Mercury in Aries Love Astrology: Each Zodiac Sign Sizzles

Posted on April 18, 2019

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Mercury in Aries. What does that mean?

Mercury is named after the Roman god of communication. Known as the messenger of the gods, this planet rules the intellect and information. When Mercury is at play in a sign, we know that all effects will point to our brains - the way we think, how we express ourselves, and how quickly we make decisions.

People with Mercury in Aries in their birth charts tend to get really attached to their ideas - and can get really defensive when they feel they are not properly listened to or considered. This is a transit or an aspect in your natal chart that is the manifestation of ideas into actual, concrete goals.

When it comes to our love compatibility, Mercury in Aries lends us additional boldness, courage, and laser intent when it comes to expressing our thoughts. This is a terrific time to ask for - and get- exactly what you want, whether this is the time to rope in that long term crush of yours, to clear up some tension in an existing relationship or to lucidly capture what it is that you really want in your next partnership.

Let’s take a look at how the Mercury in Aries transit will affect each of the zodiac signs - especially when it comes to your love life!

What Happens When Mercury is in Aries?

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and gadgets, short journeys, transportation, but also all of those big ideas of yours!

Its position amongst the stars influences the shifts in our thoughts and communications with one another from one day to the next. Mercury is known for its adaptability, fluctuations, and changeability, depending on his environment.

Cardinal Fire sign Aries likes to be the bossy boss, sometimes bulldozing anyone who doesn’t bow to their whims. Impulsive Aries is really great at raining ideas, but not as talented at finishing things. This is an exciting and fast-paced transit in which we can achieve a lot - if we know how to properly channel its energy, that is!

How Does Mercury in Aries Affect Our Love Lives?


This transit will enhance your natural abilities - but can put you at risk of coming across as overbearing and bossy. If you can manage to use your usual directness in a way that enhances your charm, your love life can leap forward because you’ll be asking for exactly what you want.

You can get very defensive when someone tells you, ‘No!’ and this trait could be exacerbated under this transit. Watch out for taking things too personally and try to remember that doing something someone else’s way could mean you get a whole new perspective you’d not otherwise have discovered!


For you, methodical Taurus, Mercury in Aries adds up to some much quicker decision-making, especially when it comes to love. You tend to guard your heart very closely, which is a definite strength, but sometimes you can miss out on opportunities because you don’t grab the ring fast enough and potential love interests will move on because they think you’re not interested.

This is a chance for you to trust your inner instincts and take action sooner than later - wallflowers will accomplish nothing now! It’s time to get confident and put fear aside. If there’s someone in your life you’ve been procrastinating about talking to, moving in with, getting intimate with, etc. now is the time to make a bold move.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so with Aries’ additional fire added to the mix, you can have a lot of fun with this transit when it comes to your love life. This is the perfect time to use your enthusiasm to try something new - a fresh relationship, a renewed interest in romantic travels or a daring new position in the bedroom.

Air signs can get very innovative, so the key for you under this transit is to use your visionary ideas to inspire someone you care about, but don’t be disappointed if they aren’t immediately embraced - it usually takes people a bit of extra time to catch up to your brain, and you’ll be moving at light speed under Mercury in Aries.


For the usually shy Cancer, this can be the perfect time for you to clear the air with someone - something you’ve been holding onto that you need to release. Mercury in Aries lends you a directness you normally try to avoid - and some added courage so you won’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

Mercury’s influence will give you the ability to say exactly what you mean - no passive-aggressiveness here! Use this to your advantage and ask for exactly what you want - in love and in the bedroom! Getting something off your chest can help you feel emotionally relieved, whatever stage of the relationship you happen to be in.

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Bold Leo, the key for you in this Mercury in Aries transit is too not come on so strong that you scare people away. You already have an unmatched, active enthusiasm for life, and your generosity can lead you to spoil others because that’s how you show them you care. This transit adds to that, so find a way to channel that extra burst of energy in a way that won’t intimidate love interests.

Your mind will be on overload, spinning with ideas and plans. This is a great time to plan a party - or to attend a social event that you were hesitating to go to. If you’re still looking for love, this is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on your vivacious energy, while spreading your intensity out among everyone there. If you’re involved, this is a perfect time to remind them of how lovable you are.


