Mercury in Virgo: Time to Master Your Conversations

Posted on August 18, 2020

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It’s time to put your thinking caps on, because communicative Mercury is moving into sensible Virgo – the most analytical of all the signs! Mercury is the planet of communication, and it takes on the energy of whatever sign it’s currently dancing through.

When Mercury flows through Virgo, it takes on analytical, responsible, hard-working energy – meaning that you’re more willing to put in the hard work within your conversations. Mercury controls our thoughts, our speech, and the way we choose to share information with others.

When this planet merges with the energy of an Earth sign, you can expect to feel a strong urge to plan, focus on finances, and look for creative solutions to problems. Earth signs don’t back down from a challenge, they face it head-on, with vigor and courage.

The energy that follows Mercury’s entrance into Virgo encourages you to re-evaluate your communication style to determine which behaviors and practices are no longer working for you. Conversations will take on a meta tone, and you may be more focused on the mechanics of a conversation itself over the subject matter.

You can expect comments about the nature of a conversation to crop up during this transit. You may notice choice of words or tones when communicating with others – and you’ll have a much better understanding of the topics that should be avoided altogether.

This transit can be fun if you look at it with a new perspective. It’s like placing a microscope over your conversations, and being able to easily dissect each phrase and their meanings. When Mercury is in Virgo, we’re encouraged to take a closer look at things, whether you’re editing something you’ve written, or paying more attention to detail regarding your choice of words.

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As per usual, we’re here to help you make the most of this transit. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Mercury’s transit through Virgo, and how to benefit from this transit in a way that promotes growth and transformation!

What Does Mercury in Virgo Mean?


As a planet, Mercury rules over communication, information, and short journeys. Mercury was named after the Roman Messenger of the Gods due to his speed and efficiency. Further, this is the closest planet to the Sun, promoting swift action within Mercury.

This planet rules both Gemini and Virgo, and when Mercury is in one of these signs, it relaxes into its comfort zone – particularly when Mercury is in Virgo, the sign wherein Mercury is exalted.

As a Mutable sign, Mercury is a planet of flexibility and fluidity. Mercury does not cling to one idea or thought, but rather connects these ideas and thoughts to different points of inspiration within their spirit.

While Virgo is an Earth sign, it possess some airy qualities, like thinking deeply, analyzing details, assessing the situation, and allowing these details to remind you of the bigger picture. And when Mercury is in Virgo, you may feel better prepared to improve your relationships.

Learning how to best communicate while Mercury is in Virgo takes understanding and commitment. In addition, discovering the energy of Virgo within a certain time can help to improve your communication in an easy, flawless manner!

How Will Mercury in Virgo Affect You?


You may experience a compulsive need to maintain organization, be kinder to others, and try to be nicer to yourself. Virgo energy can cause quite the obsession if you aren’t careful. Your mind is so focused on a certain ideal or notion today that it can be hard for you to suppress anxiety, paranoia, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

It’s important during this transit that you don’t push yourself to exude perfection. You don’t have to be perfect to be valuable. In fact, your flaws are what make you who you are. You might feel encouraged to get to the point as close to perfect as possible, but the truth is that you’re loved and accepted for who you are.

Relaxation is Vital

While it can be difficult, especially for Virgos, to relax under this influence, it’s important that you try to relax anyway.

This energy is going to urge you to question everything, to question yourself. You will feel like pushing yourself to the limit, which can lead to emotional exhaustion. You’ll need to remind yourself that rest, relaxation, and fun are just as important and vital as hard work.

If you obsess about every detail of a conversation or some form of communication, you may end up missing the message. This transit is not about finding perfection, but recognizing that imperfection contains its own beauty. Let your thoughts and ideas flow without worrying about whether the wording was perfect.

This is the time to try to find activities that relax and excite you. It’s the time to allow yourself the space you need to breathe and be yourself within relationships, without worrying about how you sound to others. As long as you’re operating and connecting from a place of love and understanding, your intention and message will shine through your words.

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Criticism is Likely

Virgo is a critical sign. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with criticism, if any sign knows how to take criticism too far, it’s Virgo. Whether you’re encouraged to be overly critical with yourself or others, this criticism can take on an energy of negativity that doesn’t help anyone out.

As long as you’re sharing your message with kindness and compassion, you won’t have to worry about the actual words you’re speaking.

Likewise, try to focus on the message behind statements made by family and friends over the actual words used. By going easy on yourself and others right now, you can pretty much guarantee that conversations will flow more smoothly.

Try not to point out other people’s flaws right now either, as there’s a good chance that they’ll feel hurt or resentful. Mercury encourages open and honest communication, but it’s up to you to make sure that that communication doesn’t cause pain or hurt to the people around you. Remember, relationships become negative when you express negativity about them.

