New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Embracing Change

Posted on June 08, 2021
Updated on June 09, 2021

A person is throwing a paper airplane at a New Moon in Gemini.

​A New Moon is always a magical transition, ripe with possibilities, new beginnings, and the perfect energy for manifesting your desires and wishes. As we approach a New Moon in Gemini, it’s an even more exciting time because Gemini is all about ideas, lighting your mind ablaze with creative concepts and excitement!

While a New Moon typically encourages us to start new projects, this New Moon is a great time to sit with and further develop those ideas, rather than acting on them. That’s because we’re still navigating Mercury retrograde, which continues until June 23rd.

Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to make big changes, plans, or decisions, but this New Moon in Gemini will certainly give you plenty of great new ideas to work within the near future!

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will also be a Solar eclipse in Gemini occurring on the very same day as the New Moon, a transit that sheds light on all things hidden and secret, mirroring that same emphasis on information and ideas.

Let’s dive in to see how you can make this New Moon in Gemini even more magical and uplifting.

New Moon in Gemini Dates

This New Moon in Gemini takes place on June 10th, yet the energy can be felt for about 48 hours before and after the New Moon takes place.

Additionally, the Solar eclipse in Gemini will occur on June 10th, bringing an avalanche of that stimulating Gemini energy.

New Moon in Gemini Themes

Because each New Moon occurs in a different sign, the energy of the New Moon greatly depends on the sign that it’s in. This time around, it’s in the intelligent, social, and somewhat caffeinated sign of Gemini, an Air sign that places an emphasis on intellectual conversation, rational thought, and adventure.

And as a Mutable sign, Gemini is rather flexible and can adapt to nearly any situation – but that adaptability may come with mood swings.

The Twins

As a sign, Gemini is represented by the twins, meaning that pairs, duality, and synchronicities are on Gemini’s agenda.

Twin flames and soul mates are another theme, as both twin flames and the sign of Gemini share the same symbol.

Additionally, Gemini is represented by The Lovers card in the Tarot. This might be the perfect time of year to manifest that romance you’ve been seeking!

Choices & Ideas

One thing to know about Gemini is that it’s not the best at making decisions – but that could be due to the myriad choices swirling around us during Gemini transits. However, with Mercury – Gemini’s ruling planet – continuing in retrograde, it isn’t a great time to be making choices anyway.

In fact, it’s much better to focus on the creative ideas that will be flooding your mind during this New Moon. If you’ve been facing a certain challenge, unsure of how to approach it, this is the time to manifest the perfect solution.

It may be unusual, but Gemini’s eccentric nature helps you avoid holding back, allowing the full spectrum of your creativity to shine.


Whether acting as the peaceful negotiator or the fierce warrior, Gemini often displays certain extremes. This is a sign that is complex, and it can’t be narrowed down to a few keywords. That’s why it’s important to keep the duality of nature in mind during this New Moon.

When you’re feeling as low as you have ever felt, take a deep breath and remind yourself that this transit can also bring the highest of highs.

It’s all about balance – that ethereal concept that the Universe relies on.

That duality is further expressed with the Solar eclipse in Gemini, bringing both the Sun and the Moon together in dualistic harmony. And while many horoscopes focus on your Sun sign, we thought it aptly appropriate to see how this New Moon will affect you based on your Moon sign.

The New Moon in Gemini & Your Moon Sign

If you have a Moon in Gemini yourself, this New Moon may affect you most deeply. This transit aligns with your own lunar energy and plays off of it, bringing brilliant ideas and connecting you more intensely to your deepest desires.

It’s time to think about the changes you want to make in your life and how to go about making them happen.

Those with Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libran Moons feel this New Moon fiercely, as this New Moon in Gemini is in a positive angle to your own. You may feel a sense of relief from the emotions that accompany eclipse season, giving you the space you need to breathe and regroup.

It’s a time to focus on your connections and how you can expand your network.

Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius Moons might feel a bit more emotional during this New Moon, triggering feelings of sensitivity.

It’s important to pay attention to any strong emotional reactions that you have during this time, especially with that Solar eclipse in Gemini illuminating things that may have been hidden.

Those with a Moon in Taurus or Cancer may feel a boost of energy that allows you to move forward with tasks or chores that previously felt too overwhelming to complete.

With a little effort, you can make this transit work for you, helping you feel more confident and accomplished.

Finally, Scorpio and Capricorn Moons may experience more erratic emotional states than you’re used to.