You are also ruled by Mercury, dear Virgo, but you use the skills it grants you to be ultra-prepared - and you can hold your own in any conversation. You make it a point to learn what you need to know and think carefully about what you say so your meaning is never misconstrued. You can often come across as quiet when you are assessing a situation, and that can confuse your lovers because it can come across as cold-hearted.

Mercury in Aries is the time for you to let that out. Talk. To whoever you need to talk to in order to get what you want from your relationships. Make lists if you need to and make sure you cover all the important points. Do you need to talk to your partner about kicking things up a notch? Talk. whatever comes of it, you will clean the slate and see your relationship with improved clarity.


You may come up against a partner who isn’t easily convinced of what you’re saying, but that doesn’t mean you should drop it - instead be charmingly persistent. Gentle Libras sometimes worry too much about what everyone else thinks of them and thus, you can miss out on getting what you want in fear of hurting someone’s feelings or upsetting the balance.

People are going to say no to you. You are going to go through life not being liked all the time. When it comes to love, this is a time to say exactly what you want - and if someone keeps saying no to you, it’s their loss. Rejection can be hard, but it can also make you more resilient - and at least you know exactly where you stand!


This could be a tricky transit for the already outspoken Scorpio. On the one hand, it encourages open communication and intellectual stimulation - so flirting and teasing can be amped up to the max! Any potential partners will feel more encouraged to speak up and express themselves, and you will appreciate the straightforward influence Mercury in Aries brings.

On the other hand, you can already be intimating with your natural intensity - so this transit could have you scaring off suitors. Anyone who is worth having in your life will not be swayed by your extra directness though - so this could be a perfect time to weed out the ones who won’t be worth your time.


Make sure you aren’t meeting and discarding people under this transit. You have a huge heart, but you get bored easily and this Fire sign influence shines an extra bright spotlight on your already impressive impulsiveness. You will be excited by love opportunities - but might get carried away but the spontaneity of this transit.

Connections with other Fire or Air signs will be amplified, so you could also be swept away by infatuation. If this excites you, head outdoors to meet someone with a sparkle in their eye! Mercury in Aries can be exhilarating for Sagittarius, but make sure you aren’t sampling every wine in the glass and leaving a wake behind you.


Here’s another Earth sign that can be misunderstood when it comes to love. You are such a traditionalist, Capricorn, and this can be mistaken for being dull and boring. Not true! Still waters run deep was probably coined after you - anyone who’s been lucky enough to be loved by you knows that.

Mercury in Aries for you is a chance to say what you keep in your head. Even when someone knows you care, hearing you say you love them, you want them, they are important to you - can make a huge impact on your relationship. If you are just getting started out in love, this is a great time to tap that crush on the shoulder and ask them to spend some time with you. No procrastinating!

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Just like your Air sign counterpart Gemini, this is a time when your brain is firing on every cylinder - so don’t short yourself out! You might feel an intense push to make things happen as soon as you envision them, but when it comes to love, this could be entirely overwhelming to a slower moving partner, as an Earth sign.

Beware of your tendency to be outwardly unemotional during Mercury in Aries - you’re already prone to be misread by potential or new loves because you can come across as aloof. This transit will stimulate your intellect like crazy, so whether you’re in a relationship or starting a new one, channeling that towards a person instead of back into your own head can lead you down an entirely new path when it comes to love and sex!


Pisces tends to go with the flow - and you are so compassionate that your own feelings don’t get dealt with until everyone else’s have been. This can lead to resentment - but it’s you who needs to learn to have your Fishy little voice heard. It’s so easy to take advantage of your giant heart, so use this transit to your advantage to reveal exactly what’s on your mind.

Let some of the Aries fire seep into your communication. Speak up and get your point across with someone who hasn’t been all ears as of late. In love, sticking with people or situations that aren’t giving you what you need, or aren’t helping you reach your goals can really hold you back from your success. Be prepared to say ‘no,’ so you can find someone who will appreciate everything about you.

Concluding thoughts…

Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Hudson, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Garner, and Jayne Mansfield all have Mercury in Aries in their birth charts - and they all know a thing or two about the power of adding some sizzle to their love lives!

Take a cue from these famous folks and use Mercury in Aries to your best advantage when it comes to love and communication. Don’t forget to check out our free Daily Love Horoscope, and our free Daily Tarot Love Reading if you want to dig deeper into your relationship compatibility.

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