6 New Moon in Libra Rituals You Need to Try

Posted on October 15, 2020
Updated on March 10, 2021

A New Moon ritual is set out on a wooden table. There are lavender bundles, white candles, and amethyst crystals on a white tile.

Happy New Moon in Libra day! The New Moon in Libra occurs today, and this Libra, New Moon energy, gives us a chance to focus on a very important part of life - relationships!

New Moons are great times to perform manifestations because they connect to new beginnings, have high energy, and tons of enthusiasm. The Sun and Moon come together to help us, inspire us, and bring in some light.

This New Moon occurs in Libra, an Air sign that’s sociable and craves connection, and a Cardinal sign that takes action for what it wants. Put that together, and this is an amazing time to work on some relationship manifestations.

This is incredibly important right now as we’re dealing with both Mars and Mercury retrogrades, bringing out issues and causing extra arguments. Make use of the positive Libra New Moon energy to improve and stabilize relationships and start better ones.

Six different Libra New Moon rituals are outlined in this article for you to try depending on what your focus is. Whether you’re trying to meet someone new, get back together, or focus on increasing harmony, there’s something for everyone!

When to Perform Your Libra New Moon Ritual

The strongest energy to perform your Libra New Moon ritual will be over the next 3 days (with today being the apex). If you absolutely cannot fit it in, you can go all the way until the next Full Moon (October 31).

You don’t need a lot of time to perform any of the rituals outlined. Take a few minutes beforehand to clear your head and get into good space. Do some deep breathing and let your heart fill with happy energy.

Think of love as a current of energy that flows to and from you, into you and out of you in abundance.

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One Note of Caution

Some of the included rituals do involve specific people, like an ex or a friend, but know that you can’t force someone else to change or love you. Their energy needs to already be open to you and what you want to accomplish. If you feel a block in your ritual, it may be them blocking it.

Try to be open to whatever the outcome is being beneficial for you.

Love rituals are just as much about you as they are the other person, and if you want the wrong thing for the wrong reason, the Universe may not comply!

6 New Moon in Libra Rituals

1. New Love Candle Ritual


If you’re single and looking to attract a new love relationship, you can give this candle ritual a try. You need:

  • 1 candle in red and/or pink

You’ll want to program the candle first, so it’s full of the right energy you need. One simple way you can do this is to anoint the candle with essential oil for love (lavender, jasmine, and rose oils are all good). Another is to carve your name or initials into the candle. Hold your hands over the candle for a minute or two and envision bright pink energy flowing into it.

Once programmed, light the candle and try to sit with it for at least a few minutes. Watch the flame and feel the love you want to have in your life. Let yourself burst with love and happiness!

Ideally, you should let the candle continue to burn until it burns out. But of course, don’t leave it unattended, especially if you have furbabies! So if you can’t let it burn continuously, burn it for a set amount of time every day until it does burn out.

2. Reuniting With an Ex Ritual


If what you’re looking for is to reunite with one of your exes, a honey jar ritual may be just the ticket. You’ll need:

  • Honey
  • A clear jar (like a mason jar; you can use a clear food jar but clean it and remove the labels).
  • 2 strips of paper and a writing instrument.

Honey is attractive, and a honey jar ritual allows you to focus on someone specific.

Write your ex’s name 9 times on one strip of paper, and then write your name 9 times on the other strip of paper. Put the two strips together with your names facing each other and fold them up, so they’re connected.

Put the paper in the jar and pour honey on top until it’s fully covered, submerged in honey. Picture the two of you happy and healthy together while you hold the jar. Hold it daily and picture the love.

3. Strengthening Love Candle Ritual


If you’re already in a love relationship, you can give this ritual to strengthen it a try. You’ll need:

  • 1 candle in red (if you want to increase passion) or pink (if you want to increase general affection and love).
  • A happy picture of the two of you.

Carve both of your names or initials into the candle. Set the candle on the picture, and light it. Envision the two of you together happy, healthy, and with a stronger connection than you already have.

Like with the ritual to attract new love, you’ll want to either let the candle burn all the way out continuously or light it every day for a certain amount of time until it burns out.

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4. Relationship Harmony Ritual


This harmony ritual can be used for any relationship - romantic, friendship, family, or professional - to create more peace and harmony. You’ll need:

  • 3 candles: 1 white, 1 black, and 1 light blue.
  • Something to represent each person (could be objects in their astral colors, pictures of them, Tarot cards representing each, or something that just makes you think of them).
  • An essential oil that you find calming and peaceful (use lavender if you can’t think of any).

Anoint the candles and each object with the essential oil. Light the black candle first (to eliminate issues), then the white candle (to purify), and then the light blue candle (for peace).

Hold each of the objects representing each person and envision peaceful, harmonious energy with them.

Light the black, white, and blue candles for a few minutes each day to keep the peaceful energy going.

5. Attracting New People Ritual


This ritual is focused on attracting new friends or professional clients or customers to you. You’ll need:

Cleanse your crystal beforehand (either leave it out to get direct sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours, like on a windowsill or submerge it in sea salt for 24 hours).

Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand (the one you don’t write with). Tell the crystal the new people you want to attract (wonderful new clients/customers who bring me heaps of money, wonderful new friends who share my interest in [blank] - you get the idea).

Picture yourself dealing with the new clients or spending time with the new friends. The image should be happy, healthy, and positive!

Sleep with the crystal under your pillow, or keep it in your pocket or purse. Hold it in your non-dominant hand for a few minutes daily.

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6. General New Moon Manifestation Ritual


This is a straight-up ritual you can use for anything, so if you don’t want to try the others, this can be your go-to! You’ll need:

  • A new journal or notebook (make sure it’s small since it’ll only be used for this New Moon; bonus points if you make it yourself! Try an origami mini-booklet which only requires one sheet of paper).
  • Writing instrument

Hold the journal/notebook/booklet in your hands and envision positive, glowing energy flowing into it. It’s often white or gold, but magenta is also great since it’s the color of manifestation.

On the first page, write that this is your Libra New Moon journal/notebook/booklet, and feel free to draw little hearts, flowers, faces, etc. You can also use various colors of writing instruments (so don’t feel like it must be all one color!).

Then fill up the rest of the pages with your manifestation wishes, and remember to write them as if you already have them. Feel positive energy as you’re writing. Listen to music, watch something funny, spray your favorite perfume, have some chocolate - whatever gets you in a good mood!

Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, and other people in your life, so you can focus your manifestation wishes on that. You can also focus on:

  • Finding balance
  • Having beneficial negotiations
  • Just outcomes
  • Opportunities for compromise
  • Increasing beauty
  • Creative projects or opportunities

Once done, thank the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit (whoever you connect with) for blessing you with your heart’s desires, and put the journal/notebook/booklet away somewhere you won’t see it for at least a few months. Trust that it will all happen in the best way possible.

Final thoughts . . .

Feel free to play around with the rituals, and do what makes the most sense to you. These are strictly guides and not set in stone. Keep your intentions pure, and know that you’ll be guided in the right direction to your heart’s desire.

Open your heart and mind, and remember to practice self-love. It all starts with you!

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