New Moon in Aries: Ignite Your Fire

Posted on April 15, 2018

The Aries new moon on April 15 is about revolution in our lives and in love. By revolution I mean those changes you’ve been mulling over, yes it’s time to make them! We are finally at a new moon that will definitely bring positive change (Insert huge sigh of relief).

As Mercury stations direct with this new moon in a fire element sign, we can expect things to really move forward. I’m especially excited about this new moon as a time for starting something life changing because our minds are being hit with clarity, courage and pizzazz.

The new moon is a time to begin, a fresh opportunity to turn a corner and follow your instincts. It’s a moment of soul realization where we can tap into the psychic realms much easier. The fog of confusion we’ve been in for the prior two weeks is replaced with a mystical lucidity.

This particular new moon highlights romantic expansion backed by the year of the dog partnering energy.

Here are the super positive highlights of this new moon that I am totally jazzed about! Get ready for your life to change my friends, because there’s a planetary party and you’re invited! With the sun and moon in Aries, we should be extra careful to not be reactive and think before we speak so our tone is pitched with kindness and love.

Be Open To Positive Life Changes Now

New ways of thinking about your life could come flooding in that finally allow you to see doors where you saw walls before, so book that flight, make that phone call or sign up for that class! You can expand now without much effort because of all the energy in your body beaming from the planetary alignments.

Aries is fire so it needs a creative outlet or it will get temperamental. Don’t blow up on the dog, paint a masterpiece, capisce? I work with people who think they aren’t creative to show them that really, everyone is creative. Drop the story (If you have one) that says you can’t change and make your life even more magical.

You can relax with a journal and let the ideas flow now without trying to think and without making yourself tired by needing to do this on your own. You have access to high vibration consciousness now that can help you see the directions and solutions to point towards if you just relax and allow those feelings to pop into your head.

It may be that you initiate a move, a job change, a business plan or an exciting new social life! In what way are you most passionate about helping the world? It’s your time to launch to the next level because your fire is burning!

Be Open to New Love Now

Speaking of fire, that’s not the only thing burning. Now that Mercury is moving direct we can finally say how we feel, and we probably feel a lot right now. Examine the routines you may have created to keep yourself from opening up to be more loving.

Generate love by doing thoughtful things for others, such as baking, gifting flowers or treating them to a nice chocolate bar. Generate love energy with perfume, a new outfit, a love candle, incense, a geranium essential oil, rose quartz, music and mantras like Sat Kartar to invite love in.

Express and declare your feelings openly today. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s a great time to revive it or make changes that are needed. Aries always speaks directly without sugar coating things. Sometimes our love for cooking or fitness is what we need to come out of the closet about!

What have you been denying yourself that you want to embrace and bring into your life now? Perhaps it’s your spiritual side that you’re ready to launch into! Use today to do a ritual that sets the ball in motion. Write down what comes to you in your intuition in meditation that should begin with this new moon cycle and then go after it!


The Mercury retrograde post shadow phase will be over by the time the full moon hits on April 30, which means things will really be showing up! Plant those seeds, work your magic and believe that right now, truly anything is possible!

Watch as people around you go through some major changes over the next two and a half weeks. Know they are coming and keep your mind positive that all good things are coming to attract the best possible outcomes that the cosmic energy is already supporting you on!

Energy flows where attention goes so keep your mind focused on what you want and make the magic happen! Take action and visualize from now until the full moon and use the building energy we have as the light of the moon increases during the waxing moon.

You’ll find that this new moon brings success and revolution. Even the ways we do business and interact with the global economy are shifting. The more we promote each other and want the success of everyone, the more we thrive.

We are not in the illusion of the Piscean Age where we thought it was survival of the fittest, which created a competitive mindset. In that spirit, I’d like to give a shout out to some great astrology resources for those of you wanting to dig deep into the mechanics of the planets.

Check out what Astrology King and Dark Star Astrology have to say to digest this information about the new moon on a deeper level! Mystic Mamma also always comes out with an incredible new and full moon article each cycle and Alison Chester Lambert has great monthly YouTube videos about the moons and other major aspects that are extremely practical!

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