Ask Charla: Can the Moon’s Nodes Really Show Me My Life’s Purpose?

Posted on July 24, 2017

Welcome friends to another week of ‘Ask Charla’. Here at Astrology Answers, we get a lot of questions about what someone’s true purpose in this lifetime is and what might limit them from reaching their potential, goals, and dreams. There are two key things that can influence these aspects of your lives - the North and South Nodes.

Let’s get down to this week’s question:

I would like to know the difference between the north and the south node?

In astrology, the North Node is directly opposite the South Node. These are not actually heavenly bodies; they’re points in your astrology chart where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth crosses the place where—from our viewpoint—the Sun and planets appear to travel.

Emphasis is put on the nodes because of their link to karmic lessons and your spiritual journey during this lifetime. The ascending node is called the North Node (NN) or the Dragon’s Head, while the descending node is called the South Node (SN) or the Dragon’s Tail. Each brings with them different challenges and tests as well as different opportunities.

The North Node

The North Node is responsible for what you’re meant to do in this lifetime. It’s your potential, and what your soul wants to learn. This is where you look at your chart for your destiny, your karma, and what you need to be aware of.

Any aspects to the NN will color it, and reveal your attitudes towards your soul’s lesson and potential opportunities for growth. Transits to the NN will open windows or present challenges, depending on whether they’re hard or easy transits, and also how those alignments influence the rest of your birth chart, too.

Think of the NN as what you’re meant to explore, both in your daily life and in your philosophies and tenets.

Aries North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I am.’ You’re here to learn independence, to stand strong and to love yourself. In previous lifetimes you were too dependent on others. This is the incarnation for breaking that, and if you don’t embrace your self-sufficiency, it’s likely to be thrust upon you.

Put your own needs first, without being narcissistic or self-important, while at the same time learning how to compromise and control your temper. The happiness you seek comes from within you, not from seeking it from someone else.

Taurus North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I have.’ You took this lifetime to learn how to chill out and appreciate what’s yours. You’re sensual and creative, and if that isn’t how you see yourself then you’ve got some work to do!

In previous lifetimes there may have been power struggles around you, and now you have to learn to let go of what’s not important and choose what battles you are going to fight wisely. Cultivate self-reliance, and don’t get too close to other people’s drama. The peace your soul is seeking will be yours once you start to value your own talents and assets.

Gemini North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I think.’ For you, this incarnation is all about expressing yourself, communicating and traveling. If you’re not starting to play by the rules and develop at least a bit of tenacity (All things shiny and new will continue to entice you.), then you run the risk of your life being pretty superficial, with no substance.

You’re naturally curious, so explore what’s out there, then make your interests a priority. Flexibility and an open mind are the key to you hanging onto the freedom that is so essential to your joy.

Cancer North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I feel.’ You’ve agreed to work on looking after others in this lifetime. You may have even had that spill over into your profession, and become a nurse, a counselor, or even a chef. You like to feed each other, whether that means physically providing meals, or it’s a metaphor for nourishing their souls.

You were dominant and assertive in previous incarnations, and this is the lifetime for you to learn about your softer side. To find true contentment, trade materialism for emotional security, and nourish your inner child through sincere and creative interaction with others.

Leo North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I will,’ and there are very few people who have your level of determination! Either you’ll find a way or you’ll make one. You’re here to play, to embrace the wisdom of the children, to entertain and to have fun. That doesn’t mean that you shirk your responsibilities.

You have a high moral ground, and sometimes because of it, you feel that people let you down, that they will never see things from your angle. In past lives, you’ve laid aside your own needs in order to be a team player. Now it’s all about you. Chase your rainbows and manifest your bliss. The universe isn’t complete until you do.

Virgo North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I analyze.’ It takes a lot to improve on the way that you organize information, dissect and review it, then come up with a plan to get things done! In past lifetimes you were the romantic, the dreamer, the spiritual recluse. You might not have looked after yourself very well.

Now, you’re here to rejoin society and to take care of your health. Make sure that in your zest to understand and better yourself, you’re not being too critical or judgmental of others. Your path to fulfillment lies in learning how to prioritize, how to say no, and how to focus on your own health and happiness, first.

Libra North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I balance.’ You took this lifetime to learn all about harmony and grace. You weigh up all your options before making any decisions—and when you’re out of balance, it takes considerable time for you to make up your mind! You’re refined and classy, but it hasn’t always been that way.

In past lifetimes you were too independent, too arrogant and brusque. It’s by laying aside your assertiveness and learning compassion and compromise that you’ll find your success in this lifetime.

