Your Checklist for Visionary Mercury in Psychic Pisces

Posted on February 02, 2020

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Just when you thought the impending Pisces season made for a wild ride, it’s time to start preparing for something even wilder: Mercury entering Pisces.

Spiritual awakenings and journeys are amazing and rewarding, but they can also be disorienting and confusing - which is exactly what Mercury entering Pisces will probably feel like. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, may feel the opposite of being at home from February 3rd to March 4th, but that doesn’t mean the experience can’t or won’t be worthwhile.

In order to navigate these expansive, otherworldly waters that Mercury in Pisces may bring, you’ll need to be well-equipped with the proper attitudes, habits, and awareness involved in seizing the most out of this illusory but incredible time.

1. Communication Will Never Feel Funkier.

That is, verbal communication will never feel funkier. As dreamy Pisces is out of its element when coupled with direct and communicative Mercury, you can expect your words to feel jumbled and your head to feel like it’s trying to translate a language that doesn’t even exist.

That said, Mercury in Pisces makes for other modes of communication, like writing or art, to become more fluid and accessible. You might want to find other ways to express your thoughts to other people aside from just speech, and prepare for some interesting (or confusing) upcoming conversations with others.

2. Make Sure to Recharge & Relax.

When we say Pisces are dreamy signs, we aren’t kidding! These fishy friends seriously feel at home when asleep and resting.

In the cerebral world of Mercury, you can expect to feel worn out and easily tired if you spend too much time using the noggin in any “conventional” way. In other words, even more extroverted types may find themselves feeling worn out from conversation, and you may find yourself feeling easily frustrated from being misunderstood or misinterpreted due to things being lost in translation.

This means you might need more alone time than usual to “recharge.” Whether you actually spend that time sleeping or simply create space for meditation, art, or creativity, “me time” is not only encouraged, but going to feel like a necessity.

3. Time to Get the Creative Juices Pumping!

As we said before, creative hobbies and pursuits are going to be a must these next few weeks! Whether this is art, writing, music, or something else entirely, it’s time to let that creative flow get moving even if you don’t consider yourself a creative type.

We recommend actually setting aside time in your schedule for these creation sessions if you don’t already do so to make sure you are fully taking advantage of the beautiful creative flow of this transit. If you’re unsure of where to start, journaling is a beginner-friendly way to get in touch with your creative self!

When you create over these next few weeks, just remember to leave any perfectionist tendencies at the door, and let yourself get lost in the process of creating rather than focusing on the outcome! It’s simply the process of creating that eases the Pisces mind.

4. Intuition is as Clear as Day.

While communication with others can feel muddled, confusing, or difficult, communication with yourself should feel as natural and instinctual as breathing. Psychic Pisces taking hold of the headspace in Mercury makes for powerful intuition and strong psychic awareness, cutting out the excess of everyday worries or thoughts and emphasizing a clear mind.

So when you inevitably feel those gut instincts, psychic feelings, or even visionary premonitions over these next few weeks, don’t dismiss them as nothing!

5. Dreaming, Dream Journaling, Lucid Dreaming - It’s All Very Important!

Pisces feeling at home in the asleep dreamworld isn’t something minor or unimportant. Putting time and effort into understanding your dreams over the next few weeks can yield really powerful results, like a stronger self-awareness, a more empowered version of yourself, and a more thoughtful connection between mind and body.

Consider taking up a dream journal if you haven’t already tried to do so, and to take it a step further, take a look into the experience of lucid dreaming and see if it sparks your interest. With Mercury in Pisces, there is truly never a better time to look into dreamwork!

Keep in Mind…

With Mercury in Pisces, there will never be a truly dull or predictable moment, which means that you may just have to leave any expectations for these upcoming weeks aside. The dreamy, otherworldly, and indescribable nature of Pisces will provide you with what you need to be provided, so don’t stress about doing everything perfectly — there’s no such thing!

While you can do your best to prepare for the journey ahead, remember that it may feel better to go with the flow and see what arises naturally — so keep an open mind!

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