10 Myths About Mercury Retrograde

Posted on February 23, 2020
Updated on February 23, 2020

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So, Mercury is in retrograde, and you’re worried about your mental health. The computer stopped working properly, your phone is acting up, communication in disarray, and your mind is frazzled beyond repair…

Or is it?

Listen, we know that Mercury retrograde can give us a hard time, astrologically speaking. But there are quite a few misconceptions (aka myths) about this transit that make it seem much scarier than it actually is. After all, everything - including planetary transits - happens for a reason. And while there are a few limitations that may be brought on by a Mercury retrograde period, it might not be as bad as it seems.

If you’re feeling uneasy about the current Mercury retrograde cycle, this guide is for you. We’re here to debunk 10 common myths about Mercury in retrograde.

10 Myths About Mercury Retrograde - Busted:

1. Mercury is Moving Backwards

You may have heard that Mercury moves backwards during Mercury retrograde, but this is actually a celestial illusion. Mercury never truly moves backwards during this period, but rather rests in a certain angle to Earth - this is also sometimes called apparent retrograde motion. During this period, Mercury appears (to the naked eye) to be moving backwards. What this really means, however, is that this planet is no longer moving in a forward motion at the same speed that it typically does.

Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, technology, connection with our fellow man. The emblem of the United States Postal Service features the seal of Mercury, denoting its importance in the realm of connection among mankind.

When this planet slows its roll, metaphorically speaking, it creates a fog in these realms: communication becomes difficult, technology becomes frazzled, travel becomes filled with snags. Yet, there is still something to be learned and gained from this transit.

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2. You Can’t Get Anything Done

While there may exist certain confusing forces or energies during this time, it is quite possible to get things done under this influence. Sure, it isn’t the best time to start new projects, make promises, or begin ventures. But working on current projects can flow quite smoothly during this time. It all depends on your attitude.

3. Results are Long-Lasting

Listen, confrontations and conflicts may occur during this time - but they likely won’t last forever. Just because a relationship or circumstance faces challenges during this time doesn’t mean that these fights will stand the test of time. Energies are tense during this influence and will likely level out when Mercury goes direct again.

4. It’s a Depressing Time

Each year holds its own unique challenges, and while certain issues might see more difficulty during a Mercury retrograde cycle, it can actually lead to personal growth. Challenges are what help shape you and make you resilient. This isn’t a time to get down in the dumps, it’s a time to praise yourself for all that you’re capable of facing.

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5. Relationships are Doomed

Some people feel like avoiding their partner altogether during this time is the best idea, but there’s no reason to take such drastic measures. Your relationship is either solid or perhaps on shaky ground due to many factors that have nothing to do with Mercury and its trajectory. While there may exist increased conflict during this time, a Mercury retrograde cycle will not destroy a relationship by itself.

6. You Can’t Make New Connections

Some people believe that connections made under this influence are doomed. This influence isn’t quite wired to encourage romance and connectivity, so there could actually be an argument made that connections made under this influence might be even stronger. Don’t deny fate for any planetary transit.

7. Strong Mercury Placements Won’t Feel the Effects

There is a widely held belief that people with a healthy Mercurial position in their chart are immune to retrograde; and while this guide is meant to debunk Mercury-retrograde-hysteria, make no mistake: everyone feels it.

If you know about this transit, you may be more inclined to pay attention to frustrations or conflicts that creep up during this time; however, this influence affects everyone, whether or not they are consciously aware of what is causing disruptions in their life.

8. Things Won’t Work Out

While Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to start new projects, it won’t necessarily curtail every project that you currently have in motion. It’s true that this influence can make communication and negotiation more difficult, but nothing is impossible. Your attitude will greatly affect your experience with this transit.

9. Electronics Will Cease to Work Properly

Because Mercury affects communication, it can wreak havoc on electronics and technology - but it’s not as bad as you might think. Rather, this is primarily a warning to let you know that any technology that acts up right now is probably not broken. Give it time, let Mercury get back on track, and things will smooth out. But don’t throw your phone away from one little glitch right now.

10. You’ll Get Back Together With Your Ex

It is true that Mercury shakes up the flow of communication during this period, sometimes leading to unexpected reconnections with people from the past. Additionally, as Mercury slows down, we may spend more time reflecting on the past. Many people believe that Mercury retrograde increases your chances of reconciling with an ex or an estranged friend. However, this influence also reminds us of the issues and challenges we faced with these past relationships. So, take a closer look before diving back in.

Truth: Your Life Will Definitely Be Disrupted!

Some Mercury retrograde periods are milder than others; that’s why it’s so important to learn as much as you can about astrology. Understanding the surrounding celestial conditions of a Mercury retrograde period can help you better understand the effect that this transit will have on your life.

While many people may feel the effects of Mercury retrograde, it may also go unnoticed for a few. It is useful to know about this period to avoid frustrations if and when things go array, but Mercury retrograde is not a guarantee that your life will be disrupted. If you learn to tackle this transit head-on, you may even thrive off of Mercury’s lessons and find personal growth and evolution.

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