Mercury Enters Aries: How to Turn Ideas Into Goals and Action Plans

Posted on March 04, 2018

It was the great Albert Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What he meant by that is you can’t accomplish a single solitary thing without imagination. You can do stuff with knowledge – count to ten, build a Lego man, or change the channel on your television.

The difference between imagination and knowledge is that a Lego man is the product of knowledge, and a Lego village is the product of an imagination, applying that knowledge. To get anything done, you need to imagine it first. Yes, anything. Once it is imagined, then you can take the steps to accomplish goals, and be as successful as Albert Einstein.

It should be no surprise then that Albert Einstein had more than a little bit of Mercury in Aries in his charts. This is a transit, or an aspect in your natal chart, that is the manifestation of ideas into actual, concrete goals.

What is Mercury in Aries?

Mercury in Aries is the transit that will be occurring from February 18 to March 6, 2018. Mercury is the planet that rules communication and gadgets, short journeys, transportation, but also all of those big ideas of yours. Your inspirations come from Mercury energy.

Aries is the cardinal sign of the fire signs and thus is also their fiery leader. Aries likes to be the bossy boss, and to bulldoze anybody who doesn’t bow to these whims. Aries is really great at raining ideas, but not as great at finishing things.

Mercury in Aries is great for idea generation. You have all the inspiration and creativity in the world to get those balls rolling, but you don’t want to stop there. Don’t just dream. Do. Even Albert Einstein had a trash can full of ideas, so did Mark Zuckerberg. Vincent van Gogh had multiple canvasses go into the bin before his one great masterpiece, and they all had Mercury in Aries.

Take that buzz of inspiration when it arrives and keep going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny until that vision in your head turns into something real you can touch and talk about. That’s how Albert Einstein and Vincent Van Gogh did it, and that’s how you will do it too.

How? Oh, we’re so glad you asked.

How to Turn Ideas into Goals When Mercury enters Aries

Checklists are a great thing to have when you are trying to accomplish something. Then you just check, check, check, and check, until you’ve reached your destination, but that isn’t enough. First decide what you want, then make the list of what you need to do to get there.

Follow these handy Mercury in Aries tips that come naturally to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Albert Einstein.

• Put your bossy pants on. Wallflowers will accomplish nothing now. It’s time to get confident and put fear aside. Nothing is accomplished when you are fearful. Put it aside and become the CEO of your dreams. Your actual dreams. Get your bossy on and don’t apologize for it. It’s your life, remember?

• Talk. To whomever you need to talk to in order to make your dream come true. Make lists. Is it a college you need to speak to in order to upgrade your skills? Do you need to talk to your boss about a raise? Do you need to talk to your partner about moving things up a notch? Talk. Make a list of who you need to talk to, and then just start talking.

Once you start making lists, you’ll feel like you are doing something. Don’t stop making lists, but accomplish what you put on them as well. Make a list of who you need to talk to, maybe even what you want to say if you aren’t feeling confident yet, and then just start talking. Send emails. Texts. Skype. Whatever. Talk.

• Say what you are actually thinking. Be fiery like a fire sign. It’s great that you are confident now, and are talking, talking, talking, but are you filtering? If so, you aren’t getting your really good ideas and points across. Say out loud those actual ideas that are in your head. Nobody had heard of Facebook one day.

Now we say it every day, because Mark Zuckerberg said it out loud to somebody once. Maybe people will think you are nuts too. Who cares? It’s your idea. Own it. There is no place for fear here.

• Brace for rejection. It’s okay for people to say no to you. That’s on them, not on you. I had a high school business teacher once tell me one of his biggest regrets was saying no to the “Trivial Pursuit” guys. They offered him a chance in on their business, he said no. He thought it was too risky. Today, he could be a billionaire if he had said yes.

People are going to say no to you. You are going to go through life not being liked all the time. Who cares? Preparing for rejection makes accepting it that much easier. It’s going to happen. Not everybody is going to love your amazing ideas or goals. It’s not their life. Move on, and keep moving on, until you find someone that does.

• Be prepared to say “no” back. When you pitch ideas for your life, you want only the best people in on it. It’s your life after all. Someone who says no to your goal isn’t on that list of “best people.” It’s okay for others to say no, wanting different things. That’s called being human. You have to be able to stand for your truth and say no back if that’s what’s happening.

Sticking around with people or situations that aren’t giving you what you want and need, or aren’t helping you to reach your goals is counter-productive. They really are holding you back from your success. Be prepared to say “no” back.

Albert Einstein didn’t have a lot of friends, but he is regarded as one of the most amazing scientists of our time, and changed the lives of millions of people. He stayed focused on his goal, and not on the people holding him back. Will you?

Concluding thoughts…

What do Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Al Pacino and Vincent van Gogh all have in common? They all have Mercury in Aries in their charts. They became successful because they first imagined that success. Then, they learned how to go about and accomplish those goals. That is why imagination is more important than knowledge.

That’s what Mercury in Aries is all about. Keep in tuned with your Daily Horoscopes to check in on how this is going to impact you directly. Now that you know that, go forth and imagine, and report back!

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