Mercury in Libra: Don’t Be a People-Pleaser!

Posted on September 25, 2018
Updated on August 24, 2020

Are you guilty of being too agreeable? Is it hard for you to say “no?” Well, hold onto your hats, because decisive, curious Mercury moves into the people-pleasing sign of Libra on September 5th and will bring about a more rational and diplomatic point of view for us all.

While this can bring great energy for making or keeping the peace, it can also lead to us to want to avoid being the bad guy in favor of making everyone else feel great – leaving us holding the bag with way too much on our own plates.

In the spirit of learning, as Mercury loves to do, let’s look at how the planet of communication can influence our lives when it hits everyone’s favorite pal, social justice warrior Libra.

Mercury and Libra Astrological Influences

In Greek mythology, Mercury was the swift-footed messenger of the gods, busting his butt to ensure they didn’t miss out on things like invitations to sweet manna parties and insider info on fair maidens frolicking in the woodland forest.

Mercury would have been the one with all the hot gossip too. When you see Mercury’s influence in your charts, think about it like this, because this planet is all about getting its message across. Communication rules all.

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Libra, on the other hand, is most concerned with how they communicate - and they have a distinct and urgent need for everyone to just get along. Conflict must be avoided and there’s a reason they have a reputation for being the most popular of the zodiac signs - they really, really work at it!

Libra loves all and the worst thing to them is to stand idly by while someone is being hurt, misrepresented, or thrown under the bus.

Mercury lives and loves in the signs of Gemini and Virgo, neither of whom has any issue getting their point across. The difference between these verbal giants and diplomatic Libra is – they don’t worry about putting other people off.

Virgo has a desire to speak the truth, and while they’re much more into appearances than flaky, excitable Gemini, if they need to tell you to get lost, they’ll do so – even if it’s prim and reserved.

Libra, on the other hand… not so much.

Mercury in Libra - Speak Your Mind!

Libra represents the 7th house of partnerships, which speaks to what we admire in others, the qualities we are attracted to, and the kind of traits and abilities we seek out in relationships, whether in business, friendship, or romance.

The 7th house is often described as the way we seek out others as a reflection of ourselves, and how we find balance to our own personalities, as Libra seeks to find the other half of themselves to create a whole. Knowing what sign we have in the 7th house can help us understand what it is we are seeking to find in a partnership.

In other words, Cardinal sign Libra is very concerned about impressing people. Not only do they represent the 7th house, but they’re also ruled by Venus, the lovely planet of relationships and beauty. Venus always looks for a way to reconcile. “Get along and stay gorgeous,” could be her planetary mantra – confrontation does not live in this realm.

With Mercury in relationship-focused Libra, we’ll be more drawn to coming together with others, not pushing them away. Being aware of how the astrological influences affect us can help us navigate, but also to use their unique combinations to really help us in our day to day.

Here are some things to look out for under Mercury in Libra…

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Mercury in Libra Positives

  • Settling debates
  • Healing relationships, partnerships and friendships
  • Clearing up misunderstandings
  • Perfect time to hone negotiation skills

Mercury in Libra Negatives

  • More likely to take the blame
  • Overly apologetic
  • More likely to give your energy to toxic relationships
  • Not great for making decisions

In other words, we will want to solve problems to reach peaceful resolutions. But what happens when the balance shifts too far to Libra and we start to worry too much about using the Mercury boost of communication skills to impress or please people?

We can be taken advantage of.

When Being a People Pleaser is Bad for Your Health

You may have heard the term “emotional vampires.” Does this sound familiar?

An old friend (maybe an acquaintance, work buddy, etc.) has been begging you to go out for lunch for weeks and you finally acquiesce. You think you’re going to catch up, or confide your unbearable lust for your boss, complain about various annoyances, or just straight up vent and bond, as we would expect – typical Libra balance with some level of give and take.

Except they bust your unspoken deal in half. By the time you part ways, you’re emotionally drained, maybe even questioning your own abilities. You may feel judged or less confident. At first, you feel good about your effort to listen to Pamela’s non-stop assault on her ex-boyfriend, dad, manicurist.

What a good friend you are!

Only later do you put two and two together and realize she didn’t really want to share spicy dragon rolls with you – all her other friends told her to get lost because she sucked all the goodwill from their relationship months ago - and you were the only one who would make a date with her.

With chatty Mercury in friendly Libra, take heed of this warning!

In the silver lining, Mercury in Libra can mean you get a chance to clear up past issues in a sensitive and diplomatic way. This could be the perfect time to carefully lay out for Pamela why she has no friends. On the other hand though, it could mean you’d rather not offend anyone, so you accept their selfishness to make them like you more. Do you want to be amenable or a doormat? They see you coming from a mile away.

Use Mercury in Libra to Speak Up - Not to Drain Yourself

Being afraid to speak up means you aren’t getting what you need. No matter what the planetary influence, we have to make sure we know how to strike the balance between giving of ourselves and receiving love, attention and support in return.

While Mercury’s influence in Libra can definitely help us to say what we really mean, we have to be careful not to give so much of ourselves that we lose sight of our own needs. Look for opportunities to improve your communication skills, to talk through any lingering issues and to fortify those relationships worth keeping.

Don’t let the emotional vampires of the world take advantage of your good nature. Learn to let them down gently, and whether or not they continue energy-sucking, you have found a kind way to detach yourself by saying a kind and honest “no.”

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published September 25th, 2018 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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