Mercury in Leo: Communication is Heating Up!

Posted on August 03, 2020

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We’ve officially made it through eclipse season, and a particularly emotional Cancer season. You may have felt like you’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster lately thanks to these intense transits, which included two Cancer New Moons in a row – which is very rare.

Fortunately, the Universe is all about balance, and the energy is tilting back in a positive direction that won’t leave you feeling quite so tender. It’s time to get excited, because Leo season is here, and there are transits coming up that will fill you with energy and joy!

Mercury, the planet of communication, information, and travel, is moving into Leo on August 5th. This planet was named after the Roman Messenger of the Gods, and it’s known as the Planet of the Mind. Mercury is all about short journeys, communication, the sharing of information, and it also rules transportation. (Think about the issues that usually come up when Mercury goes retrograde – travel becomes more difficult, technology stops working properly, and communication takes a hit).

Today we’re exploring the ins and outs of this planetary transit to determine how to make the most of this fiery energy and let your summer really start to heat up!

What is Mercury in Leo?

When Mercury enters Leo, we see a beautiful union between the messenger of the gods and the fiery lion of the zodiac.

Communication takes on bold tones during this time, and your confidence is amplified when it comes to sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. And when Mercury is in Leo, you can expect the Universe to send positive, friendly energy in your direction.

Those who know the beauty as well as the pitfalls of relationships will tell you that communication is key. Being open and honest is not only necessary for you and your partner, but also with all of your loved ones. Even in business relationships, clear communication is crucial. If you have a hard time opening up and being vulnerable, Mercury will give you a gentle nudge and a boost of confidence as it transits through Leo.

If you’re curious about the effects of Mercury in Leo, take a look at President Barack Obama, who is never afraid to speak his mind, and whose Mercury resides in Leo. Other famous and outspoken celebrities with a Mercury/Leo placement include Cara Delevingne, Geri Halliwell, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, and Elizabeth Moss.

These fearless folks act as a perfect example of the confidence and well-spoken manner that you can expect from yourself during this transit.

Mercury in Leo Heightens Romance

Romance is heightened when Mercury is in Leo because we’re no longer afraid to speak our minds!

If you’ve been crushing on someone in your life, this is the perfect time to let them know – and you can expect their response to be completely and totally honest. If they reciprocate your feelings, make a move! Conversely, if you’re in a relationship, this is the time to be open and honest about your desires, wants, and needs.

Your partner will not only appreciate your willingness to speak up, they’ll find your honesty to be a wild turn-on.

Furthermore, Mercury in Leo encourages depth of feeling, helping you feel emotions like love more deeply. Romantic encounters take on a movie-like quality when Mercury enters Leo. You may start looking at your partner through rose-colored glasses, allowing romantic energy to waft through every corner of the room.

As the passion heats up, so does your love life - whether you’re single or partnered up. This is an excellent time to meet new people or discover new qualities in your current partner.

If you’re seeking happiness and bliss in your life (and most of us are), it’s time to allow yourself to be vulnerable and put any fears when it comes to communication to rest. When communication takes a turn for the worse, it’s usually because we’re too scared to speak our truth loud and proud. But the self-assured, direct nature of Leo washes over Mercury – the planet of communication – filling you with strength and courage.

The Universe makes it easier than ever for you to be courageous with your words right now, even if this courage isn’t typically part of your communicative nature.

Are you ready to communicate fearlessly? To embrace your own wisdom and share it with the world? If so, there are a few ways to make the most of this transit to feel braver and more courageous with your words than you ever have before.

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How to Make the Most of Mercury in Leo

If you play your cards right, Mercury in Leo is going to heat up communication in all the right ways. Here are some tips on how to be fearless with your communication, preparing you to get as much as you can from this amazing transit. Are you ready to take the plunge and communicate with courage? Let’s get to the good stuff!

1) Be Bold & Expect Boldness from Others

Mercury creates bold communication, and Leo is a Fixed sign that has a bold, loyal style that deeply connects and cements itself to the values and ideals of Leo.