Scorpio North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I desire.’ You’re very sensitive, very intense, and very intriguing. Your life this time around is about evolution—and that may not always be easy for you. You’re the human embodiment of the phrase ‘still waters run deep.’

Your life is likely to be complex and impassioned, and to a certain extent, you need it to be that way in order to feel alive. In past incarnations, or maybe even earlier in this one, you attached yourself to material goals and what you could accumulate.

That’s not who you authentically are, though, and if you want to find true peace of mind and contentment in this lifetime, you’re going to have to dive deep within your own psyche and cut the ties with what is old, outdated, and no longer of use to you.

Sagittarius North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I understand.’ You’re drawn to things that stimulate your mind, that get you thinking and forming decisions and opinions. You’re optimistic and philosophical, and you have humanitarian visions for your life and for the world.

You see the bigger picture, even if you do lose sight of some important details along the way! In past lifetimes, you were adaptable and flexible and a bit of a social butterfly. To be truly empowered this time around, you have to detach yourself from other people’s ideas and drama and focus on establishing your own life’s purpose.

Capricorn North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I use.’ You’ve got strict morals and you appreciate and adhere to traditions and customs. You’re probably pretty conservative in the way that you approach your life. In previous lifetimes you’ve been sensitive and vulnerable, maybe very family oriented.

Now it’s time to be bold and to step away from being cosseted so you can create and honor your own beliefs and explore your own inner sage. Little rituals and celebrating your own milestones are necessary for you if you want to be truly satisfied with all that life has to offer to you.

Aquarius North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I know.’ You’ve got visions of where you want your life to go, where you want the world to go. You have high values and even higher hopes. You’re willing to stand up for what you believe is right, and you’re not afraid to be a bit of a maverick if that’s what it takes to get things moving.

In previous incarnations you did this for you, you were able to fight for what you wanted to create in your life, and you usually got it. In this lifetime you’re transcending that, so you’re not just after what you want personally, but for your global vision. As long as you play fair and keep your heart open, you’ll manifest what you were born to do in this lifetime.

Pisces North Node: Your soul’s theme is ‘I believe.’ You’re here to be gentle, compassionate, and understanding. You’re a dreamer, intuitive and insightful, but you’re such a kind person that people take advantage of that and walk all over you if you’re not careful.

In past lives, you’ve been harsh and critical, organizing things and planning things meticulously. You’re here to be free of that this time around, to love and to be loved and to elevate your soul above the mundane. By exploring your creativity and self-expression, you’ll find your true purpose and your true self.

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The South Node

The South Node relates to what’s already familiar to you, where your comfort zone lies because you’ve spent previous lifetimes experiencing it. What you have to remember though is just because something is familiar and comfortable doesn’t mean it’s right!

While the North Node is what you’re meant to be doing with your life, the South Node shows you what is either helping or hindering you on that journey, depending on how it’s aspected by other planets in your birth chart. Understanding your SN shows you what you need to move away from, and patterns that need to be broken.

Transits to the SN will trigger different agendas, and bring different sides of these lessons out into the open for you to deal with. If the NN is where you’re going and what you’re meant to do with your life, the SN is what you’re leaving and the reason behind it.

Aries South Node: You know how to survive! You’ve experienced what it feels like to be challenged, maybe even to face danger. You understand the turmoil of emotions when it comes to taking a risk, standing up for what you believe in, and—as Sinatra sang—doing it your way!

Now you’ve got to learn how to compromise, how to find the balance between being an individual and being a renegade. It’s in learning to work as a team, to consider your options rather than going with a knee-jerk reaction, that you’ll find your path to bliss in this lifetime.

Taurus South Node: There’s an air of emotional dependency on things that don’t really matter when your SN is in Taurus. You hang onto things with obstinate attachment, afraid to let go and step out of your comfort zone. There’s a laziness here as if it’s simply too much trouble to try to change your patterns of behavior.

However, unless you do, until you start to explore your own inner depths, to let go of what’s tangible and see where your passion truly lies, you will struggle to find true fulfillment in this incarnation.

Gemini South Node: If your SN is in Gemini, you’ve got a quick wit and a way of saying things that are able to cut people to the quick if you’re displeased with them and want to make a point. Your mind is sharp, and so is your conversation! However, all of this mental acumen is nothing without having compassion and purpose.

Your lesson for this incarnation is to learn how to be deeper and more genuine and to use your mind for seeking wisdom and enlightenment.

