New Moon in Capricorn January 16th Astrology

Posted on January 15, 2018

What is a new moon? It is when there is the greatest distance between the earth and moon. This allows us to be extra imaginative and less fear based. When you look in the sky and see no illuminated part of the moon, this is a new moon. It is a time when we start our new projects or take the next step towards our goals that will usually mature at the full moon.

We make our wish and often see magical results at the full moon if we’ve used the tools of manifesting. This new moon on January 16th is in Capricorn, the sea goat, which is about responsibility, maturity and financial stability.

The coming full moon lunar eclipse on January 31 in Leo will bring a lot of change energy with it, so the seeds you plant now should be cultivated with extra love and care. Eclipses always bring change and for those who steer the direction of their intentions, we are on the brink of some serious magic with this new moon.

The Time Is Right For Certain Types of Manifesting

Things that require a budget, a detailed plan, a long-term vision with many steps, hard work and focus will be favored at this time in our own psyche. We can see where we can improve upon existing plans and trim the fat to streamline our goals. Restructuring your finances could certainly happen now and you may even consider downsizing to be more savvy.

You’re open to conserving money rather than spending frivolously in order to serve your plan. Capricorn energy is career oriented and this can give us a boost of energy to push through difficulties.

Commitments in our relationships can also shape up with this new moon. We can begin to plant seeds to secure our future with someone as Venus is conjunct the new moon. The Venus energy makes us want to create peace and harmony. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn, which just entered Capricorn in December and will be there for two and a half years.

This cycle is going to help us hunker down and be successful financially. Put your plan together with a mentor or trusted friend and make your vision board because Saturn is at home making it easier to create the stability you’re craving.

Time to Get Disciplined

This new moon will help you take a look in the mirror about where you really do need to buckle down to make your plans come to fruition. Sometimes the magic ingredient is just plain old hard work, eliminating distractions, getting real about bad habits and putting your head down to work.

This is not the time to be socializing a lot with people who you know keep you from pursuing your passions. You have a huge opportunity to make changes with the coming eclipses, so manage your time and push past the doubts in your own mind.

Potential Setbacks To Avoid

Capricorn is a very masculine energy that can make us feel far away from the comforts of the imagination where we feel anything is possible. It can feel cold and unforgiving. The negative expression of Capricorn is that it becomes pessimistic and decides to live a hard life because they don’t see creative solutions or are disconnected from their spiritual side.

If you find yourself falling into despair, try watching an inspiring movie like The Secret or read some inspirational soul food like Eckhart Tolle or Don Miguel Ruiz.

Capricorn energy can make us bossy and controlling so we need to keep ourselves in check on this new moon. Keep in mind, we have the Sun and Saturn in Cancer as well as Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Your hardworking energy is on hyper-drive, so take a chill pill and relax before you blow a gasket.

You do not need to finish everything today but you do need rest, food and relaxation so you don’t overtax your mind and body.


If you’re new to following the moon cycles, get excited because it really does work. You’re probably wondering, when is the next new moon? You can track all the major planetary movements with our Astrological moon calendar. Each month is a new cycle of creation.

Once you’re used to the moons, you may be interested in understanding the signs better and then knowing how that can help you in your day to day life. Here are some Practical Reasons To Know What Sign The Sun and Moon are in Daily.

If you do not know what is best to create, it’s helpful to do a new moon meditation and see what your heart is telling you. Once you set your intention for the new moon, make sure you write it down and place it somewhere you can see. Keep looking at it everyday to keep your focus strong.

There is a law of the universe that says energy flows where attention goes. In today’s modern lifestyle, our attention span is so short and there are so many distractions that we often spend very little time actually focused on our goals. If you place visual reminders about what you’re creating around your home, you will probably use your time differently.

Finally, take action on those seeds you plant to give yourself the best shot at manifesting them and keep visualizing the future you want!

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