Furthermore, this sign is ruled by the boldest element of all – Fire. When all of these elements combine, you’re encouraged to be as bold as brass. They say fortune favors the bold, and this has never been as true as when Mercury is in Leo. Not only are you urged to communicate your desires and needs, but others are more perceptive and appreciative of this bold energy.

Even if you aren’t craving anything with your whole heart at the moment, you can expect bold offers to come rolling in, as well as bold communication flow from and towards you. Mercury and Leo wait for no one. If you want something, this is the time to go for it.

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2) Embrace the Drama

When Mercury is in Leo, drama will get you everywhere. This is one transit that embraces the drama and rewards the drama queens and kings of the Universe.

Think about how many actresses were mentioned with Mercury in Leo in their natal chart – drama is their job, and they make good money being dramatic! You won’t be able to avoid the drama right now, so it’s better to embrace it. Just remember that things said in the heat of the moment will pass, and the drama will die down soon enough.

For now, however, try to have some fun with it!

3) Communication is on Fire

When communicative Mercury enters fiery Leo, your communication will take on a steamy quality. Think Danielle Steele. You may even be the initiator of this steamy communication, as you’re feeling sexier and bolder than ever.

These sexy chats are the result of a global willingness to be bold and brave, and you may find yourself saying things that would otherwise never enter your mind.

You can also expect these vibrations to flow towards you from others – you may receive more invitations for “Netflix and chill” moments than ever. This is an excellent time to put yourself out there with the apple of your eye! Enjoy the feisty energy and see where it takes you.

4) Passion is the Fashion

If you’ve ever met a Leo, you know the gargantuan-sized hearts these folks have. Leo is a sign of passion, drive, desire, confidence – Leos are passionate about life itself! So, while communication is boiling, there are also many other emotions that will be stirred up during this transit.

Sometimes it’s hard to find our passions and determine what it is we feel strongly about in life, but not when Mercury is in Leo. Not only will it be easier for you to locate your passion, but it will be easier for you to share these passions with others.

If you haven’t been feeling that excited about life lately – and with the challenges we’ve faced this year, no one can blame you – you can rejoice in the fact that Mercury and Leo will stir your passions and help you find that excitement once again.

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5) Leo Eliminates Fear

Fear has no place in the heart of a Leo, which is why the symbol for Leo is the fearless lion. Leo is fierce, Leo is brave, Leo goes after what Leo wants.

The heart of the lion pumps vigorously in Leo’s chest, encouraging courageous actions. When Mercury is in Leo, it’s time to set fear aside and go big! Even as this transit amplifies drama and throws challenges your way, it urges you to look fear in the face and tell it to go home.

The challenges that we’ve faced this year may have increased your fears, which is natural. But it’s time to kick them to the curb, and resume your life as the bad-to-the-bone individual that you are. Remind yourself that you’re not afraid, that you’re brave, that you’re fierce, and that nothing is going to stop you now!

This is the time to enjoy yourself and save the worry and fear for later – or better yet, for never.

6) Fan the Flames

Leo’s ruling element is Fire, amplifying the heat all around you. Fan those flames, throw a log on the fire, and light a fire under your booty!

Anything involving fire will help your passions and desires come to fruition right now. While you don’t actually have to start a bonfire, the heat of this element is what you need to focus on right now.

Your own heat is a beautiful thing, and it will guide the way towards your goals and dreams. Think back to the times that you’ve been bold and feisty and gotten exactly what you wanted. This fire within you needs to be stoked, embraced, set ablaze.

When you let your internal fire burn freely, you’ll receive even more bold, amazing offers right now. When Mercury is in Leo, dreams can come true and anything is possible. So, don’t hold yourself back now.

Let that fire burn within you and guide you towards exciting new experiences and opportunities. Throw that metaphorical log on the fire of your soul and let the sparks fly!

Be Fearless with Mercury in Leo

Get ready for a good time, because Mercury in Leo has some exciting things in store for you. If you’ve been craving some passion and fire in your life, you will receive it now by channeling the energy of this transit, which lasts until August 20th. So, prepare yourself for the rest of your summer to be absolutely epic!

If you’re still feeling fuzzy about how to amplify your communication, head over to your Daily Horoscope for even more information and guidance each day. What dreams are you hoping will come true while Mercury is in Leo? Start manifesting them now!

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