The more positivity and joyful words you focus on within a relationship, the better that relationship will become.

How to Use Mercury in Virgo Transit Energy

While you may feel more critical than usual, this can actually be a very positive influence in your life, amplifying communication with your loved ones. If you learn to use this energy to your advantage, you can start to map out certain plans for your life and begin moving towards your dreams.

While Virgo may not be known for being fun and lighthearted, the guidance and wisdom you receive right now will help you transform and grow into the person you’re meant to be.

Break it Down & Make Big Plans


Both Mercury and Virgo help you organize your thoughts, making it easier for you to determine what it is you want in life. This is an excellent time to write down your 5-year plan, helping you determine exactly what it is that you want out of life. Writing your goals down also opens a door to the Universe, making it easier for you to attract these things into your life.

If the idea of making lists and planning things out fills you with anxiety, you will be happy to know that these activities come naturally right now.

Virgo is the ultimate planner of the zodiac, and you may feel a natural urge to plan things out while Mercury transits this sign. It’s easier than ever for you to create a vision board or a map that highlights all of your ultimate dreams and desires.

This energy makes it easier for you to make detailed lists of all the things you want to do in life, the things you appreciate about your personality, and the things you need to feel comfortable within a relationship. The best way to make use of this energy is by being willing to share these wants and needs with your loved ones.

Practice Clear, Direct Communication

Virgo is not a sign that shies away from confrontation. In fact, it will be easier than ever for you to speak openly, honestly, and directly to your family and friends. This energy does not encourage sugarcoating or tiptoeing around a certain topic – it urges you to be loud and proud about your thoughts and feelings.

The one downside is that Virgo does not do vulnerability all that well. Virgo wants to feel capable, strong, and in control. This energy can make you feel uncomfortable with your own flaws or insecurities. It’s time, however, to finally embrace yourself for who you are, to share your vision with the world around you.

Be direct in your communication.

Are there any thoughts or feelings that you’ve been scared or hesitant to convey? Now is the time to set these words free! This energy makes sharing your feelings seem like a cool, summer breeze on a warm day. Instead of saying something vague, like “I feel upset,” you’ll find it easier than ever to specify the feelings and emotions flowing from your body.

Feel Bold as Brass


Virgos don’t like to do a lot of guessing – they would prefer to know how you feel without having to beg you for information. When Mercury is in Virgo, communication flows smoothly like a ship on a calm sea.

Furthermore, Virgo appreciates honestly and bluntness. They don’t want to have to spend hours or days trying to decipher your secret code – they want you to be open about honest about your needs. As Mercury transits through Virgo, you feel even more put off by fake or phony behavior.

It’s time for all of us to be bold, to share our truth, and to let go of fear that may have been holding us back.

Conversations in Love

Again, we have to ask you to avoid overanalyzing during this time! When you begin to ruminate and overthink, it becomes much harder to see all of the positivity and optimism in your life. It causes you to focus on the little things, the things that aren’t necessarily important. Therefore, it’s important that you use techniques and exercises that will help you avoid overthinking right now, like yoga and meditation.

Take time to focus on the things that really matter to you, and then apply those ideals to your romantic conversations. Remember, it’s not about being right if your intention is to be love, to share love, to spread love. Obsessing about a molehill that’s been molded and formed into a mountain will only cause stress for both parties in the relationship.

Virgo energy, however, also makes it easier to appreciate the small things, rather than obsessing over them. The small things can often be the most beautiful puzzle pieces in life – and when you put them all together, they create an exquisite image of love, life, and wonder.

Use this energy to focus on acts of service, a concept that connects deeply with the service-oriented energy of Virgo. Incorporate words of affirmation into your romantic relationships, and express gratitude for the little things that your partner does that bring you joy. These small steps will make it much easier to connect and build a stronger romantic relationship.

Get Excited for Mercury in Virgo!

While the energy of Virgo may not be considered the most exciting or fun-loving, this energy is necessary for helping us get back on track. When Mercury is in Virgo, it’s easier than ever for us to communicate with purpose and focus – and this should not be overlooked.

When we’re better able to communicate effectively and honestly, we’re able to build stronger relationships with deeper, more meaningful bonds. And let’s face it – strong relationships require hard work, which Virgo encourages.

Try to appreciate this energy in all its forms and allow Mercury’s transit through Virgo to bring you closer not only to your friends, family, and partner, but also bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

Do a happy dance for Mercury in Virgo! This transit provides the foundation we need to focus more intently on the beauty contained within the small things.

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