Anxiety and racing thoughts are possible, increasing the importance of grounding, calming exercises like yoga – which also promotes the flexibility you’ll need to sail through this transit unscathed.

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New Moon Horoscopes for the Moon Signs

Air Sign Moons (Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius)

Because Gemini is an Air sign, those with Moons in an Air sign will have an easier time than the rest of us during this transit, as your energy can easily resonate with the energy radiating from the Moon.

Gemini Moons will get the biggest boost of energy, while Libra and Aquarius Moons might feel more like focusing on the silver lining of any situation.

Creativity is heightened during this time, so be sure to find a way to express those creative ideas.

Fire Sign Moons (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius)

Fire sign Moons have a pleasant time during this transit as well, as this Gemini energy encourages more socialization and creativity.

Aries and Leo Moons feel more engaged with their passion, with brilliant ideas popping up and planting their seed. Sagittarius Moons feel like extending a helping hand to anyone in need, as you’re better able to give yon to others.

Earth Sign Moons (Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn)

A boost of energy makes this a productive transit for Earth sign Moons, helping them move closer towards their goals.

Taurus Moons may feel more enthusiastic about life and their options.

Virgo Moons remain grounded but may feel even more disciplined than usual. And Capricorn Moons are able to focus on the details and the fine print, making it easier to tackle bigger jobs or projects.

Water Moons (Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces)

Water sign Moons may experience a deeper, more intense focus on their emotions and emotional needs.

Cancer Moons benefit from expressing those emotions creatively, for instance, through writing.

Scorpio Moons are drawn to mystical subjects and practices and desire a connection to Universal wisdom. And Pisces Moons are better able to work through big emotions, especially if they learn how to tap into them.

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Checklist for the New Moon in Gemini

Now that you know more about what you can expect from this New Moon (and Solar eclipse) in Gemini let’s take a look at how to work with these energies and elements to your highest benefit.

Engage Yourself Physically

Gemini can bring nervous or anxious energy, which is why physical exercise is so important during this time. This Mutable sign may cause feelings of restlessness, which are quickly reduced through cardio, yoga, or even a nice long walk.

If you still find yourself restless after engaging your physical body, try engaging the mind with puzzles, games, or relaxing activities that bring you joy.

Update Your Style

Gemini is all about personal style and authentic self-expression, which is why it’s a great idea to take a look at your own style and determine whether it still aligns with your spirit.

It might be a good time for a new haircut, an eccentric accessory, or a trip to the local thrift store. A style reboot might be just what you need to boost your confidence right now.

Let Yourself Play & Explore

One of the most beautiful things about Gemini is its childlike wonder towards the world – this is a sign that wants to explore everything they can and soak in as much knowledge as possible. And because Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time for making big decisions or starting new projects, it is the best time to relax and let yourself play and interact with the world around you.

This is a time to let that Gemini energy trigger your inner butterfly, encouraging it to spread its wings and move through many ideas and experiences.

Embrace Curiosity

And because Gemini is so concerned with knowledge and information, it’s a wonderful time to let your curiosity take hold and guide you.

Does a certain new spiritual or metaphysical practice pique your interest?

Are you interested in learning more about new technology?

Then this is the time to explore those subjects, giving your curiosity the outlet it needs!

Look for Synchronicities

As the representative of the twins and twin flames, this is a time when signs from the Universe are all over the place, just begging us to open our eyes and learn to see them.

This is a time for manifestation, planting seeds, and following those signs from the Universe – they may take you exactly where you want to go.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Gemini isn’t a sign that holds back – this is a sign that encourages self-expression and open communication.

If something’s bothering you, it’s time to let it be known! Don’t fear confrontation, but rather try to infuse it with gentleness and compassion.

Being forthright and upfront right now can bring deeper connections – just remember that Mercury is still retrograde, meaning that some conversations might take an unfortunate turn if you’re too brash or abrasive.

That’s why it’s so important to remember love and kindness while you speak your mind.

Get Ready for the New Moon in Gemini!

This New Moon in Gemini is combined with the energies of the Solar eclipse in Gemini and Mercury retrograde – meaning there are quite a bit of intense energies coming our way. Yet, preparing yourself for them and knowing how to make them work for you can help you sail through this transit with poise, grace, and a sense of wonder.

The Universe is sending lots of messages right now, and it’s our job to sit up and listen!

What message are you hoping for?

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