Mercury Enters Virgo: Conversations Become Detailed

Posted on August 28, 2019

On August 29th, the planet of communication enters the most analytical sign of the zodiac. The speedy little planet Mercury is entering the sign of Virgo.

When the planet that affects our thoughts and speech transits an Earth sign, we can expect to begin to plan, talk about finances, and look for ways to fix things. In this case, we will be looking to troubleshoot the very ways in which we communicate with each other. Be prepared for comments about the nature of conversations such as improving upon tone, word choice, and knowing when to broach a topic or when to keep your mouth shut.

This can be fun because it’s like putting a microscope on the art of communication in our lives. You may find you can edit some writing you’ve done or finally hash out the plot in more detail. You will likely find yourself over-explaining the details of things so keep a lid on being too verbose.

As always, we want to figure out how to use the transits to our benefit by knowing the types of energy that will be available and preparing ourselves to use it in positive ways while dodging the potential pitfalls.

What to Watch Out for With Mercury In Virgo

Before forewarned that the planet of love, Venus, moved into Virgo on August 21st and the planet of passion, Mars, moved into Virgo on August 18th. To compound this neurotic energy, we also have the Sun in Virgo since the 23rd. With all these planets in this detail-oriented sign that has a compulsive need to fix things, we could become paranoid, obsessive-compulsive, or look for problems unnecessarily.

Don’t try to make everything perfect or obsess over what you are going to say. That means if something is said that throws you off, don’t over-analyze it.

Instead, just do something to relax and lighten up such as watch a funny movie, focus on some cleaning, or reorganise that closet that needs to be gone through. If you find yourself wondering what someone really meant when they said something or how your comments were taken, just work on letting it go. Obsessing over these things will frustrate you and to keep your vibes up, do something playful that requires all of your focus like rock climbing, taking a dance class, or making jewelry.

Don’t point out people’s flaws or be hypercritical. Because we are talking about talking, being that this is the planet of communication, you need to guard your words to speak positively in your relationships. You need to curb the urge to point out what you don’t like and direct your mind to compliment others. Remember, your relationships become negative when you say negative things and positive when you say positive things.

Words are powerful. Thinking and speaking positively about yourself will also help at this time.

How To Use Mercury in Virgo Energy

It’s not all gloom and doom by any means. We can really use this energy to map out our life plan and plan new projects that have many moving parts.

Perhaps it’s time to write down your 5-year plan and break it down into smaller goals. Perhaps it’s a good time to get together with good friends just to talk about your big dreams and come up with a fun plan of attack. Virgo energy is the ultimate planner and you may be able to really see how to create a map that will lead you to your desired destination.

Have you been wanting to explain yourself but tend to gloss over the things that are really important to you? Well, now you can express yourself with more specificity. Instead of saying, “I feel bad,” you can now articulate with more detail and say, “I feel bad because when I share my problems, you don’t sympathize with me, and you just respond by talking about your problems.” Obviously, that is just an example, but you can open up topics to talk about things that need to be discussed now and express yourself.

Virgo energy can help you make detailed lists of things you want to do, things you like about yourself, and things you want from others to feel dignified and fabulous. Capture this energy by allowing yourself to share your needs with kindness when the time feels right.

You can also make a list of ways you can personally improve your relationships by shifting your own energy. Perhaps add some specific daily habits that will keep your mind positive such as taking time to yourself for a little bit, unwinding before bed, or sipping your favorite tea on the porch to relax after work. Maybe even make a list of the nutrients and healthy foods you’d like to incorporate into your day or channel this energy into making a daily workout plan.

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Closing Thoughts…

Hopefully, you find this slice of Universal drama helpful in your personal relationships and in managing your stress levels. You can find many more resources to understand the emotional climate you’re dealing with on our website.

If you’re new to astrology, this type of talk about how we are feeling as a group can take some time to get used to. It’s important to know that the terminology and language of astrology will become more normal over time. You’ll start to intuitively see the connections between astrological events and what is happening around you as you regularly keep up with our articles and study the signs. We have lots of resources to make learning astrology fun and to answer your questions at each stage of learning. Check out our astrology definitions if you come across a word that is new to you and it will help you digest the ideas.

In addition to the fun you can have with astrology, we offer similar resources to help you learn about your dreams. We believe that you can use your dreams to understand yourself and to heal so you can have a great life just as you can with astrology. Check out our dream dictionary to see what your dreams mean and how they connect to your life.

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