Cancer South Node: With a Cancer SN you’ve done a lot of clinging to what’s familiar, either in past lives or maybe even earlier in this one. You’ve needed stability, security, and emotional attachments—and now you’re finding your independence hard to grasp.

You’re outgrowing the need for attachment, yet you’re finding it hard to break the habit of needing to be needed. In order to find your success in this life, you’ll have to let go of your fear of being alone, and start to assert your ideas and beliefs.

Leo South Node: A Leo SN brings you a strong need to be in the spotlight, to have the best, do the best, be the best. There’s some competition here, and maybe even a sense of entitlement. You’ve got a strong sense of purpose that spills over into egotism, perhaps even conceit.

You’re here to outgrow that, and to learn that it’s by being a team player and raising your ideals to include the rest of humanity and not just yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll find joy and a sense of purpose in sharing that spotlight with others.

Virgo South Node: This placement drives you to be the helper, the one who serves, the one who organizes and analyzes and figures it all out. Needing everything to be “just so” raises your stress levels and plays havoc with your well-being. You may even be a bit preoccupied with your health or your diet.

You’re here to let go of that and to tap into your creativity. Once you trade criticism for compassion and learn to tap into your intuition a bit more, you’ll find this incarnation a lot easier to navigate.

Libra South Node: With a South Node in Libra, you put too much emphasis on what everyone else thinks of you, and not enough importance on just being yourself. You need approval, or you start to feel out of sorts with your life. The thing is, this is your life, and you have to live it for you, not for what someone else asks of you.

You took this lifetime to get rid of that attachment, and to free yourself from the need to be with someone in order to feel complete.

Scorpio South Node: the South Node in Scorpio is indicative that perhaps in the past you’ve been involved in some sort of secrecy or hidden activities. You’re intuitive and psychic and have a knack for knowing things before they happen, but there’s so much intensity here these feelings may overwhelm you if you don’t learn how to deal with them.

Your task for this lifetime is to harness that energy and manifest it into something tangible. This is a lifetime for hard work, but also high rewards if you’re ever going to feel truly at peace with things.

Sagittarius South Node: A Sagittarius South Node gives you itchy feet, for sure! You’re constantly wanting to go somewhere new, learn something different, try new experiences, seek out new relationships, and more. However, there’s a tendency to be a bit superficial with all of this, getting lost in the ideology of it all.

You’re in this incarnation to learn how to say no, to limit your options to things that you really want to try and to learn how to really converse with people. Partnerships may be hard for you, but once you find the right person, you’ll find that life becomes much more rewarding.

Capricorn South Node: Many people with a Cappy South Node feel like they’re born old! You value traditions and doing things by the book, maybe even to the point of rigidity and inflexibility. You took this incarnation to lay aside that obstinacy and learn how to feel more deeply. It’s time to soften, time to make room for others in your life.

You can still honor your past without having to drag it along with you. Your path to happiness lies in moving away from your pretensions and opening yourself up to the realm of emotional intimacy.

Aquarius South Node: This is the South Node of someone who’s been philosophical and aloof, who’s been intellectual, but maybe emotionally unavailable to others. In the past, you were ruled by your mind, and logic and reason. You may have been a bit of a drifter, either choosing to or being forced to avoid commitments and permanence.

You took this lifetime to learn how to lighten up, let go of your stiffness, and to express yourself; fully and without inhibition. When you follow your heart and let your desires lead you forward, you’ll find the happiness that awaits you in this incarnation.

Pisces South Node: A Pisces South Node is so good at playing the victim! You’re passive aggressive, don’t really have any plans or discipline in life, miss out on important details and you’re easily led. This makes you sound gullible and open to being used, and you’d be right, which is why you’ve got to break the ties with these qualities and find new ones.

Add some facts to back up your intuition, take control of your own destiny rather than depending on others, and set some boundaries for yourself. You’ll be stronger, and well on your way to finding fulfillment in this incarnation, once you do.


The Moon’s nodes change signs approximately every 18 months or so. While it’s possible to glean a lot from analyzing your node sign, even more information is gleaned from examining the node’s houses. This is something that is very personal for you because the nodes will move from one house to the next every two hours or so.

Of course, to know the houses of your nodes, you’ll have to know not just your date of birth, but also the time and place. If you have that information and aren’t sure how to proceed, then contact one of our Expert astrologers.

We’re more than happy to provide you with an in depth reading so that you can take control of your destiny, and manifest the life you were born to live!

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