learning about yourself? How can you show yourself grace?

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Mercury Direct in Libra Tarot Spread

Our spread for this transit offers the opportunity to dig into both Libra and Scorpio, pay attention to potential problem areas, and honor what is shifting and changing. To give you an idea of how to use your own deck for this spread, I’ve provided a brief sample reading below, using the Fountain Tarot.

I know that the energy swirling around may feel heavy and confusing right now, as some difficult aspects and transits make an already challenging year feel even more complicated — but I hope that this spread helps you feel empowered to move in a direction that deeply resonates, to prioritize what matters, and to balance opposing energies with grace.


Card One: An Obstacle


As we’re moving through Scorpio season, Death serves as a reminder that something that was once important is now coming to an end: a dream, an idea, a relationship, a challenge.

Whether this transition brings relief or grief, permanent changes are always significant and not to be rushed. Give yourself space and time to process all that is happening, and don’t judge yourself for the ways that your emotions shift and manifest right now. It’s possible that this ending may trip you up more than you realize, so grant yourself grace and acknowledge this conclusion for all that it is.

Ultimately this will bring about positive change, but it may feel difficult in the moment.

Card Two: A Place to Seek Balance

9 of Swords

What are you overthinking? Where are obsessive thoughts clouding your judgment or making it difficult for you to see reality for what it is?

Channel Libra’s collaborative energy and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and support when you need it, to allow the people you trust and love to help you find a more authentic perspective. The 9 of Swords often appears when we are letting fear take over, so seek real truth instead of giving in to your darkest anxieties or doubts.

Focus on balancing any spiraling thoughts with objective awareness, and be kind to yourself.

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Card Three: An Opportunity for Release

The Devil

When the Devil arrives, it’s a call to pay attention to how control shapes your choices.

What are you clinging to with all of your might, afraid to lose? Where are you avoiding responsibility, hoping that someone else will step in and make a choice for you? Consider your relationship to power and the places where you might be being invited to loosen your grip. What desires or dreams are controlling you? How can you let some of that tension go and find ways to adapt and evolve within your ambitions?

Card Four: A New Idea to Embrace

7 of Coins

Continuing with this reading theme, the 7 of Coins asks us to slow down and consider the progress that we’ve made, the direction that we’re moving, and the objective that we’re working towards.

What is driving you? Where might you need to make adjustments or changes to reach your goals? So much has been accomplished, yet so much is left to do, so consider ways that you can be patient, stay focused, and continue building. If you’ve been rushing, work to be more present, to give your attention and magic to the work of the day instead of getting overwhelmed by all that is ahead.

How is this sensation of gentle progress different than what you’ve been experiencing?

This sample reading is consistent in its advice: to move slowly, to show ourselves kindness, to be patient and steady, to assess and consider. As Mercury stations direct in airy, harmony-seeking Libra in this season of Scorpio, make space for both endings and beginnings, for collaboration and personal goals, for balance and grace.

How are you growing, and what are you allowing yourself to leave behind?

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